Have been badly mutilated workers rescued right leg involved in mixer


Have been badly mutilated workers rescued right leg involved in mixer

Original title: workers have been badly mutilated right leg rescued when involved in the mixer

Morning news (reporter Tong, Haili Peninsula morning light Intern Wen Xiaojing text / chart) mixer is still working, a worker climbed up to see, the right leg accidentally caught in. By rescue firefighters successfully rescued the injured man, but the right leg has been badly mutilated.

10:35 on July 8th, Pikou fire squadron received the alarm call, located in the Pulandian District of Pikou street hax Washington District site, a worker involved in the legs of a cement mixer, urgent need of rescue. The squadron immediately dispatched 2 fire trucks, tensile load of 9 firefighters rushed to the scene.

It is understood that the incident occurred, the station still working at the top of the cement mixer is out of order, the worker climbed up to see, the right leg accidentally fell into the mixer. After the accident, the other workers immediately stopped the machine, but the man's right leg was stuck full of sand cement mixer, some people call the police calls.

Fire officers on the scene saw the worker squats in the mixer above the right leg below the knee is completely involved in the machine, the machine is full of sand and cement. In the analysis of the squadron commander of the scene of the accident, consider a variety of rescue plan, finally decided to cut the mixer. "Where the trapped position is relatively high, while the mixer body is thick, the other way is certainly not dismantling electric welding cutting." Firefighters said.

Because the fire department does not have the corresponding electric welding equipment, contact the local social squadron unit, called electric welding equipment and professional and technical personnel of the mixer for cutting. 40 minutes later, the mixer was successfully cut, the injured were rescued. "The rescue process, the injured have been conscious, rescued after we saw his right leg was badly mutilated, pants have been whipped, feet toward a rear." Firefighters said.

120 emergency personnel arrived, promptly injured to hospital. "We later learned that the injured were not life-threatening, but also to keep the legs heard." Firefighters said.