It's the worst crime to tell the children to go to the airport


It's the worst crime to tell the children to go to the airport

In August 23rd, due to typhoon reasons, Nanning airport one flight can not take off, a group of minors under the "parents" instructions, seize the airline counters, and played in the counter game. It is understood that the incident was due to flights affected by the typhoon, passengers dissatisfied with the arrangement of the airline, without the permission of the airline staff, forced to let the child into the counter. Eventually, police rushed to the scene to persuade the children to enter the counter and to criticize the parents of the children (according to the August 31st Beijing Youth Daily).

If there are no children behind the airport, in fact, these parents are worthy of sympathy. No matter whether the airline has any responsibility or not, think about it for a long time at the airport. "The mood of passengers is understandable."". However, when the parents "directed" the children to the airport, they changed completely, and the parents became "unwelcome people"".

It should be said that these parents are still "smart". They may know the "passenger blacklist" and know that if they make their own airport, they will face "unbearable heavy"". So they beat their minds on the children, "instructions," the child's airport, both to achieve the purpose of air, and can be protected from severe consequences. From the actual situation, they "want to do everything", but faced with "critical education"". But these parents have not thought of, this approach will give birth to what kind of root in the hearts of children, grow what the bamboo shoots?

When we talk about poor parents, they point to Chinese parents, who always hope that their children will be successful in the future. It is from this perspective, we see that for China children, adult ceremony mostly starts from the back "Three Character Classic". Even if the parents do not have any culture, they will ask the child to recite a few paragraphs, and to the school, but also big back, especially back. Do not know, these "instructions" the child's parents at the airport, when they teach children back to "do not teach, father and son", what will happen to the feeling? The words and deeds, duplicity, this recitation, what is the significance?

It has been said that every "bear child" has a "bear parent" behind it". Parents who bear "bear children" may be unconvinced. The growth of a child is indeed a complex affair with too many accidents. But parents are the children's first teachers, and their parents are the best mirror for their children. That's good. It's hard to say what will happen in the future for the children who are instructed by their parents. But with such parents, with this "example", people can not help but worried about the future of the children".

It seems that the purpose of the parents has reached. The police, from humanity, just advised their children and criticized their parents. Such treatment, for these parents, may be equal to no treatment. In fact, the behavior of these parents, and "abetting" what is the difference? In the law, there is the "instigator", does not there exist "Instigation" in morality? For some people, "said the one hundred reason as drawing a whip." "you don't let him pain, he will not move", the parents of the "black list", presumably cheerful.

Even if the punishment so far, the parents encourage and connivance, if a child is a bigger mistake, as guardian of the parents, I am afraid to blame. Moreover, the education of children, if not to reflect on it, do not know what will result in the consequences, and in the end can only "pit" and "pit father."". This is also a lot of people sigh with emotion, this society has many "pit father" move, but in "pit father" behind, and why not have the responsibility of parents? Some parents in the usual education, did not make "pit" of the measures?

The greatest evil is to destroy hope, and to break the future. Children are the hope of the family, but also the hope of society. "Is it not the biggest evil" to order the children to go to the airport? Many parents one-sided emphasis on children's learning, and not pay attention to the child's character, what is the difference with the purchase? Compared to the "children bitter", also should shout "pit pit can not be compared to the" child "; don't let children lose at the starting line, also should shout" don't let the children lose in the starting line character". Children are not parents uncivilized tool, these parents, not need moral condemnation. Et al Department of