The 102 year old veteran died just 1 tunic: complete dedication to donate the remains of the last time


The 102 year old veteran died just 1 tunic: complete dedication to donate the remains of the last time

Taikang hundred year old veteran Wang Fuchang died, donated body is the last dedication

A dress of 40 years of Chinese tunic suit is his only legacy, because he put all his savings and even their own bodies are donated, his name is Wang Fuchang, my hometown in Taikang Henan, the war carrying a gun on the battlefield, peace is the moral model, he had always told the crowd: "I don't have gold, do not leave silver, leaving only the spirit of giving their children!"

The 102 year old veteran died just 1 tunic: complete dedication to donate the remains of the last time

Core tip, |8, 18, Beijing, Peking Union Medical College.

Silence, mourning, everybody holding chrysanthemum, full of admiration and longing, as a special man. He is very kind, lying in the flowers, covered with a red flag of the Communist Party of Chinese.

The 102 year old went through his life. From the age of 23 in his hometown of Zhoukou in Taikang joined the army, the elderly life exploits hehe, enjoy the treatment of retired Deputy corps, but he abandon poor, his life savings to fund to support the construction, project hope, pay special membership dues, etc., all donated a total of up to about 800000 yuan, so he was named the fifth national moral models.

The old man's name is Wang Fuchang. According to the wishes of the elderly, the morning of August 18th, his relatives donated his body free of charge to the national medical and health undertakings. The same day, the hometown of Taikang sent special personnel to Beijing, to witness the last dedication of the elderly......

The 102 year old veteran died just 1 tunic: complete dedication to donate the remains of the last time

Photos of the old man before his death

Big love

Do not forget the beginning of the heart, the old man always worried about home

Summer and autumn in Taikang County of Henan Province, in the field of corn growing soybean leaf stalk is prosperous, lush, everywhere is a harvest scene. Matou town farmers to forget the drought, two years ago, they almost got lost.

2015 Spring Festival, this is the time of wheat reviving jointing, but not a drop of rain, the heart like fire horse town farmers. They want a variety of ways to organize drought irrigation, but the equipment is limited, the farmers pouring into a hope.

Thousands of miles away in Beijing, when 100 years old Wang Fuchang elderly, from the old home relatives on the phone learned the drought. The old man said nothing, immediately to the horse town government to exchange 50 thousand yuan donation, commissioned by the town buy sprinkler and diesel, let the villagers as soon as possible to irrigate the crop.

That year, the home field was over the drought, harvest. Villagers will not forget, that golden plump grain, there is a Wang Fuchang old pay and care.

Again, let the old home relatives unforgettable, is Wang Fuchang old man to help the West Primary School things. By chance, that Ma Zhen Ma home in West Primary School poor after his sleepless nights, took out 50 thousand dollars from their own savings, to the school exchange in the past. He said flatly, "when I was young, I was a normal school, a normal school and trained me.". Education is very important. It can change one's destiny."

"Wang Lao does not forget his heart and his hometown. It is worth learning, thanks to his constant concern for his hometown, Taikang, and the people of his hometown forever."!" The remains farewell ceremony, Taikang County Committee, publicity Minister Xie Chengying fondly said.

The 102 year old veteran died just 1 tunic: complete dedication to donate the remains of the last time

Recently, the 102 year old Zhoukou Taikang war veterans, national moral model Wang Fuchang old man died. During his lifetime, he donated all his savings of about 800000 yuan, but they are a glory in the poor, dacron tunic wore 40 years. Now, this dress has become a concern for children, they say, when you miss your father, you can take a look at it, that is the only wealth left to them by their father". Reporter Yu Yang photography


Life savings donated a tunic

Through the baptism of revolutionary flames of war, faith will not fade and obliterate. Dedication, almost with Wang Fuchang life.

Dating back to 1938, Wang Fuchang, 23, took part in the revolutionary team from the village of Ma Tau County, Taikang. During the war, he experienced the hundred regiments, the battle of Yanan, Siping battle, three South and other battles, due to injury, lost his left leg was assessed as two class disabled soldiers, and won the three independent Medal of freedom, three Liberation Medal, medal of independence.

After the establishment of People's Republic of China, Wang Fuchang in troops, before the military training department of general staff Beijing eighth retired cadres retired cadres, enjoy Deputy Corps benefits.

However, the money did not allow the elderly to enjoy, on the contrary, he is willing to give to the poor. In the past 20 years, the old man to help support the construction of the west, the hope project, 8 consecutive pay special membership dues, to commemorate the victory of the Anti Japanese War Museum China people's donations, has donated a total of more than 80 yuan. The 70th anniversary anniversary, Wang Fuchang donated 100 thousand yuan after the old man finished his savings, or even only 15 yuan. In 2015, he was awarded the fifth national moral model, "helping others" model title.

"Father's dedication to the community at the same time, they lived a very poor life. He lives on a homely fare on weekdays, more frugally, a Dacron tunic wearing 40 years, is the sewing and sewing socks, mended again and again." Wang Fuchang's daughter, Wang Sheguang, said.

Now, the dark Dacron tunic, was quietly hanging on the elderly Wang Fuchang's bedroom. His sons and daughters said that when they missed their father, they could take a look at it. It was the only treasure left by their father".

Wang Fuchang always told people before his death: "I do not leave money, do not leave silver, only to the spirit of their children."!"

The 102 year old veteran died just 1 tunic: complete dedication to donate the remains of the last time
The people who came to see him laid flowers on the old man's body and paid tribute to the silence.


Donor remains are the last to complete the dedication of the elderly

In the afternoon of August 12th, the life - long Wang Fuchang died in Beijing at the age of 102. According to the old man's last wish, his sons and daughters decided to donate their bodies to the Peking Union Medical College.

"Father had this wish more than 10 years ago. When he said that this matter, by the traditional concept of influence, we as children, can not accept. But father's will was strong, we understood his father's temper, and finally agreed to his idea." Wang Fuchang's old son, Wang Xianli, recalls.

In August 18th, 6 days after the death of the old man, his body donation ceremony was held at Peking Union Medical College. 9:30, the elderly relatives, colleagues, unit leaders, folks in Zhoukou, Taikang hometown rushed to the hospital, together to bid farewell to the venerable centenarians.

"The old man donated the body to the medical research enterprise free of charge. It is a life that lasts and keeps true love for the benefit of mankind.". His lofty spirit, let us admire, touched, worthy of our study and forever remember!" Commissioned by the Taikang county Party Secretary Wang Guoxi, governor Li Xiyong, came to Beijing to bid farewell to Wang Fuchang old Taikang County Committee, publicity Minister Xie Chengying said emotionally.

Peking Union Medical College is responsible for body donation work of a responsible person said: "the old man took the bodies donated to the medicine enterprise, is a kind of lofty humanitarian spirit and scientific spirit, by people praise this spirit forever."

The cicadas in the neigh, Beijing day is still hot. People looked up and bowed to the remains of Wang Fuchang's old man. A blossoming chrysanthemum represents all infinite thoughts of Wang Lao, the old man quietly thin face, the last time in front of everyone, tears spin in everyone's eyes, Silent Farewell scene, only the sound of tears......