Micro-blog chased abusive users spread as inappropriate remarks detained 10 days


Micro-blog chased abusive users spread as inappropriate remarks detained 10 days

Original title: pretend to be chased micro-blog users spread abuse inappropriate remarks detained 10 days

SANQIN metropolis - Shaanxi news (reporter Xie Bin) man who had a problem with others, other public identity and photos used in micro-blog, reply to users of the city management problems and abuse users reflect. Xi'an Lianhu police arrested him and be detained for 10 days, a fine of 500 yuan.

Micro-blog users ask "Chengguan" reply mouthed

A few days ago, micro-blog registered as "media Mr. Meng" friends in micro-blog reflect said: Xi'an xi'er-huan two garbage cleaning car cleaning along the ring, causing the vehicle jams, call 12342 complaints, Xi'an City, Xi'an City, can delay the peak after after cleaning......

This article from micro-blog, and soon a "brigade of Xi'an Lianhu District Lu Moumou" micro-blog has given the reply, reply content vulgar and abusive words, said they have a very busy day, what good complaint...... In February 28th, one of his speech, attracted users enraged.

After the incident, the city of Xi'an Lianhu District attaches great importance to this, the inspectors first launched this investigation. Relevant person in charge told reporters Lianhu District City Management Bureau, they have already paid close attention to "the network Master brigade of Xi'an Lianhu District Lu Moumou, as it had also released a number of news, words mouthed. As the bureau is still investigating the occasion, "Xi'an Lianhu District Urban Management brigade Lu Moumou" and users "media man, Mr. Meng" opened a scolding.

After investigation, it was found that Lu Moumou, Lianhu District, Taoyuan Road Subdistrict Office, a law enforcement management co members. LV Moumou himself said that he would not use micro-blog, but not registered micro-blog account, but micro-blog's "Xi'an Lotus Lake City Management brigade Lu Moumou" Avatar photos, the name is really he himself.

Police found that the fake was detained 10 days

On the evening of February 28th, Lu Moumou came to Xi'an City Public Security Bureau Lianhu Branch Taoyuan Road police station, police immediately set up a task force investigation. Early morning of March 3rd, police arrested the criminal suspect li.

The afternoon of March 3rd, police investigators told reporters, Lee is 24 years old this year, Weiyang District of Xi'an City, is currently unemployed. Because once and LV Moumou happened is not fast, so this has been found lvmou a brood on, and colleagues together according to the work on the Internet, the LV Moumou photographs alone pull out as he registered account of the head, use the LV Moumou unit name and personal name, as it is causing more users attention, and Lu Moumou siege. According to Lee confessed that in abusive users soon after, about 3000 users of the message he back, then he will be micro-blog message deleted, and changed.

At present, Xi'an Lianhu police according to the public security administration punishment law, the suspect Lee shall be subject to administrative detention for 10 days, and a fine of 500 yuan penalty.