The United States mission to pay the license to be reported behind: what is the correct interpretation of the posture?


The United States mission to pay the license to be reported behind: what is the correct interpretation of the posture?

Just yesterday, the United States group of "collection payment" business, was reported suspected of undocumented illegal operation.

Micro-blog real name authentication @ Beijing benevolence law firm released micro-blog said: has paid the real name of China Association for payment and clearing, the U.S. group collection payment business suspected undocumented illegal operation.

In response, the United States Mission Network Official responded that: in September 2016, the company has completed a wholly-owned acquisition of third party payment company treasure purse, and follow the principles of legitimate compliance management, is committed to building a more standardized system. At present, the company has completed the system integration with the pocketbook, and is willing to work with the industry to jointly promote the payment industry more standardized, transparent and healthy development.

Although the response is very timely, but the United States can not stand the reputation of the group is too large, so the lawyer's micro-blog instantly ignited the melon eating masses curiosity: the United States Mission in the end compliance?

Complete complianceIntegration with wallet treasure

Micro-blog sued the United States Group's law firm that: the United States mission is not in the case of obtaining a license payment, the illegal payment of funds to carry out the settlement business, but is this really the case?

But according to the small eight understanding, as early as last September, in order to implement the O2O business closed loop in a key link. The United States mission to complete the review of the third parties to pay the company's wholly-owned acquisition of pocketbook. After the completion of the acquisition, the U.S. group won the third party payment review license, preliminary completion of the second half of the ecological platform payment layout.

Statistics show that the pocketbook is one of the first to obtain the central bank issued by the third party payment license of one of the enterprises, has been focused on the payment field. Since its inception in November 2008, pocket treasure has been providing complete payment integrated solutions for small and micro businesses.

The scope of payment of the licence includes the Internet payment, mobile phone payment and bank card collection, which are important partners in major commercial banks. Mission review through a wholly-owned acquisition of Bao Bao to obtain third party payment license, is conducive to users, businesses to provide more secure and convenient service.

The United States mission to pay the license to be reported behind: what is the correct interpretation of the posture?
In other words, the United States mission itself although there is no license, but because of business needs, people through a wholly-owned acquisition of licensed enterprises way to obtain licenses. This practice is common in the industry, Jingdong, millet, Haier, Wanda, Hengda, star enterprise overweeningly ambitious caitaiqicu by means of the acquisition will pay card into the bag. Therefore, the lawyer's question, obviously a bit baffling, is it in question the way to obtain licenses?Positive attitudeFully cooperate with the industry rectification

According to general logic, the object of a lawyer's prosecution must be that the lawyer is committed to "evil". Seen from this angle, is the U. S. mission really a crime company?

From a eight point of view, it is not!

First of all, from the service point of view, the United States mission is to provide businesses and consumers to buy, take out, preferential payment of the business. In order to make the whole process of consumption, especially the payment link more smoothly, and cooperation in the U.S. group net bank, China UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat and other institutions, partners through payment channels, to provide a safe and convenient payment services for users. In this process, the United States mission had not been overdue or default merchant capital, users buy coupons in the United States Group also has not seen the merchant does not recognized the case, so, in this case, the U.S. group also was a lawyer to sue is really wrong, ah, there!

Secondly, from the attitude point of view, the United States Group in improving its own short board, and promote the healthy development of the entire payment industry, can not be left behind. In fact, last February, the U. S. mission was reported by the real name of the lawyer, in the absence of third party payment license, engaged in the third party payment and settlement business. After the problem, the U.S. group quickly come up with solutions, a wholly-owned acquisition of pocketbook, to solve the question of the question of licensing, the attitude can be described as positive.

Well, let's see what the real "evil company" looks like.

Just last year, the central bank formally canceled Shanghai Chang purchase Enterprise Services Limited "payment business license.". The central bank Chinese law enforcement inspection confirmed that there are three serious violations of free purchase of the company: one is through direct appropriation, hidden funds, fictitious trading background etc., a large number of illegal misappropriation of clients' reserves, causing major losses; two is fake financial books and business statements, deceive, conceal the customer deposit to avoid the relevant regulatory requirements; three is to refuse or obstruct the relevant examination and supervision.

Misappropriation of funds hidden, cheat merchants, financial fraud, refuse supervision, these evil means, the United States mission as detached, but also far away, so the lawyer repeatedly graced "beauty group estimated after all the heart is also very uncomfortable, and the electricity supplier to complete the transaction through the payment link partner payment channel is a common practice of electronic business platform this way, similar and many electricity providers, online travel and taxi travel and other Internet Co approach is in service to consumers and businesses.

Industry routineCan not always stare at the group

Of course, there is a problem can not be evaded, lawyers mentioned that although the United States mission to obtain the treasure bag payment eligibility, but the main body is still not changed, so that it does not pay the qualifications.

In this regard, the small eight only invoke another lawyer's point of view: Beijing Tianyin law firm Chen Zhiwei lawyer said, under normal circumstances, a company in the completion of the payment of the license after the acquisition of another company, need to go through the system of channel integration for a period of time, this is the industry's common phenomenon.

Besides, the U.S. group official response also said, the U.S. group already with third party payment agencies purse treasure to complete the integration, follow the development principle of compliance management system, is committed to building a more standardized, and willing to work with the industry together, and jointly promote the development of the industry to pay more standardized, transparent, healthy.

Plainly, the integration between the companies, but not so simple to buy cabbage, how can so soon be able to complete it, integration of many large companies, two or three years is not clear, so the prosecution lawyers seize two companies to do the integration of the time difference, motivation is really in doubt.

The Law School of Beijing Foreign Studies University Ph.D. Lixian think from the scientific plexus, and the long term development of the administrative examination and approval and management of online payment, especially the administrative examination and approval and management of micro payment network, should be more relaxed and free, and should not try to control and bondage.

Based on this, eight think, first of all, the United States mission is not an evil company. Secondly, the U.S. group reported, really too deliberate, the style is very popular around the Internet like PR tactics, you think?