Japanese women marry men Chinese what is the result?


Japanese women marry men Chinese what is the result?

Japanese women marry men Chinese what is the result?

For Japanese women, we always have a vision, think home to marry, must be a good reason for housework and caring as an understanding wife and loving mother. Because Americans have a saying, "said the United States wages, live the British house, eat dinner China, marry a Japanese wife" is a man's greatest happiness. Today, the four target has become a lot of man's pursuit of Chinese.

So, really married a Japanese daughter-in-law home, what will be the result? A few days ago, the Japanese television broadcast a program, introduced a Japanese girl to marry China, become Shanghai daughter-in-law story. This program has caused a great disturbance in Japanese society!

The Shanghai married Japanese wife, named "Yi Min Jia fabric". Miss Jia fabric is 30 years old this year, graduated from high school and later to study at the University Chinese, met her husband Wang Han. After graduation, two people in love for three years, then the best fabric miss is married to Wang Han, a Shanghai people daughter-in-law.

Japanese women marry men Chinese what is the result?

Although from different countries, with different languages, cultures and customs, but 3 years of marriage, two people have been deeply attached to each other, but also gave birth to a lovely child.

Japanese TV station interviewed Miss Jia weaving family life in Shanghai. When asked to marry a man Chinese feelings, she said such a sentence: "had decided to marry Chinese really is very wise! Japan's buddies, really sorry "

Miss Jia weaving one sentence of their own happiness, that is four words, called "meticulous"!

We in many people's minds, marry a Japanese wife, is a wonderful thing, because the Japanese women give people the impression that mothers, humble hard-working, vaguely. Especially the husband to take care of exceptionally thoughtful, not to let the husband wash a bowl, a dish.

For this a good impression of Japanese women, is seen in the last century in 80s. At that time, with the normalization of Japanese film at the beginning of Chinese ban, Ken Takakura, Nakano Yoshiko in the film series, starring in Yoshinaga Sayuri, a Japanese woman that a tactful, polite, soft spoken, respectful attitude to husband, and see a sweet smile charming, so many men have China desire and imagination. Later, the famous Japanese singer and actress Momoe Yamaguchi, in her most popular 21 years old suddenly declared retirement, marry Japanese actor Shohei Miura bent on doing the housewife, let a lot of people for Japanese women "traditional virtues" sit up and take notice.

"Marry a Japanese woman lady", was Chinese social many men dream. You go to work early in the morning, Mrs. early breakfast for you, also very clear line of suits and shirts on the sofa, for you have chosen a tie. When you go out, she sent you to the door, a deep bow: "please go". Night, she heard the door bell, will trot to come and open the door, sweet shouting "you come back", a hand over her husband's briefcase, while helping the husband to take off the suit, said: "are you tired? Is the first shower or eat first?" The scenes in the movie, let us firmly believe that: marry a Japanese woman when his wife, absolute happiness!

In the reality of the Japanese society, such as an understanding wife and loving mother wife still a lot? I told my Japanese colleagues on this issue. You may tell me: in the northeast region of Japan or Hokkaido in the countryside, but also find such traditional Japanese women. In Tokyo, estimates of satellite scanning, might not be able to find a few.

The rapid development of the Internet and the modern mode of economic life, a great impact on the Japanese women's society, making the modern Japanese women are reluctant to her mother a generation before that a kind of henpecked husband, only mothers at home housewife life. Now the Japanese women, especially in the city life of working women, personality is more independent, but not girls do not want to get married, marriage is not willing to give birth to a child, a child is not willing to retire as a housewife. Therefore, the traditional concept of marriage and family values have produced great change, more Japanese women bowed every husband to work, home to help her husband off suit for my briefcase, it becomes more and more difficult. More women are leaving the family, into the community, to display their talent and their dream in many fields, and even led a group of Japanese men to start to work. Therefore, in our impression that a type of Japanese women as an understanding wife and loving mother, have been moving away from our sight.

Then, we take a look at the Japanese television introduced this one Yi Min Jia fabric miss, do Shanghai wife a few years, is not like our impression of Japanese women as mothers?

Miss Jia fabric and Mr. Wang Han married, the most surprising is that my parents gave them a big house, this house is located in downtown Shanghai, when I bought the price of about 2 million 800 thousand yuan, equivalent to 44 million yen. And they did not spend a penny, with a white house. Good weaving girl said: "never thought the house can get married! This is absolutely impossible in japan."

Let everyone feel shocked, Miss Jia fabric at home, don't do housework, cooking dishes garbage wash clothes, all the housework by her husband Chinese package.

Good morning Miss fabric only need to be responsible for the dog, after walking the dog at home, her husband has been ready for the delicious breakfast. Unless the husband not to miss their good fabric will heat two pieces of bread and a cup of coffee to solve.

Good fabric is miss work in a Japanese beauty salon. At work, her mother will help her do some housework. Every day to take care of the children, not a good fabric miss, is also my mother. In Chinese, Miss Jia weaving became a family meticulous care of Japan's "Princess", rather than a field work inside housekeeping "Japanese daughter-in-law".

This program, many Japanese women have a natural impulse to "marry to Chinese, to enjoy life like a princess."

However, we wish a happy life miss good fabric at the same time, also want to remind China husbands, if you marry a Japanese girl home, just want to be a vase for to satisfy my vanity or for exotic marriage curiosity, it will only spoil the Japanese too. So, since the Japanese girl married wife, let her give full play to the Japanese women type good qualities as an understanding wife and loving mother, add more beauty to your life, don't let the China eat dinner, marry a Japanese wife "ideal into a joke.