Domestic well-known platform ICOINFO pause ICO business; U.S. group pay again reported violations


Domestic well-known platform ICOINFO pause ICO business; U.S. group pay again reported violations

1, domestic well-known platform ICOINFO suspended ICO business

2, consumer platform Le 100 won 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing led Hundsun

3, love investment and new network banking depository system formally launched

4, Ping An Bank launched offline retail outlets transformation to provide integrated financial services

5, the CBRC shall publish the measures for the administration of trust registration

6, Guangzhou P2P received verbal notification before 2019 "double down" over limit stock difficult to digest

7, the United States mission to pay again reported violations

8, China Mutual Fund Association statistical monitoring system two has been on the line

9, quantify send doubt to the United States IPO, intends to finance $200 million

10, mutual gold association risk warning: to prevent all kinds of ICO related risks

[well-known platform ICOINFO suspended ICO business]

August 30th, the country's most famous ICO platform ICOINFO issued a notice that, in order to prevent risks, from now on, the initiative to suspend all ICO business, after the relevant departments, regulatory policies introduced, according to policy specifications to carry out business. A temporary stop, ICO for new projects; two, users can participate in the project has been successfully established in accordance with the progress of the corresponding side of the project on schedule to get tokens, and then allows token transfer time transfer project to obtain tokens; three, currency will function according to the original development schedule in September 5th 10:00 after normal time line make a coin; during the four, business is suspended, the recharge function will be suspended, please do not recharge to the ICOINFO user account. (per mesh)

[consumer platform Le 100 won 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing led Hundsun]

In August 30th, consumer installment platform Le percent received 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, listed companies Hundsun lead investor, source of capital and sunny with investment funds. It is reported that the current round of financing will be used for the national market development, product development and platform data services upgrades.

Le% for businesses to provide credit card users of consumer financial services platform, through the user credit card credit line to do businesses to add external credit installments, credit data do wind control, mainly by the merchants bear the installment rate. (investment community)

[love investment and new network bank funds depository system formally launched]

In August 30th, love Investment announced formally launched the new network of bank funds depository system. Zero one according to incomplete statistics, as of August 24th, 1520 of the normal operation of the platform, there are 387 platform has been on-line bank depository system. Currently signed yet not yet on-line platform, there are 146. These include niche finance, gold and silver, and cat platforms. (web of Phoenix)

[Ping An Bank launched offline retail outlets transition to provide integrated financial services]

Recently, Ping An Bank "smart light in the future" new stores conference in Guangzhou Liuhua branch formally organized. It is reported that new stores will build integrated financial O2O service platform. Ping An Bank Chairman Xie Yonglin introduced, the retail strategy transformation process, Ping An Bank will be the implementation of centralized management of public business branches, all offline network transformation for retail outlets. In addition, the new store has also established a "comprehensive financial services area."". The service area carries the comprehensive financial business of Ping An Group, providing an entrance for Ping An, auto insurance, securities, good doctors and so on". (Xinhuanet)

[CBRC] promulgated the measures for the administration of trust registration.]

Since September 1st, the trust registration platform will be formally launched, the trust registration officially started. China Banking Regulatory Commission said that the new regulations can reduce trust products are "fraudulent use" and other risks, help reduce financial chaos, regulate the financial order. The measures for the administration of trust registration shall be put into effect, with a transitional period of 3 months. (Sina)

[Guangzhou P2P "double down" received verbal notification before 2019 over limit stock difficult to completely digest]

August 30th, a number of Guangzhou net loan platform received regulatory oral requirements, requiring rectification during the total amount of control business is not growing. Preliminary estimates, assuming that after August 24, 2017, no "Transfinite" business generated, the current balance of about 600 billion yuan of "off balance" loans will drop to about 100 billion yuan a year. Before 2019, there will be no possibility of completely digesting the stock violation. (Sohu)

[United States mission to pay again reported violations]

In August 30th, Bo real name authentication @ Beijing Hirohito law firm issued micro-blog said, has been to Chinese payments clearing Association real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing beauty group "collecting payment business" suspected undocumented illegal business, it is understood that the current China payments clearing Association official website report has been accepted, is under investigation.

In fact, at the end of February last year, micro-blog real name authentication users had in its micro-blog lawyer Xiong Wanli said, "to the central bank and other regulatory agencies: the United States real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing group in the third party fails to pay the license under the circumstances, is engaged in the third party payment and settlement business, has been a violation of China's" non financial institution payment service management measures ", or even suspected to constitute the crime of illegal business." (Phoenix Finance)

[China Mutual Fund Association statistical monitoring system two has been on-line]

Recently, the China Internet Finance Association announced that the official on-line financial statistics monitoring system (phase two). The message said, this system realizes the industry statistics data collection by the amount of data collected on a monthly basis to a fundamental change in daily transaction information collection, officially launched in August 25th. So far, China Internet Financial Association mutual disclosure platform has 82 gold platform registration disclosure. (net loan home)

[quantification sent us $IPO suspected of financing $200 million]

Fintech company quantify currently selected JP Morgan chase and Morgan Stanley as the financial adviser to the United States IPO, the IPO size of about $200 million. The agency also submitted its application to the securities and Exchange Commission this month, and plans to begin assessing potential investor demand as early as September, the sources said.

Quantitative group is positioned as a financial big data technology company, the flagship product for the credit wallet, the main user is young people between the ages of 22-35. (zero one finance)

[mutual gold association risk tips: to prevent all types of ICO related risks]

China Internet Finance Association issued a risk warning, said recently, various projects in the name of ICO financing in the rapid growth in China, disrupting the social and economic order and the formation of a larger risk. Investors should be calm, cautious, and take the risk of investment. (knowledge of Wall Street)