The seat is too slow to be slapped on the legs do not seat aunt sit


The seat is too slow to be slapped on the legs do not seat aunt sit

If the motivation is correct, you can hit people

Meet old and sick on the bus to the seat, this is a lot of people are aware of the truth, is to let people naturally thanks to the seat of the people.

The seat is too slow to be slapped on the legs do not seat aunt sit

But recently, in the castle on the bus but there has been no harmonious scene. A high school student I let the seat, not only didn't get good results, but was a man of a cuff and kick five!!

Full report:

Around seven in the morning on September 8th, when the traffic was at an early morning peak, Li Zhijun drove more than 229 people on the bus. As the car drove to Zhoukou Road station, a more than 50 year old middle-aged man in uniform walked into the car.

Master Li said, this man looks familiar, should always take his car. Shortly after getting on the bus, a girl student offered to give him a seat.

Female students offer their seats

When the car driving to the Sea Bridge Park Station, just some morning stroll the old man getting on the bus. Master Li said, probably because there were so many students on the bus, and the follow-up has continued to get on the elderly, the man felt that students should take the initiative to give their seats to the elderly, the result has made unexpected things!

Pilot: some students because of their own conditions, has been slow, or have not been allowed, he published his remarks there, more incisive, may be verbally speaking more specific.

From the monitoring, you can see, after the car started, the left three students wearing uniforms, stand up, to just get on the old people let the seat. But seeing this, who has been in the speech the middle-aged man did not shut up, but made a move too.

The seat is too slow to be slapped on the legs do not seat aunt sit

Driver: the passenger reflected that it was probably because when the man spoke, the student looked at him, and then the man felt he was being provoked, so he started. Master Li said.

After a quarrel between the two, the student was beaten to the side of the students around. But when the passengers have to persuade, the man actually not fun, and the student's head slapped.

Driver: the student performance is good, strong self-control, has no hands, has not fight back, then the station (station 19) after getting off. The passenger dropped off at Taitung. Master Li said.

In public, when we are blaming others, should we first consider whether our behavior is up to standard? According to the bus driver, the passenger is more than 50 years old. A middle-aged man, if you practice, you can stand up and give up your seat, and put your hands on the good things, is not better than now beautiful?

In fact, due to the bus seat dispute often caused heated debate on the Internet, and even friends directly pointed out: zunlaoaiyou, only respect virtuous man. I wonder if these people would be impressed if they were labeled as such

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Recently, the Nanjing Metro Line 1 for a seat, aunt and young people quarrel. The aunt must think that the elderly can seat, young people to give up their seats, while the young refused to give up their seats, resulting in a guy sitting on the legs. (September 11th Modern Express)

The seat is too slow to be slapped on the legs do not seat aunt sit

It's surprising that the old man is behaving like this. It is not an obligation for a young man to give up his seat. You can even sit directly on family gossip, young people in the leg. To be blunt, this kind of behavior just proves that you are immoral, not sunset, but the setting sun is dark.

The young man on the subway seat to the elderly, this is the virtue, but as the old man, can't take the seat as their own welfare for the elderly, as the elderly, should also take good care of the young, old and young should be complementary to each other. The old man in this news is an old man who does not know how to love children. She only thinks of her own interests, and does not think of the interests of young people, nor does she think of the interests of others.

On the bus, the young people give their seats to the elderly, the elderly do not accept their seats, but said that young people go to work very hard, should rest. This is the old man who loves children. For such an old man, we should praise him. Young people must have more respect for such old people.

Young people give up their seats, not the elderly welfare, the elderly for the seat should have an inclusive mind, young people give you your seat, is your respect, you should express gratitude. Young people do not give you a seat, not heinous, you should understand, young people should realize that life is not easy, but also need to rest. Young people to respect the elderly, care for the elderly or young people, only in the zunlaoaiyou, in order to better promote the seat of virtue.

In fact, the old man is so great because we There is no such a rule!, in promoting the seat of virtues, too much emphasis on young people's moral responsibility, while ignoring the old man should play, so will inevitably lead to the elderly elderly spoiled, cause no respect for the old, that is. So we should There is no such a rule! Man, reflection on our moral construction, any moral is not a single, is each other, only in mutual respect and love each other, in order to promote the two sides to enhance moral quality, promote the formation of harmonious moral order.

Respect for the old, the young, must respect should be!! and the young, go hand in hand, to keep pace with the times, to make the good use of virtue zunlaoaiyou air plant. (from: Southern Network)