"Venus" show off the air, "to drink shelf: why" Oh


"Venus" show off the air, "to drink shelf: why" Oh

Venus show off the air, to drink shelf: why Oh

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The evening of August 30th, micro-blog issued a Venus: "dear audience friends: Thank you for always on" Venus show "support and love, we see you around!" Jin Xingxiu declared off.

"Venus show" by Venus, the positioning of large fashion culture talk show, "Venus show" is divided into interview link and time with Venus, Venus sharp, direct language style, "Venus show" has a good response in the ratings and reputation.

Venus show off the air, to drink shelf: why Oh

"Venus show" since its launch in January 28, 2015, until today, a total of 132 programs, in the first half of this year, "Venus show" has stopped updating, but 20 days later will be broadcast as usual.

Also claimed that: Venus is expected to show in new or reopen a mango, the current burst program name for "you" school.

In addition to "Venus show", also claimed that "tonight 90 Winfrey Show" will be cancelled, some analysts even talk show Oriental TV will broadcast, no talk.

Oriental TV said in an interview, "Venus show" layout adjustment, temporarily off the air, took over the broadcast of a weekly radio drama "exquisite" and "drunk, talk tonight after 80" is not affected, there will not change.

Venus show off the air, to drink shelf: why Oh

Almost "Venus show" broadcast at the same time, "to drink" network ensemble oh also quietly off the shelf, "Oh" to drink is the first celebrity feat show, presented by Hu Haiquan, Zhao Yingjun, Shen Nan, Yang Di composed "drink Hu Gang" in the host, invited each different guest star wine bureau.

Last year, "Tucao conference" has been due to scale problems encountered shelves, the same last December, Meng Fei's first gear network heald "beauty and the best" is also facing the shelf.

Previously, micro-blog TV workers @ collected these years Tom delay, stop recording and abortion program list, the list is as follows:

Venus show off the air, to drink shelf: why Oh

Micro-blog TV @ Tom summary and analysis about migrant workers, a show delayed, the reason to stop proceedings and abortion are many, but can be divided into the following several cases, here can also be used to analysis and reference:

1, funding issues, but also the biggest problem, no title or title suddenly divestment.

2, policy issues, restrictions and broadcasting the new policy introduced, to make a single limit Han let many programs abortion or prohibitive.

3, platform, platform now thought of explosion program (reputation and ratings soar) so for the selection of the program is cautious.

4, artists problems, some programs because of the absence of suitable artists, resulting in investors and platforms dissatisfied, and was forced to cancel cooperation.

Although the "Venus" show off the air, "Oh" to drink off the shelves because we can make nothing of it, but in recent years, administration of the TV variety control become stricter, limit orders, limit orders, children really sing, to limit cutback on TV entertainment have been introduced, we can get a glimpse of.

1., TV stars participate in variety entertainment, reality shows and other programs to strictly control the amount of broadcast and broadcast time, the General Administration encourages the production of star entertainment entertainment and reality show combination.

2., efforts to improve the proportion of ordinary people in the program, so that the grassroots people to become guests of the program, the protagonist, attention to the masses can not be taken as a star foil or background.

3., the General Administration encourages and encourages the production and broadcast of independent original programs with Chinese cultural characteristics. In principle, the introduction of overseas models is no longer in prime time.

4., we should tap and utilize Chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture resources to produce and produce more cultural programs with ideological depth, spiritual height and cultural depth.

5. may not be illegal to set "guest host", strict selection, optimization of guest guests configuration, invite the actress as a guest, must put moral and artistic achievements as the primary standard, people should actively invite outstanding cultural scholars, DeYiShuangXin artists have profound knowledge in a certain field as a guest.

In the past summer, all star variety from prime time, the cultural variety also ushered in a blowout outbreak, and for network ensemble, a ruler in the standard, but also tend to strictly control.

In June 1st, the Administration issued "on the further strengthening of the creation of network audio-visual programs broadcast management notice" in addition to network drama and the network, the "notice" specifically criticized the network program in chaos,The chaos is easily reminiscent of part of the mesh:

Some network audio-visual programs have such problems as value distortion, entertainment supremacy, vulgar content, inferior quality, low style and language anomie, so it is urgent to strengthen guidance and timely regulation.

"Resolutely resist cynicism, unspoken rule, such as circle hill of feudal dross and decadent ideological legacy, and resolutely oppose money worship, hedonism, extreme individualism and other undesirable practices."

To consciously away from the vulgar, and resolutely reject cheap laughter, no bottom line entertainment and integrity of garbage, mercilessly castigated the challenge the moral bottom line, trample on social conscience behavior, consciously resist the excessive commercialization, excessive entertainment and vulgar tendencies, must not become slaves of the market."

"Network variety show, network play, network film, etc., must resolutely oppose the" sky high price "," boring game "," luxury feast "and other unhealthy atmosphere, and avoid to encourage the game, life, attitude and exaggeration."

"Resolutely put an end to the packaging hype star children and violations of minors rights and interests of the phenomenon."

"National standard language must be standardized."...... Consciously discard vulgar, vulgar, vulgar vulgar taste, prohibited the use of provocative, dirty, vicious, insulting, abusive and other extreme words."

With the super network ensemble era has come, in the network after the brutal unlimited growth, following the network, network drama, network ensemble will also enter the university age, part of the explosion in network attack or variables, and some parent variety talk show is more or less influenced by the variety.

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