U.S. group suspected of illegal business payment, was reported response, said the system will be standardized


U.S. group suspected of illegal business payment, was reported response, said the system will be standardized

NetEase finance news August 31stAugust 30th, micro-blog real name authentication @ Beijing benevolence law firm released, micro-blog said, has paid the real name of the China Association for payment and clearing, the United States group collection payment business suspected undocumented illegal operation. It is understood that the current China Association for payment and clearing official website shows that the report has been accepted, according to the program investigation, there is no progress bulletin.

According to lawyers said the report material, the U.S. mission network collecting payment business model because of its alleged violations, has taken a large merchant settlement mode, namely consumer payment funds transferred to the U.S. group or third party three On-Line Company, by U.S. corporations or third party On-Line Company three quick settlement to the U.S. mission network business platform.

U.S. group suspected of illegal business payment, was reported response, said the system will be standardized

Beijing Yuren firm micro-blog official, "the key point is the case with the legal relation of civil agency to the U.S. mission network, to avoid the collection and payment must be made to" pay business license "provisions, has violated the" non financial institution payment service management approach "," non bank payment network institutions to pay business management approach "and other laws and regulations."

According to its official micro-blog, the attorney for the case is Zhang Liang, a lawyer at Beijing fortune law firm. Around 2 p. m. on August 30th, Zhang Liang's lawyer mentioned on his micro-blog that the case had been accepted and that micro-blog had been deleted this morning. NetEase tried to contact Beijing fortune law firm and Zhang Liang lawyer from various channels, but as of press time, no reply was received.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time the United States mission to engage in payments due to irregularities exposure. In February 29, 2016, Shanghai lawyer Xiong Wanli issued micro-blog, said it has reported to the central bank and other regulatory authorities real name mission, in the absence of third party payment license, engaged in the third party payment and settlement business. Then 4 months, the U.S. Group paid recharge function offline adjustment. September 26, 2016, the U.S. group commented that the completion of the third party payment company treasure purse acquisition of a wholly-owned, after the completion of the acquisition, the U.S. group review won the third party payment license.

Payment license has become the Internet industry into the second half of an essential card, however, the hand payment of the U. S. board of directors still can not calm. Beijing Yuren law firms in the report stressed that the U.S. mission network in the actual business still try beauty / public comment and Beijing three online Technology Co. Ltd. in the name of the payment business, and these subjects did not obtain payment business license.

In this regard, the official U.S. group of NetEase finance responded that the company has completed the third party payment company purse treasure wholly-owned acquisitions in September 2016, and follow the principle of legal compliance management system, is committed to building a more standardized. At present, the company has completed the system integration with the pocketbook, and is willing to work with the industry to jointly promote the payment industry more standardized, transparent and healthy development.

Beijing shield law firm Chen Tao lawyer NetEase Finance said that commercial activities related to financial services, the relevant departments need to make corresponding license, if unauthorized engaged in prohibited or restricted business practices, personally think that is inappropriate. In this case in order to avoid the non financial institutions on behalf of permission from the payment business is obviously illegal.

"But on the other hand, the rapid development of Internet banking, as a management authority, for new developments should be adhering to the development vision, and promote the development of Internet banking." Chen Tao lawyer told NetEase finance.