Zero one financial daily: new beauty group was to report illegal payment; consumer platform Le 100 won 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing


Zero one financial daily: new beauty group was to report illegal payment; consumer platform Le 100 won 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing

Zero one financial daily: new beauty group was to report illegal payment; consumer platform Le 100 won 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing

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[company news]

Go ahead, get 190 million yuan C round of financing, Yunfeng fund to 150 million yuan lead

August 30th, according to 36 krypton was informed that the congregation raised platform "start", has completed 190 million yuan of C round of financing. Among them, Feng Feng fund to 150 million yuan lead investment, Sheng Road investment to 40 million yuan with the cast. After the beginning of this round of financing, valuation of more than $200 million.

The beginning of the predecessor of the beginning of the congregation raised, headquartered in Hangzhou, formally launched in March 2015.

In the Department of Poly letter received 30 million yuan A round of financing and investment funds in Kejia

In August 30th, according to the European news, credit and technology services company branch Poly letter has completed 30 million yuan A round of financing in March this year, the investor is Chinese Academy of state-owned asset management limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the National Science Industry Investment Holdings) are directly responsible for the platform's "National Science Fund jiahe".

Public information, the branch Poly letter was founded in 2014, is a big financial data intelligent service providers. At present, the business has been extended to Thailand, Canada and other Southeast Asian and European and American countries.

Water drop, water droplets, mutual aid won 160 million yuan, A round financing Tencent, blue Chi venture joint lead investment

San August 30th news, the water company officially announced the completion of the A round of financing, A round financing by the A1 round and A2 round, the total amount of financing is 160 million yuan. This round of financing by the Tencent, bluerun joint lead investor, innovation works, Gao Rong capital, IDG capital, the U.S. Group reviews, Tongcheng public fund and other institutions with investment. It is understood that the water drop company's business has: water drop, water droplets, mutual aid, water drop paul.

Ping An Bank launched offline retail outlets transformation to provide integrated financial services

August 29th, Ping An Bank "smart light in the future" new stores conference in Guangzhou Liuhua branch formally organized. It is reported that new stores will build integrated financial O2O service platform. Ping An Bank Chairman Xie Yonglin introduced, the retail strategy transformation process, Ping An Bank will be the implementation of centralized management of public business branches, all offline network transformation for retail outlets. In addition, the new store has also established a "comprehensive financial services area."". The service area carries the comprehensive financial business of Ping An Group, providing an entrance for Ping An, auto insurance, securities, good doctors and so on".

Love Investment announced formally launched the new network of bank funds depository system

In August 30th, love Investment announced formally launched the new network of bank funds depository system. Zero one according to incomplete statistics, as of August 24th, 1520 of the normal operation of the platform, there are 387 platform has been on-line bank depository system. Currently signed yet not yet on-line platform, there are 146. These include niche finance, gold and silver, and cat platforms.

Quantification sent to the United States suspected of IPO, intends to finance $200 million

According to Bloomberg news, Fintech quantitative group is currently selected JP Morgan chase and Morgan Stanley as the financial adviser to the United States IPO, the IPO about $200 million. The agency also submitted its application to the securities and Exchange Commission this month, and plans to begin assessing potential investor demand as early as September, the sources said.

According to the zero one Finance reported previously, to quantify the school as a financial big data technology company, the flagship product for the credit wallet, the user is in the subject of young people between the ages of 22-35.

Consumer platform Le 100 won 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing led Hundsun

In August 30th, consumer installment platform Le percent received 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, listed companies Hundsun lead investor, source of capital and sunny with investment funds. It is reported that the current round of financing will be used for the national market development, product development and platform data services upgrades.

Le% for businesses to provide credit card users of consumer financial services platform, through the user credit card credit line to do businesses to add external credit installments, credit data do wind control, mainly by the merchants bear the installment rate.

Shell forest technology by tens of millions of Yuan angel financing

In August 28th, according to the financial reports, Lin has completed the shells of nearly 10 million yuan Angel round of financing, the current round of forest shell investors were traditional financial institutions, financial enterprises and traditional industries of large coffee and senior entrepreneurs. It is reported that shell forest is a solution to the traditional financial and Internet new technologies, new models, new channels of interoperability problems of Internet technology companies. Currently, the platform has reached a strategic cooperation with a number of financial institutions, such as Ping An Bank, providing its personal consumption financial assets based on large data risk control model.

[regulatory dynamics]

U.S. mission takeaway insurance on time, involving illegal operation did not get a license qualification

Recently, the China Economic Net survey found that the group for the delivery of the punctual insurance business constitutes the actual insurance business, but did not obtain the appropriate insurance business qualification. It is understood that in April 2015, the U. S. mission on the line with takeaway related insurance business. But engaged in insurance related business, need to have a license - directly engaged in insurance business, need to have an insurance license; and insurance companies to cooperate on-line insurance products, but also need to have insurance agent qualification. This, in the open channel, the U. S. mission did not make any statements. At the same time, also failed to inquire about the U. S. mission with licenses, qualifications, etc..

China Mutual Fund Association statistical monitoring system two has been on the line

August 29th, the China Internet Finance Association announced that the official on-line financial statistics monitoring system (two). The message said, this system realizes the industry statistics data collection by the amount of data collected on a monthly basis to a fundamental change in daily transaction information collection, officially launched in August 25th. So far, China Internet Financial Association mutual disclosure platform has 82 gold platform registration disclosure.

Shanghai Payment institutions were 25 tickets issued by the central bank, the cumulative fine of 3 million 300 thousand yuan

Recently, the people's Bank of China Shanghai Branch issued 25 consecutive payment of punishment information institutions, only less than a month's time, are due to "violation of payment business regulations", the cumulative fine of more than 3 million 300 thousand yuan.

For the Shanghai branch announced the 25 Payment institutions to pay the ticket, people close to the home network said that this is the early examination of the people's Bank of the national census results of the landing, after this, Beijing Guangzhou Shenzhen, the people's Bank will also pay institutions out large quantities of ticket.

U.S. group pay again reported violations

On August 30th news, Bo real name authentication @ Beijing Hirohito law firm issued micro-blog said, has been to Chinese payments clearing Association real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing beauty group "collecting payment business" suspected undocumented illegal business, it is understood that the current China payments clearing Association official website report has been accepted, is under investigation.

In fact, at the end of February last year, micro-blog real name authentication users had in its micro-blog lawyer Xiong Wanli said, "to the central bank and other regulatory agencies: the United States real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing group in the third party fails to pay the license under the circumstances, is engaged in the third party payment and settlement business, has been a violation of China's" non financial institution payment service management measures ", or even suspected to constitute the crime of illegal business. "

[industry trends]

Appreciation controversy is not over, why should AppleStore access WeChat payment?

In August 29th, the payment ring appeared an important message, WeChat payment today officially support users in the mainland of China APPStore purchase or subscribe to AppleMusic. Currently supports more than IOS10.3 version of the user.

Why do you want to connect to WeChat? "China has become one of the fastest growing and most paid markets in the world," AppStore said in a written response to the tiger sniffing through Tencent. WeChat payment will give customers a simple and convenient payment experience."

Guangzhou P2P received verbal notification, the "double down" before 2019 to fully digest the stock quota

In August 30th, Guangzhou is a platform from the zero one finance department was informed that Guangzhou verbally required a number of net loan platform received regulatory requirements, the rectification period control business volume growth.

Zero one preliminary estimates, assuming no "overrun" business since August 24, 2017, currently about 600 billion yuan overweight loans after one year will be reduced to about 100 billion yuan. Before 2019, there will be no possibility of completely digesting the stock violation.

95 net loan platform disclosure of revenue, there are several profitable?

According to zero one statistics, 95 net lending platform in 2016 net profit amounted to 1 billion 440 million yuan, the average net profit of 15 million 122 thousand yuan, taking into account the part of the enterprise management in P2P net loan business, there are also other business revenue, P2P net loan actual profit level lower. 54 platforms for net profit is positive, of which 35 platforms net profit of not more than 20 million yuan, 5 P2P net loan platform net profit of more than 100 million yuan, respectively, should be letter Huimin, pleasant loan, micro credit network, group loan network and love money into.

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