Zhou Pengan: I hope Li Wenxing's death can be exchanged for heavy fists and pyramid schemes


Zhou Pengan: I hope Li Wenxing's death can be exchanged for heavy fists and pyramid schemes

After the police fully investigate and collect evidence, it has been basically found out that Li Wenxing was lured into the MLM organization. As of now, Chen, Zhang, Jiang Moumou, Zhai Moumou, Hu and other 5 suspects have been arrested, the criminals to trick Li Wenxing into the marketing organization and control of the crime confessed, Jiang Moumou suspicion of criminal detention MLM organization and leadership, the other 4 people on suspicion of illegal detention of criminal detention. (August 6th, northern net)

Zhou Pengan: I hope Li Wenxing's death can be exchanged for heavy fists and pyramid schemes

Earlier reports, in July 14, 2017, a pool in the G104 District of Jinghai road in Tianjin, someone found a male corpse. After the police confirmed that the deceased is two months ago to apply for job in Tianjin teenager Li Wenxing.

Really feel sad for these rural students.A graduate of Northeastern University (985 universities) of young college students, eager to find a job, it was false information MLM organization cheat to Tianjin, then to be controlled, mobile phone was confiscated, resulted in the loss of life, it is sadly sigh.

Li Wenxing was born in 1994 in a rural family in Shandong, Dezhou. Online information shows that in 2012, when he was admitted to Northeastern University with a high score of more than 630, he was worried about family difficulties and asked his father not to go to college, but was rejected by his father. Obviously, Li Wenxing can be admitted to 985 colleges and universities, really is the pride of the family, parents have all their own for their school. But without the background of rural college students, after graduation to find a job will encounter problems.Zhou Pengan: I hope Li Wenxing's death can be exchanged for heavy fists and pyramid schemes

In accordance with Chinese traditional thinking, admitted to elite schools, will naturally find a good job.It came from the elite Li Wenxing, first job after graduation but only two thousand dollars a month, his family disappointed as can be imagined. Because for poor families, Li Wenxing admitted to 985 colleges and universities, no doubt has been placed too much expectations. In addition, friends and family expectations of graduates of the prestigious school also give Li Wenxing a lot of pressure, resulting in his eagerness to apply for employment and lost discernment.

And Li Wenxing's death, can not help but think of last year due to telecommunications fraud and died, the same was born in rural areas of Shandong "quasi college students" Xu Yuyu.August 21, 2016, Shandong, Linyi, Luozhuang 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu received a fraud call, about to report to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, she was cheated 9900 yuan tuition. The alarm on the way home, her sudden cardiac arrest, after the rescue invalid died, Xu Yuyu died of a broken heart, to make people a sob, also let the wrath of the Ministry of public security, so focus on police investigation, 7 suspects were all arrested. Last month, 19, the first instance verdict, 1 people sentenced to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, and confiscation of all personal property, and the other 6 were sentenced to 3 to 15 years imprisonment, and impose fines ranging from fine.Zhou Pengan: I hope Li Wenxing's death can be exchanged for heavy fists and pyramid schemes

The reason why the mention of "Xu Yuyu case", not only because of Xu Yuyu, Li Wenxing's death are related to poor families, hope Li Wenxing's tragic death, like the tragic death of Xu Yuyu finally for countries to crack down on telecommunications fraud cases, for the country to strengthen efforts to crack down on pyramid.

As we all know, "Xu Yuyu case" occurred, in the telecommunications fraud "scumbag" have been brought to justice, whether these "scumbag" in Southeast Asia, or in Africa; whether these "scumbag" is the mainland, or Taiwanese, a group was escorted home. Domestic mobile phone users are deeply aware that the number of telephone fraud is much less.Zhou Pengan: I hope Li Wenxing's death can be exchanged for heavy fists and pyramid schemes

Living in China for more than half a century, I am deeply aware of China's national conditions. With the destruction of some social phenomena of social stability, although has been very common, very serious, functional departments are always difficult to pay attention to, even if the murder occurred frequently, still completely indifferent, most typically across the country "dog suffering". And throughout the marketing organization, every year is the result of a family tragedy.

The "Sun Zhigang case" to promote the abolition of Chinese asylum system, "Xu Yuyu case" to promote the public security organs crackdown on telecommunications fraud, because the case has been widespread concern in society, and continued hot.Say a bad word, the relevant departments in the face of surging public opinion, and then do not show sincerity to manage, not just sorry about the taxpayer, but also feel "very embarrassed."".Zhou Pengan: I hope Li Wenxing's death can be exchanged for heavy fists and pyramid schemes

Because Li Xing died of social concern is very high, the relevant departments in Tianjin also unprecedented attention, and in August 6th the network on the frequent occurrence of Tianjin, governance pyramid scheme to "heavy fist" news.The author notes that the only Tencent news section, in addition to describing the rampant "Li Wenxing visits Tianjin MLM death meters outside the marketing staff in the pond", "hit the Tianjin trench pyramid dormitory knee wall graffiti" weed two articles, blow MLM news there "the party secretary of Tianjin government law death order: illegal pyramid play don't give up, do not retreat" net "Tianjin Jinghai District: every village set up 30 combat MLM team clear responsibility", "Li Wenxing strayed into MLM organizations have been identified by involved Xingju", "Tianjin Jinghai to encourage people to report illegal pyramid: verified destroyed 20 thousand" the reward.

I was wondering if Tianjin one month earlier that "an irresistible force" to combat pyramid schemes, Li Wenxing may not die.Today, because of this society's long-term crackdown on pyramid schemes, a young college student has lost precious lives before he has enjoyed the sweetness of life. Society can let this fresh life be lost in vainIn other words, the death of Li Wenxing, in the hope that in exchange for social activities of MLM "punch" blow it?