The two women chased abusive hair circle of friends detained and fines


The two women chased abusive hair circle of friends detained and fines

Original title: two women chased abusive hair circle of friends detained and fines

China Ann online newsAccording to Huaibei news network reported, now more and more people share in the circle of friends happy things, Tucao unpleasant things. But the circle of friends is not outside the law, released the comments or abuse others, you can get into trouble.

On the evening of July 14th, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li from the administrative law enforcement squadron of the town of Liu Qiao came to the police station of Liu Bridge and said: "someone insulted them in the circle of friends in WeChat. The pictures and videos were accompanied by abusive texts, which were very bad.".

After receiving the alarm, police on duty Zhao Zhongfeng, Wang Song immediately launched investigation work, related electronic evidence, and active network security department contact with landing check, in the County Bureau of the relevant departments to identify the identity of the suspect.

July 17th morning, the police will be two suspects summoned to Liu police station according to law for investigation. The understanding that the small ran and Xiaoyu are 90 girl. 14 afternoon, two people in the farmers' market intersection illegal table, for their driving school do enrollment propaganda, urban management law enforcement team according to the law to correct their irregularities.

Two people are dissatisfied with their mobile phone, then publish abusive law enforcement team of small text video uploaded to the circle of friends, the information quickly in the WeChat circle forwarded a lot of communication, which caused a bad influence, seriously insulted the inspectors Zhang and Li's personality, damage the image of the inspectors.

Small ran on abuse and Xiaoyu Liu Qiao chased and shot at two members of law enforcement video confessed. 17 afternoon, the small ran and Xiaoyu was sentenced to administrative detention for 7 days, were fined 700 yuan, 600 yuan, in addition to the collection of mobile phone security punishment.

Police remind, the WeChat mobile phone is to provide fast service network tools, everyone must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, shall not violate the relevant laws and regulations in the use process, otherwise it will constitute illegal or even criminal.