A village Party Secretary of Harbin involved 200 million village when I \ \ "barony"


A village Party Secretary of Harbin involved 200 million village when I \ \ "barony"

Original title: Harbin, a village 200 million village involved when their "barony"

Xinhua news agency, Harbin, August 12 Xinhua (reporter Pan Qi) since the Party of eighteen, Heilongjiang province discipline inspection organs at all levels to zero tolerance attitude to resolutely punish corruption, to reflect the strong "small government big corruption case of a check in the end. Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, informed the 5 typical cases recently investigated.

The 5 typical cases are the Harbin District of Nangang city red flag Manchu Township of Shuguang village original party branch secretary and village committee director Yu Fuxiang case, Jixian County Housing Construction Bureau, former director of the Wang Jinxiang case in Keshan County Development and Reform Bureau, former director Wang Jian, Huachuan County Finance Bureau and former deputy director of agricultural development office director Yu Qian and case Hegang city Xingan District Hongqi Town of new rural primary Party branch secretary Lu Fuzhong case.

Among them, in as a grass-roots cadres Fuxiang, the dawn of the village as their "land" and "barony", lawlessness, corruption, embezzlement wantonly embezzle, extremely extravagant, involving up to 200 million yuan.

The investigation, from 2011 to 2012, Fuxiang on suspicion of embezzlement 85 million 200 thousand yuan, 47 million yuan is still not returned; in 2011, will be 10 million 800 thousand yuan of land compensation to farmers new homes construction funds from the name of "township farmers' Center for their personal loan, actual start-up companies from 2010 to 2016, spending; in the name of a person from the agricultural loan center 78 million 500 thousand yuan; in 2011, with" white "expenditure and misappropriation of land compensation 20 million yuan, resulting in land acquisition work has not carried out.

Yu Fuxiang is a typical "tyrants" rampant, oppression of the masses, in July 2010, brought social idle personnel more than 20 people, 4 workers in Harbin City Bureau chopped. Be against the organization during the review, review, and intimidation and discipline review staff. On June 2017, Fuxiang was expelled from the party; their alleged crimes were transferred to judicial organs according to law.

Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed out that "rat hole destroyed house, different situation", from the case of notification, the Party cadres although the position is not high, but the amazing amount of corruption. Because in the middle of the masses of the disciplinary nature of worse, more serious harm, damage to the vital interests of the masses more directly. The province's discipline inspection organs at all levels should strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability and focus on land acquisition, construction of rural collective assets, capital resources and other key areas ", the" small government big corruption problems, must be severely punished.