Trapped MLM 4 years to be rescued, daughter shouted to her parents: "I do not want to see you back."


Trapped MLM 4 years to be rescued, daughter shouted to her parents: "I do not want to see you back."

Original title: trapped MLM 4 years rescued daughter shouted to her parents: I do not want to see you back

August 31, 2017 hearing, "my daughter has been brainwashing MLM these years, poisoning too deep."!" August 30th, in Hubei Jingzhou Jingzhou District North Gate police station, from Guangxi Guigang city came to the countryside, Lu Zhi tearfully said. Since 4 years ago, daughter to entrepreneurship on the grounds to Shenzhen after work, he and his wife have never seen the face of her daughter Xiao Li, has been looking forward to her daughter home.

Trapped MLM 4 years to be rescued, daughter shouted to her parents: I do not want to see you back.

The middle of this month, that her daughter was detained by Hubei police engaged in pyramid schemes, the couple took two nephews, came all the way to Jingzhou to pick up her daughter home, but was refused. Sad, as a father's Lu Zhi kneel down to his daughter, begging home. Finally, after 1.5 hours of patience with the police and relatives, Xiao Li was able to pick up the van from her home.

A few days ago, Anhui guy Mike trap MLM nest, write "help" money out of the window, receiving the alarm, Jingzhou police attention, quickly set up in the program after the investigation destroyed dens, which identified 26 year old Li is the MLM dens "parents", and sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days.

In August 30th, Liz detention expires released. Previously learned that the news of Lu Zhi couple, accompanied by 2 nephews, from 1500 kilometers away from home in Guangxi, Jingzhou, ready to pick up her daughter back. At 8:30 in the morning, a police car drove into the police station north gate of the hospital, the car sat just from the detention center received Liz, Metropolis Daily reporter saw the police car not stop, the old Lu couple hastily ran, ready for her daughter.

But then, the reporter was surprised to see that handsome face, wearing a pair of glasses Xiao Li, expressionless go off, glance at the long lost parents did not stop, straight of the center store articles go. "Xiao Li, please go home."......" Old Lu came up to his daughter, but was pushed away.

"I don't want to see you."!" Liz to parents shouted, but mother Gu less than these, to hold her. "We don't ask you to make much money, just want you to go home and live safely."......" Old Lu had shed tears when he said these words. Then there was a more sad scene: old Lou said, kneeling down behind his daughter, with both hands trying to grab Xiao Li's leg.

The side of the police, shaking his head.

Can not bear the past: four years to find female tears have cried dry

Because there are Liz emotional conflicts and meet her parents home, police temporarily to separate the two sides, with Xiaoli into inventory related goods handling center. The old Lu stood outside the door, distressed and anxious.

"It's been 4 years since I was a girl," Lu said. "My mother and I have been trying to find out about her."."

Old Lu family in Guangxi Guigang City Countryside Mu Ge zhen. Her daughter, Xiao Li, was admitted to a university in Jiangxi, Yizhou, in the summer of 2011, but she didn't read it until she was in grade three. "Sophomore summer vacation back home, she suddenly tells the family to go to Shenzhen to do a clothing business, and home to find 20 thousand yuan of money, our family is not rich, but still respect her idea, she went to Shenzhen to make money." Old Lou said.