Female college students in public security business 10 hours rescue cave MLM offers law week produced


Female college students in public security business 10 hours rescue cave MLM offers law week produced

When they saw the hand and hand, together slowly along the mother and daughter, the night to participate in the rescue of the public security police and industrial and commercial bureau staff are greatly relieved, the child safe rescue!

Female college students in public security business 10 hours rescue cave MLM offers law week produced

Destroy pyramid selling dens

Daughter frequently asked for money

The morning of August 18th 9, a pair of Hunan couples from Zhuzhou to Huaihua city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chuan office, said he read Linda a daughter (a pseudonym), July 11th morning 9 when the train from Zhuzhou to Huaihua a summer job, in a few weeks after leaving home in time for various reasons to claim the cash. The family suspected into MLM dens and control.

Don't worry, we'll do our best to save the people." After receiving the report, make office staff when about to the Huaihua City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment was transferred. Huaihua City, district two industrial and commercial, public security departments attach great importance to the emergency organization capable of saving people.

Xiao Ling and parents did not explain their specific location, the vast sea of people, the public security police and the city administration of industry and Commerce staff have no way to start, can only try to around a small amount of known information to investigate.

At 15 on August 18th, the Huaihua Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce sent a young man of about 20 years old, claiming to have reported it. The staff did a record of his situation. When the young man saw the picture of Xiaoling on the table, he said he knew Xiao Ling. The staff immediately lit up their eyes and asked the relevant questions in detail. According to this young man introduced, MLM organizations in the city has three dens, are located in South Station community, machine tool plant, family areas, houses, bridges, communities and bay Tam community rental housing. This important information has become an important breakthrough to save Xiao Ling and crack down on pyramid schemes.

Public security industry and commerce joint rescue

The emergence of insider makes the whole case clear, and the Huaihua Public Security Bureau and the Bureau of industry and Commerce have conducted careful observation of the three rental houses and carefully deployed rescue operations. At 19:40 that evening, the Huaihua Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment and patrol police detachment, Hecheng Branch police union city Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff were divided into three groups to rescue and combat operations.

A group of police came to the machine tool factory family area MLM dens, no matter knocking at the door, there is no response to the door.

As police prepared to take coercive measures to enter, the door suddenly opened, the police quickly entered the room, to control the room staff, found Xiao Ling in it. Follow the police after entering the couple, two people see her daughter, rushed up to hold her daughter, Xiao Ling cried, and his father choked to the police, said: "yes, she is."."

According to statistics, this action has destroyed 3 dens MLM arrested, involving 23 personnel transfer, the scene seized MLM equipment supplies, supplies a number and a few knives.

Crackdown on all kinds of pyramid schemes

After preliminary examination, the MLM Gang recently fled to Huaihua from the field, mainly in the recruitment, see friends through the Internet and other forms of deception, the field of youth came to Huaihua, and the restriction of personal liberty to brainwash victims, to teach marketing mode.

According to Xiao Ling said, she and MLM leader is in the online understanding, through the QQ chat to understand, Huaihua here need to recruit summer work, salary is more generous, so agreed to come to Huaihua for a month's work.

Just arrived in Huaihua, the boss did not hurry to take Xiao Ling to start work, but with Xiao Ling to go shopping nearby, until late at night, only to return to residence. Look at the boss so good to her, she is not doing what substantive work, weekdays on she was so concerned, Linda gradually remove the guard to the boss, according to his request to his parents to get money, until the police found her, see standing in front of the parents, she suddenly wake up.

As of August 20th, has captured the organizational leadership MLM suspect Luomou, Wang, Chu Lee, Lumou, Hemou, Chen, 7 people by the public security organs according to criminal detention on suspicion of illegal detention, 16 victims were rescued, 11 people were sent to the rescue station, 5 people have gone home.

Police tips

Huaihua City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment police remind the general public: looking for a job through the network, we must carefully consider, do the "two prevention, vigilance two."

"Two prevention", namely: 1, find online recruitment information, to its authenticity screening; 2, come to the workplace after, be sure to understand the real situation of the work. Two "vigilance" namely: 1, such as hiring staff for mortgage ID card or collection of communication tools, they have a high degree of vigilance; 2, such as the recruitment of staff units for various reasons the requirements of their home for asking a lot of money, can be suspected MLM organizations, to highly vigilant. Once found in MLM gangs, must take their own safety as the first consideration, when there is a chance to the surrounding masses or public security organs for police assistance.

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