Malaysia shipwreck: Chinese tourists are "free""


Malaysia shipwreck: Chinese tourists are "free""

In February 1st, the State Tourism Administration informed the Chinese tourists that the latest progress in the event of a cruise ship missing in Malaysia was that 28 Chinese tourists were "free going". At present, there are still 5 people lost contact.

Accident cruise suspected illegal passengers

In January 28th, a cruise ship carrying Chinese tourists sank near Sandy Island in Bazhou, Malaysia, carrying 31 people, including 28 Chinese tourists. There are still 6 people missing, including 5 Chinese tourists, search and rescue is still in progress.

Malaysia boat designer Daniel Dodi in social media, said the accident vessels can not load more than 30 people, for overloading. In addition, its design is not suitable for the coastal waters around the island, and the registration of ships is used for the study of other sea areas.

Malaysia Maritime Bureau law enforcement officials said 1, based on Malaysia sand waters near Bazhou and Brunei, the scope of the search and rescue for the first time to the southwest expanded to Malaysia waters near Sarawak, Malaysia and Brunei on the ship sent a total of 7 large ships and 7 small boats, 6 aircraft and helicopters involved in search and rescue.

Zal, an official of the marine Enforcement Bureau, said that although the rescue time had been 72 hours, the rescue has not yet relaxed. "We hope they (the missing) will still survive."".

Malaysia has said it will investigate the cause of the accident, including the alleged illegal use of a wharf ship to sea.

There are still 5 people lost contact

After the accident, the national tourism administration takes advantage of the tourist emergency command platform and the national tourist team service management system to understand the tourist information through the relevant regional tourism departments and tourism enterprises.

After preliminary verification, some tourists are "free travel" individual. 28 tourists, 2 Hubei tourists were purchased in the Tmall byson travel network before the departure of Sabah tour products, 21 tourists after landing is to buy my domestic travel agencies or online business agent in the online Sabah tour products, including Shenzhen CITS (Guangzhou sprays 12 tourists and 5 tourists in Jiangsu 7), ant cellular Travel Network "9 (2 Jiangsu tourists, tourists from Guangdong 3, 2 Anhui tourists, tourists from Sichuan 2). The above 23 tourists, "Sabah Beach Island Day Tour" products, are provided by the Sabah Malaysia supernatural travel agency. The other 5 tourists in Sabah is to attract tourists China local boatman.

At present, Shenzhen CITS sprays, byson travel network, ant cellular travel network "and related tourism enterprises have appointed executives arrived in Sabah, to carry out remedial work. Flying pig leader also arrived in Malaysia, Sabah for the first time, for consumers and platform merchants to provide the necessary assistance and support.

Up to now, 28 Chinese tourists have been rescued 20 people, including 12 minor injuries, moderate injuries 8 people; 3 people were killed; 5 tourists and 1 crew members lost contact. All the injured tourists have been properly resettled and treated in time. After the shipwreck, the impact on the tour of the Beach Island was very big, and the number of tourists dropped by 50%. Owners of a local Wharf in February 1st told reporters that the use of shipwreck vessels and terminals around the Pier 1, one has long been seized.