The workers leg slipped into the mixer fire rescue


The workers leg slipped into the mixer fire rescue

Original title: workers legs slipped into the mixer fire rescue

On the morning of 8, the danger of a construction site in Pulandian District of Pikou Town: a worker in a blender when feeding, the right leg was stuck up mixer. Critical moment, Dalian fire squadron dispatched Pikou rushed to the rescue scene. In order to save the lives of workers, firefighters quickly dismantling machine, the trapped workers rescued.

The reporter learned from Pikou Squadron, 8, 10:35, the fire department received a report, said in a leather town at the construction site of sudden danger, firefighters immediately rushed to the rescue scene. "We rushed to the scene found that a worker's right leg was almost completely engulfed by the mixer." Firefighters told reporters that the preliminary understanding, man is in a blender mouth feeding, accidentally slipped into the legs of the entrance, then drag directly to the thigh root. "At that time, the trapped have pain, almost lost consciousness."

As soon as possible in order to save the man lives, firefighters quickly began to rescue. The use of rescue tools, firefighters will remove the entrance, in order to avoid two damage, firefighters try to be careful, to reduce the operating range. Finally the trapped man was rescued. We can see that the man's right leg badly mutilated, he was quickly sent on 120 emergency medical rescue.

At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Chief reporter Wan Heng