Huo Yuanjia's granddaughter wins all the Games: Huo Jia is not used for hitting people


Huo Yuanjia's granddaughter wins all the Games: Huo Jia is not used for hitting people

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Recently, some media reports, Huo Yuanjia, Xuan Sunnv, Huo Jinghong won the Tianjin National Games mass competition, fitness Qigong team champion, because of its family identity later, and has received widespread attention.

In July 9, 2017, in the Thirteenth National Games, mass competition, fitness Qigong team competition, Huo Qi and teammate Zhang Dawei, Chen Anna, Cui Yunfu, Qiao Yue, Wei Zijian on behalf of the Tianjin team won the championship.

Together for more than two months of training teammates, until the end of the game before she learned that Huo Yuanjia is the fifth generation of future generations. For this identity, Huo Jinghong never willing to mention the initiative, saying he does not want to live in Huo Yuanjia's aura".

Huo Jinghong, 40, is a sports teacher at Tianjin commercial university. 5 and a half years old, father Huo since detailed with her brother began practicing martial arts, Huo Jinghong joined together, brother finally didn't do it, but Huo Jinghong still adhere to martial arts and martial arts activity and.

Huo Yuanjia has three sons and two daughters, 16 year old son Huo Dongge to Shanghai Wu teaches, Huo Yuanjia is the spiritual successor of martial arts. Huo Jinghong's grandfather was the eldest son of Yating Huo Huo house. According to Huo Jinghong, the Huo family from her grandfather this generation began, has been gradually no longer in martial arts.

Huo Yuanjia's granddaughter wins all the Games: Huo Jia is not used for hitting people
The picture shows Huo Jinghong. Xinhuanet

As a descendant of Huo Yuanjia and attention,"It's embarrassing"

Daily character: did you imagine the result before you won the championship?

Huo Jinghong: I didn't expect it to really come true. When athletes want to win gold medals, but when they really win the gold medal, but also feel very surprised.

Daily character: you said before you do not want to live in the aura of Huo Yuanjia, but this time we are still very concerned about the "Huo Yuanjia later generations" this identity, what is your mentality?

Huo Jinghong: it's time to go back to the kind of person I didn't want to be mentioned. Especially this time, I participated in the National Games, and together with my teammates, I got this result, but because of my own identity has been concerned, seems to be and teammates can get publicity out of proportion. I feel a little embarrassed.

In particular, like all the news reports now, I still want to see the identity of my Huo Yuanjia later, sometimes without my name. Or, what they reported was not directly related to my participation in the national games at the moment. It was about some of the things I had brought out of my identity. I feel awkward, not particularly comfortable.

Daily character: you will feel that you do not care about the achievements of an athlete, but your identity and title

Huo Jinghong: yes. In particular, my performance was achieved with my teammates, and if I were alone, I might not get such a good result. Now this propaganda deviates from the significance of the National Games and the mass competition itself.

We participate in the National Games itself, in response to the "whole transportation Huimin" concept. I think it's really big. It's a lot more important than my personal identity, whether it's halo or my obligations, especially during this time period.

Daily character: did you communicate with the team?

Huo Jinghong: not yet. I feel embarrassed and I don't know how to tell anyone.

Daily character: "when did you not want to be lifted?"

Huo Jinghong: it's been a long time. I don't want to be taken up. The people around me, my students, my classmates, they don't know my identity. In 2015, I as Khodorkovsky hand boxing representative inheritors, I feel the work that I have an obligation to represent it, promote it, to inherit it, then I can not be too conservative. Nobody else knows, so I can't work. So I'm a little active to adapt myself to this change.

But at the beginning of the National Games, I was also very active, especially with all kinds of publicity, but later found how propaganda to propaganda, and returned to my original identity. I felt a bit scared of myself, and bored me back again.

Huo Yuanjia's granddaughter wins all the Games: Huo Jia is not used for hitting people
5775 play Khodorkovsky hand boxing hall. network diagram

Chinwoo boxing, not to hit

Daily character: did you read the comments on the Internet in these two days?

Huo Jinghong: online commentary says: "she is not a descendant of Huo Yuanjia" ah ", and Huo Yuanjia, and jumped out of the offspring, as if by ancestors the aura of what. It's really not something that I want to do. They will say that because you took the total we have to report this, I think I have the obligation to promote this thing, so I went to the interview, but did not expect the final form of the results, or to return to my identity, which I had not expected.

Daily character: someone online says that you can't compare boxing with Huo Yuanjia. What do you think?

Huo Jinghong: actually, our Wushu routines are colorful and broad and profound. The Khodorkovsky hand boxing itself I passed, as Chinwoo inside to all members as a boxing based entry routine. Therefore, it is not as if everyone imagined "she is not actually beating people when it is impossible to achieve", it does not have such significance. In particular, we establish Chinwoo times, just for such a period of strong, strong people we can wash the sick man of Asia shame, not to hit, this is not important, is not able to do better, this is important.

When I saw the news, I felt that maybe our inheritance work was not done well. Our understanding of martial arts is biased, and this does not matter, and work slowly, and then to promote it. Now, what is particularly gratifying is that the members of my class and the students in my class will recognize my previous work and teaching, which is especially important to me.

Daily people: what do you think of the controversy over the traditional martial arts that were widely discussed before?

Huo Jinghong: This is the martial arts people to face together. I'm just a part of it and try to do what I can do. Just now and my players joked: I can not teach you what advanced martial arts, I can only give you a foundation. Then they said, "yes, all the profound things begin with the foundation.". This sentence is really important, you fly high, you must play in prison based.

Daily practice for the promotion of boxing figures: what's next?

Huo Jinghong: all my work has been combined with my work at the University of Commerce in Tianjin. There's a martial arts team in Tianjin University of Commerce, I as the team coach will let players have to learn boxing training. Wushu team members are college students use their spare time to exercise, Khodorkovsky hand just accords with their fist zero state basis, for them to learn other martial arts to lay a good foundation. I have a beitida brother, also taught at the University, I accept him as a disciple, specifically for Khodorkovsky hand boxing learning worship me as a teacher, help me to share a part of the task of inheritance.

Huo Yuanjia's granddaughter wins all the Games: Huo Jia is not used for hitting people

Network diagram.

Daily figures: the family of the Huo family you are looking forward to what boxing promotion?

Huo Jinghong: Mom and Dad I hope earnestly to do this thing, not ambitious, not the pursuit of what is not the pursuit of fame and fortune. Is through their own efforts, more teaching a person, do more than one effort.

The daily figure: before 2015 they have studied the Huo family boxing?

Huo Jinghong: without this need, there is no motivation to study. Before, in the sports school and the University, they were all kinds of martial arts routines, more for competitions, performances, such as demand, with the traditional martial arts are very different. Economic martial arts are more about "high, difficult, new and beautiful". How can this action be done better?. The traditional martial arts process is more important practical exercises or routine itself, especially the Khodorkovsky hand is a kind of experience that boxing. I didn't have the motivation to do it without being a inheritor. After I got the identity of the inheritor, my parents taught me, "since you have taken the matter, you must do it conscientiously.". I'm just trying to give it to learn from A to Z boxing, and find out it's in the process of inheritance of some small omission, small error, according to their own experience and ability to adjust.

Film and television works did not show the quality of Huo Yuanjia

Daily personage: you said that Huo Yuanjia was a national hero in your mind. When I was young, did you see any movie and TV works about Huo Yuanjia?

Huo Jinghong: my assessment and definition of his national hero is not related to film and television works. I don't think they show the quality and the realm of my ancestors in my mind and in my eyes.

I told him more about is, I often go to dig some Chinwoo and Chinwoo associated with Huo Yuanjia, the relevant information, that time is really sincere admiration Huo Yuanjia and founded patriotic Chinwoo and he. It is an age when our country is weak and the people are weak. When they set up in 1910, is called fist of gymnastics will set, including martial arts, including boxing training, also includes the original some western ways of physical exercises to introduce Chinwoo to ordinary people, so that we can through this exercise, some music on the art of self-cultivation to improve our health. To improve our national level (the body), this is my favorite place, it is worth that I think he is such a national hero.

Before the Chinese martial arts will pay attention to school, schools, heritage boundaries are very clear, and in which Chinwoo broke the boundaries, there are a lot of boxing equipment in Chinwoo inside to teach.

Daily character: This is what we learned in the last two years

Huo Jinghong: after I was a inheritor, I took the initiative to understand this knowledge and understand the story of that time.

Daily character: what was Huo Yuanjia's image in your mind before then?

Huo Jinghong: I didn't have any idea about him before. It was my ancestors. It was very, very far away from me, and it didn't have any relationship.

Daily figures: will let their offspring practice Khodorkovsky hand fist?

Huo Jinghong: I'm living alone now, and it doesn't involve future generations. My students should be the ones who let me go all out to train and improve. The students are equal. It's not my children. How can I teach them?. As a teacher, I have a deep impression on my mind. I must treat the students fairly. He doesn't like the project. I won't ask too much. As long as he likes it, I will try my best to teach it.

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