The world's first miss legs, legs 1.32 meters long


The world's first miss legs, legs 1.32 meters long

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 7th, recently, the official Guinness world record released a new record in 2018 increased the creator list, 29 year old former Russian occupation basketball player Ekaterina Lisina (Ekaterina Lisina) to 52 inches (about 132 cm) proud won the title of Miss world first legs legs.

The world's first miss legs, legs 1.32 meters long

Recently, the height of 6 feet 8.77 inches (about 205 cm) Ekaterina in the British independent television stations (ITV) "today" show interview program, two presenters to shorten and Ekaterina's height difference, especially for the ladder, two people just talk with her head on a ladder stand. Ekaterina's amazing height has attracted fans from all over the world.

As Ekaterina guards long legs, her shoe size is 47, is recognized as the largest Russian woman feet. She said, "I love to be noticed, and I hope to win even more eyeballs after getting this title.". Besides, I believe my big legs are very useful for my modeling career, because not many models have such slender legs.

According to reports, she played in the Russian Super Basketball League for many teams, but also on behalf of the Russian women's basketball team, the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and won the bronze medal. At the age of 16, she chose her gifted basketball without hesitation between basketball and model two.

It is reported that, Katrina's father is 198 cm tall and 188 cm mother, so it is not surprising that she is of such stature. Her father Victor Lisin Lixin (Viktor) said that when she was born, we found at one glance, her legs are particularly long, and occupy most of the body. Her brother Sergei (Sergei) the height of 6 feet 6 inches (about 198 cm), said about her little sister, I don't think the height of what was troubling to her, after all, our family is very high, but not so upset.

The world's first miss legs, legs 1.32 meters long

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Briefly introduce a few easy to practice skills, so that leg length ten cm!

Method one:

1. Stand with your legs apart, shoulder width apart, knees bent, feet raised slightly, and hold your breath. Exhale your ankle and stretch your body as hard as you can.

2, feet apart, shoulder width, inhale, and then left leg extended back, raised arms. In this state, pad your right foot, exhale, and put your arms down. Alternating legs repeated 5 times.

3, from the chair, stretched straight, relaxed toes, so that the calf muscles have tight feeling, repeated 20 times. Or ankle on a chair or chair armrest, pressure waist with open arms. Not only does the waist and leg stretch sufficiently, but it also helps the legs grow longer.

Method two:

Sit on the ground on weekdays, lift one foot at right angles, and beat the leg with your fist. Each side can do 5 minutes.

When holiday, the market may wish to use bath salts into the tub, let the leg soak for a period of time, you can muscle relaxation. Bath to beat but also in action after the leg, accelerate blood circulation.

When the leg began to loose down (or born calf relaxation), the next work is to strengthen the diet, fat tightening effect, daily income can be done to shape movement.

The world's first miss legs, legs 1.32 meters long

Method three:

1. The front of the foot is placed on the high platform, and the foot is pressing down as far as possible.

2, and then the lower leg upward, stand up, so that the whole person to improve. Rhythmic repeat this set of actions, do 20-30 times, as much as possible on the stand up, down pressure, do a little pain, the effect is better. One can hold the balance on one hand support.

Method four:

1, lying on the ground, feet straight up 90 degrees with the body, to a long shaped towel across the instep, hands straight, tiptoe high.

2, the two hands hard towel press down, and the soles of the feet at the same time pressure, keep hands and feet straight. Repeat this action 40 times, it can tighten the calf, make the line more slender.

3, entered the final stage, of course, to speed up the slimming effect, we may buy some stovepipe legs supplies help, (for example: Ou Runli, is very good, is the expert team research results) can more moisture than the stovepipe legs, legs's four shot!

Matters needing attention:

1, do the above actions, pay attention to safety, remember to be within your limits.

2, and there must be perseverance, perseverance.