Chinese naval fleet visit, end of formation, visit, leave Maldives


Chinese naval fleet visit, end of formation, visit, leave Maldives

Original title: Chinese navy fleet visit to visit the end of the formation to leave Maldives

The Xinhua news agency in August 31, male (Xu Shouming Mei Yunlong) China Navy voyage visit fleet successfully concluded a friendly visit to Maldives, leaving the male in August 31st local time.

During the visit, the fleet commander Shen Hao has called on the vice president of the Maldives, the Department of defense Changsha Reeve gerhard. During the visit, the vice president for Chinese Jihad fleet in Maldives for a friendly visit, thank you for the assistance provided to the government of Maldives Chinese, praised China Navy is to promote friendly relations between China and Malaysia angel, particularly in 2013 and 2014 Ma provide medical service for emergency water supply significant ma.

Fleet officers also visited Maldives vallink Geely island Kudacudigi Chya children in the orphanage, and presented a schoolbag, football, basketball and other gifts of food, for they performed orchestral "island holiday", "bamboo forest", hulus dance "flowers why so red" and other programs, the medical staff also the diagnosis and treatment for them.

In addition, Ma government leading Changchun attended boarding ship formation deck reception. At the same time, the officers and horses of the two horses carried out professional exchanges of vessel damage control, and representatives of the horses and officers visited the formation vessels.