Parents \ "instruction \" children in the airport, do not bear "pass" to the child


Parents \ "instruction \" children in the airport, do not bear "pass" to the child

Original title: parents "instructions" children at the airport, do not bear "pass" to the child

In August 23rd, due to typhoon reasons, Nanning airport one flight can not take off, a group of minors under the "parents" instructions, seize the airline counters, and played in the counter game. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the incident was due to flights affected by the typhoon, passengers dissatisfied with the arrangement of the airline, without the permission of the airline staff, forced to let the child into the counter. Eventually, the police rushed to the scene and advised the children to enter the counter, and criticized the parents of the children. (Beijing Youth Daily, August 31st)

The flight was unable to take off because of a typhoon crossing. It was a force majeure factor, and it was a normal and understandable reason for the flight delay. Such reasons have nothing to do with the airline itself, and the delay is also for security reasons. The passengers have no reason to be emotional, and should not even be regarded as foreshadowing and prelude to the outbreak of the mood.

As for the dissatisfied airlines to arrange rescheduled flights and the direct cause of the dispute erupted seat allocation arrangements, but also should not exist. These arrangements are controversial and understandable, but far from being resolved by unfair arguments, because they can be done reasonably. Can consult to, passengers can make reasonable demands to the staff according to their own actual situation, can have accommodation accommodation, can solve the solution, is because some conditions cannot solve the accommodation, should also be given a realistic understanding. Some of the passengers are still ignoring the reasonable way, chose "to make adults" wonderful, this is actually a rogue rogue behavior under the guidance of thinking, not only can not maintain real interest, but is against their own interests, to wear "bear" hat too.

Their own trouble is not enough, but also instructions to children to the airline staff at the counter shouting, playing games, to vent their discontent, this is even more extreme. The excesses lie not only in their interference with the normal work of their staff, but also in the way they pass on their thinking and behavior to their children. Let the children and the parents of the passengers "bear" go together, which is essentially misleading the child, and even hurt the child.

In recent years, more and more bear children, but also to the public gradually see the bear family behind it. As we all know, parents are the first teachers of their children, and they are also teachers for life. The children's imitation of parents' behavior and the recognition of their parents' thinking are very strong. The parents bear trample on flowers, across the road, climbing sculpture, spitting and urinating, arbitrary destruction of public facilities, at the loud noise of uncivilized behavior, in the "drive herd" and "broken window effect", will soon be the children learn to walk.

Go and learn the uncivilized behavior is only superficial, even more worrying is that in order that parents bear morality flaw, the rules will also ignore the spirit of practical habits transmitted to the child's thinking consciousness, influences the child behavior and growth. So, the children become parents and bear the same, individualism inflated, only considers their narrow interests, but can not see the interests of others and the public interest, such short-sighted thinking and behavior tarnished the child's mind, also pollute our society civilized state, should be vigilant and norms as soon as possible.

In this case, parents' instructions to the children's airport behavior are further and more abominable than the normal "wrong behavior model". Because it not only has the effect of personal demonstration potential misleading, and a direct speech driven, induced by this is not subtle, but the "order type" education, children are more likely to learn quickly, but don't have the self questioning and feedback, even in the depths of the heart deeply rooted, the result can only will be more serious. These travelers parents really ought to self, do not put "bear" bad temperament to their children, but don't wait for the future child really "alienation" come to regret, when it is really late.