Your aunt anger behind Cosplay cos girl expose industrialization pain


Your aunt anger behind Cosplay cos girl expose industrialization pain

Recently, in Beijing Metro Line 10 is the emergence of such a scene, an aunt on a Cosplay wear clothing girl crazy scold. The girl seems to be wearing a very uncomfortable, said his granddaughter is with them, bad.

Recently, the Beijing Metro Line 10, one aunt saw a girl dressed as cosplay, in the up and down after the opening, aunt "education" to each other: in exposure, worthless, the girl calmly asked: "how old is your granddaughter?" Aunt to rebuke the girl: "how much you forget, is not to learn! The homework is not written!" "The waves to see who ah!" Although aunt fiery and rude, but witnesses said no aggressive behavior between the aunt and the girl, the girl remain polite, not noisy, just patiently explained, finally get off.

Your aunt anger behind Cosplay cos girl expose industrialization pain

The current popular Cosplay in 95 after the young people welcome group is also very large, but it is difficult to form the cosplye industry, cosplye industry is still difficult to get back from the root. China game industry is becoming more and more popular, the animation industry also began to pick up the phenomenon in the game industry's glory, but why is closely related with the animation and game cosplye is so difficult to achieve industrialization?

A student party is the main Coser instability difficult to push the industrialization of cosplye

Baidu index data show that in cosplye Coser is the main student party. Although the student as the people of the most have the ability to pursue our individual dreams, when cultivating personal interests and hobbies, cosplye can highly respected student party is a helpful thing for the industrialization of cosplye, but their main task is to learn, because they will difficult to maintain long-term stability of the love of the cosplye course and the pressure of the school, can for the cosplye time is limited, on the one hand is full of uncertainty and instability.

In two, COSER is still the biggest power COSPLAY industry needs more commercial elements

Cosplye itself has not formed a complete industrial chain, relying on the prize money to support cosplye's interest in cost, difficulty itself is very big, cosplye can maintain a tepid development state in the past 22 years, cannot do without a session and a student with deep interest, and make greatly the contribution of cosplye. But this is not enough.

Three, the market is unable to support: the game relationship is not without foundation animation.

It is undeniable that the game industry is to speed the development of China unexpectedly towards the international line. As a closely related and animation industry, pan entertainment cooperation now indeed also saw the Chinese game industry support for the original animation industry. But as the animation derivative culture, cosplye game industry, there is no direct correlation, even the game's business activities were also become an important direction for the realization of coser.

As with cosplye is closely related to the industry, the animation industry from the market and whether they can support cosplye? Of course, whether it is clothing, props, books or other peripheral, strong association of animation and cosplye provides many try to give the market direction of cosplye, but the animation industry is still a far less than China game industry, Chinese animation industry both in quantity, quality or size, are still in a stage of rapid development. In the anime itself foundation is not strong enough to the situation, how to promote the industrialization of cosplye?

In view of this, whether people attribute Coser, the market still belongs to cosplye, cosplye no industrialization in a short period of industrialization, there is a great way to go.