"Instructions" children at the airport: "Woe to let the child go, the pot has its own back."


"Instructions" children at the airport: "Woe to let the child go, the pot has its own back."

Original title: "instructions" children at airports: Evil let the child go, the pot has its own back

"No more pits, no children," the bottom line can not be lost.

Machine trouble is not rare, but some machine trouble is human eyes: not I go downtown, but let the children.

According to media reports, in August 23rd, affected by the typhoon, Nanning airport has flights could not take off, some of the visitors because of dissatisfaction with the airline rescheduled flights and seat allocation arrangements, without permission, regardless of the block, to let the children into the counter, and the counter in watching the children play in downtown. Because these children stay in the counter for too long, the impact of normal work, airlines in many exhortations after fruitless, and ultimately chose the police.

There is a popular saying on the Internet: "let the child pass, let me come.". These parents are just the opposite: let themselves off and let their children make trouble. This is undoubtedly the "pit baby" direct presentation. Although the extent of the pit, with the media exposure of Yongzhou, Daoxian County, "rental young children", "black ash industry" - parents rent children for theft groups, out of the theft can not be compared, but this is also teaching children to do indecent things.

"Every bear child has a" bear parent "behind it, and it is clearly proof that the child pushes the front line against the rules.

Someone's parents may have luck, the children carried out is a "struggle strategy: make their own machine trouble, maybe will be severely dealt with according to the law; child may only be regarded as" for the children of Mowgli "" naughty ", even if the violation of the" Public Security Management Punishment Law ". Some children can not reach the detention order of age, not afraid.

If so, that these parents are wrong: if some of the children really committed offenses, that as the guardian of the parents blame is "evil to let the children have their own pan Chuang, back", which not only can let oneself come to a "no quality" of the head, or give the child negative words and deeds. If a riot is suspected of committing a crime, then the "parents" of the children are also abetting minor crimes, and in the end, or pit children also pit themselves.

In the incident, the police were only persuaded to leave the children and criticized the parents. But the police and public condemnation, but also to include the "instructions" children trouble new machine trouble behavior reminder: there is a reasonable framework for solving disputes in the existing rules, not superstition "big row resolved" make "tactic, use proper awareness of the rules. After all, violation is illegal, even changing patterns are illegal. As to take the child to the violation test method, it should not be, "and then pit can not pit children," the bottom line can not be lost. - McCain people (media)