How do you eat Australian lobster?


How do you eat Australian lobster?

Mention seafood in the boutique, many categories are familiar to you, such as abalone, sea cucumber, Australian lobster, king crab, and so on. These seafood products are not easy to get on weekdays, many friends do not know how to choose, how to do, how to eat, today, first of all for you to introduceHow do you eat Australian lobster?.

How do you eat Australian lobster?

As we all know, Australian lobster is considered to be the seafood in the high-end seafood, high-grade seafood prices are not expensive. What's the best way to cook this kind of seafood?. Here to introduce how to do lobster next to Australia, how to eat delicious.

1. buy

Try to pick fresh ones when you buy them. The Australian lobster has a deep red color and a dragon. Note that when buying, aquatic products will be sold with a very thick plastic bag to weigh, and inside with the appropriate water, which will allow you to pay more than one hundred pieces without perception.

2. prepare

The method directly determines what materials need to be prepared and needs to be prepared: a bigger pot, salt, olive oil, white pepper, lemon.

3. cooking

First, prepare the water in the pan according to the size of the lobster, so that the water is guaranteed to cover the lobster. Wait until the water gets hot and the lobster begins to boil. After starting the time, the 1.5 kilogram lobster will probably boil for about 20 minutes. At the same time, you can make the fire a little fine, a little bit, with the middle of the fire, and you can open the lid, open boiled. The Australian lobster is big, so it's especially time to cook.

4. prepare the seasoning

Seasoning is very simple, the olive oil into a small bowl, the amount of their own grasp, anyway, is used to dip in the food, it should not need too much. Then cut lemon, lemon drops of olive oil, and then put a little salt, brackish determines personal taste. Finally, put some white pepper into the olive oil, and then stir well, you can eat. The taste of lemon, white pepper and so on depends on personal preference.

5. open eating

There's nothing to be said about it. Anyway, a big lobster, cut from the middle, is sure to be easy to eat. Don't forget to look at the black thread on the back of the lobster. If you have one, you'd better pick it up. And then eat it with the sauce.

According to the above methods to make out the Australian lobster, the taste is absolutely delicious, seasoning is very simple, easy to do, and will not eat because of the strong flavor of spices and affect the lobster itself delicious taste. The suggestion goes with the French white wine, eats more enjoys. Now how do you eat lobster for Australia, how to eat delicious, should be clear, you might as well try.

The above is about "how to eat" Australian Lobster all content, from the purchase, preparation, cooking, seasoning, ready to eat all five aspects for you introduced Australian Lobster eat, really is very detailed. I believe that after reading this article, you must have a relatively comprehensive understanding of how the Australian lobster is eaten.