Sino US embassy! Malaysian couple fraud 400 thousand Chinese 30 billion


Sino US embassy! Malaysian couple fraud 400 thousand Chinese 30 billion

Sino US embassy! Malaysian couple fraud 400 thousand Chinese 30 billion

Zhang Xuejiao has been accused of escaping to Malaysia to join her husband in Malaysia

[global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported] according to Malaysia "Chinese newspaper" reported on July 5th, one was described as "high color value" Chinese beautiful woman, and Malaysia born husband suspected collusion, fraud Chinese money game in the history of the largest stem, within half a year to recruit more than 400 thousand members after the announcement "crash, swept away nearly 30 billion yuan!

At present, the 90 Chinese woman Zhang Xuejiao (26 years old, from Jiangsu, Changzhou) is to have fled to Malaysia to join her husband, the husband is the financial fraud Organization (or local commonly known money game) the major shareholder of IGOFX, she has set up a company "a financial", as the general agent of IGOFX Chinese.

IGOFX under the banner of "lying earn" slogan, plus each week and "pull move payout system of Pyramid awards", quickly attracted the ignorance of public investment in just six months, that is to enroll up to more than 400 thousand members.

Report all China

According to the news that IGOFX is in early June that the "collapse", then the dividend per week pause; and Zhang Xuejiao itself is the final appearance in June 11th this year after the "run away" lost.

According to the report, she herself fled to Malaysia the same day, and left a large number of victims who had been cheated of the money.

According to network information, Shenzhen is the origin of IGOFX fraud in China, and IGOFX, who was also in the 2017 Shenzhen Finance Fair, claims to be well received".

In recent days, a large number of victims in China's major cities have reported to the public security authorities, which has aroused great concern.

Zhang Xuejiao can not find the victims live All thoughts are blasted. cutting Dutch act

The victim could not find Zhang Xuejiao, in the WeChat group All thoughts are blasted. under direct seeding in the cutting Dutch act!

Allegedly, Zhang Xuejiao on the morning of June 11, 2017 after running away, no news, WeChat, mobile phones all replaced, no longer used, like human evaporation.

After her escape, some victims still hope, but after a dozen days of despair, they finally wake up to the fact that they are deceived and choose suicide within the group.

Fraud, professional financial scams abound

It is understood that the IGOFX fraud professional, including publicity and sponsorship of some teams and racing activities, so many victims believe.

The group with the fictional website, fake system to deceive investors, in fact investors' money, did not participate in the real foreign exchange market transactions, the group is open for absence. To deceive investors, which can be proved from the transaction record opaque.

The IGOFX exchange platform itself is a liar, creating a foreign exchange platform to make a simple application, lax supervision of Vanuatu license, and then began to use the foreign exchange platform package, deception to confuse investors, but in fact this is a "Ponzi scheme".

That is why they chose Vanuatu as a regulator, because it is offshore regulation, the application is particularly simple, particularly loose supervision, as long as the money will be issued basic license.

According to reports, in recent years, the expansion of Internet banking expansion, "P2P", "investment", "all chips", "new capital", "original stock.""...... The endless stream of financial strategies, one after another promotion, and constantly interpreted as a new financial fraud. The IGOFX fraud 30 billion another big financial fraud, the victim amounted to more than 40 people.

Both embassies responded: beware of scams

Chinese and the United States Embassy in Malaysia, this afternoon has issued a statement on the website, people should beware of all kinds of warning their scam, not easily fooled; while the United States Embassy in Malaysia more marked to beware of "management" scam

Sino US embassy! Malaysian couple fraud 400 thousand Chinese 30 billion

U.S. Embassy responded screenshot

The American Embassy says the crooks often claim to be in Malaysia for money in aid of medical, legal, economic or other emergencies. The United States Embassy strongly urged the people of the United States, need to be very careful in dealing with those Americans who need financial assistance in Malaysia.

Sino US embassy! Malaysian couple fraud 400 thousand Chinese 30 billion

Screenshot of Chinese Embassy

China Embassy in Malaysia's official website announced that in July 5th, Malaysia recently, the media exposed part of local financial companies and websites suspected by the promise of high returns, will attract domestic and foreign investment line, Ma people including citizens, to participate in Chinese.

China Embassy in Malaysia to remind China citizens to choose formal, legal, mature investment channels, do not believe without security commitments, take proper measures to protect their own interests, and jointly safeguard the healthy development of bilateral investment cooperation between the normal. If you find cheating, please note that the evidence is retained and resolved by legal means.