"Instructions" children out of the airport, "bear parents" harm is not shallow


"Instructions" children out of the airport, "bear parents" harm is not shallow

Original title: "instructions" children at the airport, "bear parents" harm is not shallow

In August 23rd, due to typhoon reasons, Nanning airport one flight can not take off, a group of minors under the "parents" instructions, seize the airline counters, and played in the counter game. Reporters learned that the incident was due to flights affected by the typhoon, passengers dissatisfied with the arrangement of the airline, without the permission of the airline staff, forced to let the child into the counter. Eventually, the police rushed to the scene and advised the children to enter the counter, and criticized the parents of the children. (Beijing Youth Daily, August 31st)

Because of various reasons make airport reports often can be seen in the Nanning airport, downtown "window", a group of minors to make the team, and they are in front of the charge into the enemy ranks".

As a passenger, the normal trip is affected, I am sure I will be unhappy, some mood is not surprising. But to solve the problem, the first choice is to make sense and play by the rules. The plane can not take off normally because of the typhoon, which is an irresistible natural factor. It is a very unreasonable choice to take the "blame" approach and push all the responsibility to the airport. Not only can not solve the problem, but also will make the problem more complicated.

What is worse, the parents also think the Nanning airport is very "smart", they "instructed" their minor children to a different kind of trouble, leaving the airport staff can not work properly, leaving the airport chaos.

This is undoubtedly a much worse choice than just making it for the parents themselves. Because they prematurely let children into unreasonable and break the rules of the game, let the children do the wrong thing, but also because they forget their parents status. In front of the children of parents, not only the parents, is the first teacher, their every word and action, will have a profound impact on children, they are "the doings, in the invisible education children face a problem how to do". Parents urged their children to make trouble, not only for children to set a bad example, but also let their children in the hearts of the lofty status of falling down. After that, how will children see their parents? How do parents educate their children? Such a loss, certainly far more than "instructions" children after the airport, was the police on the spot education also failed much, much shame. Such losses, may be a lifetime, so the choice, the negative impact on the child may also be a lifetime. A qualified citizen, a rational parent, a responsible parent, how can such a choice be made?

Wen / Chen Jiapei