Another terrorist attack on Spain was related to the terrorist attacks in Barcelona a few hours ago


Another terrorist attack on Spain was related to the terrorist attacks in Barcelona a few hours ago

In August 18, Brussels youth online (Ju Hui China youth - Youth Online in the European Union reporter) in the Barcelona terrorist attack occurred after a few hours, local time on August 18th morning, the Spanish region of Catalonia occurred in driving butt style terrorist attack. The latest terrorist attack has killed 7 people, including 1 police officers, and 5 attackers were shot dead on the spot.

The site is located 110 km south of the Tarragona province near the seaside resort of Barcelona city cambrils. According to local media reports, the early morning of August 18th, a black car suddenly rushed into the streets near the beach are high-speed Cambrils scattered crowd, the presence of the police immediately to the vehicle heavy fire, the car rolled after landing, the occupants brandishing machetes trying to rush to the police, then was killed. A total of 7 people, including 1 police officers, were injured, including 1 seriously injured. The injured have been rushed to hospital for medical treatment. 5 terrorist suspects were killed by the police, of which 4 people were killed and 1 others wounded.

According to police news, at the time of the incident, the suspect suspected of being bound explosive devices, the police immediately cordoned off the scene and take artificial detonation operation. It was later proved that the suspect belt on the terror suspect was not an explosive. Spanish police have to Cambrils surrounding areas of control, strengthen security, and is investigating whether there are other fugitives involved. The authorities warned people not to go out to avoid danger.

Catalonia district government chairman Karas Bygdmont confirmed earlier and Cambrils terrorist attack incident occurred in Barcelona car crash related.

According to the latest news from the Spanish media, after the terrorist attacks in Barcelona, police have arrested 3 terror suspects, including 1 Morocco people and 1 African American spaniards. There is evidence that the driver has escaped after the incident, has not yet been arrested.

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy said at a news conference, the Barcelona car crash is Jihad molecules launched barbaric terrorist attacks, the Spanish government will crack down on terrorism. Rajoy stressed that terrorism is a global enemy and needs the joint efforts of the international community to cope with it.

According to Catalonia ambulance Department latest news, Barcelona terrorist attacks have caused 13 deaths, including 24 children, including 88 people were injured, casualties from the two countries. The Belgian foreign ministry has confirmed that 1 Belgian people were killed in the incident, and the French government announced that 26 people were injured in the incident, including 11 seriously injured. The Chinese Consulate General in Barcelona confirmed that as of August 18th, 3 Chinese citizens were injured, including 1 people from Hongkong and 2 compatriots in Taiwan.