China envoy to Mongolia issued a warning, ready to hit the beauty of Venezuela, Trump wants to scrap the Iranian nuclear agreement, the European poison into the Hongkong egg (Sunday), August 13, 2017...


China envoy to Mongolia issued a warning, ready to hit the beauty of Venezuela, Trump wants to scrap the Iranian nuclear agreement, the European poison into the Hongkong egg (Sunday), August 13, 2017...

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Sunday August 13, 2017 (lunar intercalary June twenty-two)

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Trump again warned North Korea: military solutions already in place

China envoy to Mongolia issued a warning, ready to hit the beauty of Venezuela, Trump wants to scrap the Iranian nuclear agreement, the European poison into the Hongkong egg (Sunday), August 13, 2017...

CCTV news reports, Trump 11, again warned North Korea not to take unwise behavior, said the United States military solution has been fully in place.


China envoy to Mongolia issued a warning, ready to hit the beauty of Venezuela, Trump wants to scrap the Iranian nuclear agreement, the European poison into the Hongkong egg (Sunday), August 13, 2017...

Trump is very interesting, while North Korea open "gun" scare North Korea, while calling for help China heads. In fact, it shows again that the United States is very helpless on North korea. The United States know that North Korea play means and Chinese decorum, have Chinese support of the Korean War the United States accounted for less than what is cheap, has proven more than 60 years ago the United States certainly don't want another proof, and this proved price than last time to Dadeduodeduo, then new China is poor and blank now is the world China. The second largest economy and military power.

However, Trump's warning is still very strong, but it can't eat this one, because North Korea is not afraid to fight, fight for North Korea may be better. But, under the condition of North Korea can not take the initiative to go to war, that Chinese not timely support. However, if the United States imposed on North Korea, but that North Korea may be more willing to such a situation, because North Korea can get more support.

As for the so-called military solutions, from the George W. Bush period had not stopped to blow, but these schemes is also discuss. Some people say that if Indian military conflict broke out, the United States may take the opportunity to North Korea. On the contrary, if there is a conflict between China and India, the United States to start, then Chinese just in case of strong support for North Korea, India turn quickly solve Taiwan and put us out, the United States in East Asia alliance system may collapse. So, for the United States, the so-called towards a military solution is not reliable scheme.

current affairs


1., Xinhua News Agency reported that 11 Chinese response toward a theory called the upgrade, I hope the relevant parties do more cautious and help ease tensions and promote mutual trust business, don't go strong said the road turns.

Voiceover: what want to do? Targeted is the correct posture, than the mouth gun, fighting hard, counterproductive.

2. news surging, Assistant Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou 9 to 11 day visit to Mongolia, Mongolia Tibet domestic concern the wrong words and deeds.

Voiceover: since we are neighbors, harmony is the way to get along, which pot does not mention which pot, awful.

3. overseas network reported that the White House spokesman Nolte again said India hole Lang confrontation, the United States has been paying close attention to the relevant situation, to encourage both sides to sit down and discuss this problem.

Voiceover: fire behind the arch surface, Sam is not a gentleman, pose as a person of high morals, like hypocrisy.

3., Xinhua News Agency reported that 11 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on North Korea's wise concessions to avoid conflict.

Voiceover: estimation of who do not want the real thing, but the mouth does not converge, impulse control will not say.

4., Xinhua News Agency reported, Trump said on the 11, do not rule out military action against venezuela.

Voiceover: have something others, Sam dislike to fight.

5., news, Trump said the day before, Iran did not fulfill the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, the Obama Administration reiterated to reach this agreement is very bad".

Voiceover: whenever it comes to the former, must be denied.

6. "the Wall Street journal" said recently that the United States was convinced by the full contact with the west, Chinese will accept the Western values, but now Chinese young people think, China on the rise, the United States is fading.

Voiceover: Sam always spare no effort brush color, brainwashed selective blindness is no lack of such people, but Facts speak louder than words.

7. news, South Korea's security chief Zheng Yirong 11, and the U.S. national security adviser Mike buckmaster talk, exchange views on the Korean provocation in response.

Voiceover: red, white assigned role, carrot stick to collocation.

8. Xinhua news agency, Iran a day before the military personnel in Syria IS killed, Iran said it would retaliate.

Voiceover: Iran will not just talk.

9. overseas network reported that Bhutan foreign minister 11 days meeting with India's foreign minister Svard Raj, said he hoped the friendly peaceful settlement of Dong Lang confrontation.

Voiceover: as for himself, who is weak, do not provoke. But these words to me, is already in the face.

10. global network reported that the distance of the German election is only 6 weeks before the date, Merkel's support rate fell 10 percentage points.

Voiceover: good aunt Mo, although there have been twists and turns.

11., Xinhua News Agency reported that Australian Prime Minister Turnbull 11, said, if the United States and the Korean conflict, Australia will support the United States "".

Voice: is not to say, the earth people know.

New network news 12., the European Union said on the 11, the 15 EU Member States, Switzerland and Hongkong are found by the insecticide fipronil polluted egg, the people involved have been arrested, and the freezing of their assets.

Voiceover: it is hard to imagine why egg will eat imported?

13. overseas network reported that India will usher in the day of independence in 15, New Delhi deployed thousands of security guards, and drones, sniper, ensure safety modi.

Voiceover: a variety of denominations, believe everything is God, it is necessary to do?

14. new network reported that a India hospital for special equipment before the oxygen supply interruption, resulting in the death of 30 children within 48 hours.

Voiceover: such a country, and face to the magic of the friend said, ye Shanghai is known as little Mumbai, if we don't work hard, you will be more than......

15. CCTV news reports, Alexander of Egypt 11 two train collided, killing at least 49 people, more than 100 people were injured.

Voice: that is the most safe train.

16. Xinhua news agency, Peru foreign ministry announced on 11, expelled Venezuelan ambassador to Peru Bellavi, against Maduro's "break the Democratic order".

Voiceover: Sam was a constitutional people, a small country, also upset.

17. overseas network news, Kenya independent election and the Boundary Commission 11, announced the election results, incumbent president Kenyatta's re-election.

Voice: then, there is a feather......

18. global network news, Sri Lanka foreign minister Karuna Nayak came before the corruption scandal, pressure on the coalition government and opposition party, in 10, announced his resignation.

Voiceover: flies do not hover eggs, of course, did not sew a knock is not difficult.

19. Xinhua news reports, the Somali capital of Muqdisho central prison Dutch act occurred in 11 bomb attacks, including the bombers caused at least 2 deaths.

Voiceover: prison...... Can the bomb attack?


1. Chinese network information network reported that the National Network Information Office recently guide Beijing, Guangdong Network Information Office of WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu, sina Tencent Post Bar filing and investigation according to law.

Voiceover: although it is clear there are some distance, compared with the past or improve a lot.

2. global network reported that the Jiuzhaigou earthquake has caused 24 deaths, 493 people were injured, 45 seriously injured.

Voiceover: cherish every day, even if it is hard, it is not always good, but at any time may even lose solidification.

The new agency reported in 3., the Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau, Baoding Public Security Bureau in the xiongan Joint Working Group 11 briefing on the "7 - 18 environmental pollution case, 10 suspects were criminal detention.

Voiceover: tough, play hard, there must be a success.

4. observers network news, recently a claim to Henan TV staff users published in WeChat group as police speech, is for administrative detention for 15 days.

Voiceover: talk is responsible.



1. Reference News Network quoted the Russian media reported that Russia is assessing the feasibility of high iron Mongolia and russia.

Voiceover: the world is becoming smaller and smaller.

2. news, the commerce department data released on 2016 11, 15% increase in the number of mainland tourists to visit Chinese, travel expenses rose 9%.

Voice: no matter where, are specifically for tourist businesses. Mainly for foreign tourists China, as long as the country is not the local Hakka kill you, why?

Malaysia news agency reported 3., Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport will set up second Chinese Advisory Taiwan in September.

Voiceover: too much Chinese......

4. days ago Xinhua News Agency reported that the EU announced the temporary import of stainless steel products from the China imposed tariffs of up to 28.5%.

Voiceover: who site who call the shots, it is useless to reason.

5. news surging, the government of India before the 93 kinds of products imported from Chinese levy anti-dumping duties.

Voiceover: rather than for Chinese, as it is to see their own three.

6., Xinhua News Agency reported, Trump said 10 days, the opioid abuse "emergency", the government is drafting relevant documents officially launched the national state of emergency.

Voiceover: three drug, can not eat do not eat.

7. new network reported that the Brazil Exporters Association recently released data show that by the end of 2017, Brazil's trade surplus will reach $63 billion, becoming the world's fifth largest trade surplus in china.


1. news, PPP AAA Chinese CCXI to fund the main credit rating, the rating outlook is stable.

Voiceover: the most advanced.

2. Beijing reported, Celestica Fund announced on 11 may, the maximum amount of individuals holding the balance of treasure from 14 days to 100 thousand yuan adjustment.

Voiceover: restrictions and fetters more and more, gradually eroded land.

3. Beijing News, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development Chinese Academy of social sciences research group released a report that a male population of 5 million, an early implementation of long-term system of units of housing.

Voiceover: don't let the house become a stumbling block to attract talent.

4. CNR network news, the civil aviation authority to cancel around the Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport flight, for three consecutive days to achieve zero stranded passengers.

Voiceover: not chaos is a kind of support.

5. of the Securities Daily News, Tsinghua University, before the release of "white paper" on behalf of the driving industry, driving on behalf of a year to reduce the 3 million 500 thousand traffic accidents.

Voiceover: respect for the lives of others, respect their lives.


1. global network quoted the India website reported that the Indian army thirty-third army troops have been or are to the border of Sikkim section of assembly, only 500 meters away from the nearest China.

Voiceover: ready to hit?

The 2. observer network news, "8", the air force electronic fighter around Taiwan a week before the date again, MAC vice chairman Qiu Chuizheng 10, called for the mainland should not increase self-restraint, Taiwan and the surrounding regional tensions.

Voice: what's good for? Hold with no problem.

The new agency reported in 3., commander of the Russian air force Bondarev 11, said that Russia's fifth generation fighter has been officially named as "Su - 57", will begin in 2018 listed.

4. people's daily news, Trump 11, forwarding the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet twitter, said the United States Air force deployed in Guam B-1B bombers have been ready to "fight for tonight".

Voiceover: the president of a country, and still speak it well.

5., Xinhua News Agency reported, Afghan officials said 11 U.S. troops in Afghanistan before the air strikes in the eastern Nangarhar province killed 16 civilians were killed.

Voiceover: please God send it easy, not to mention the ghost.

6. new network reported that Japan's defense ministry 11 news release, the survey results of American identity, agreed to restart the Osprey flight.

Voiceover: even scruples, or to keep consistent with the master.

7. Singapore United Morning Post Singapore United Morning Post news, news, Kampuchea's prime minister Hong Sen accused neighboring Laos in April to send troops stationed in Kampuchea, said that in 17 days this month before the withdrawal, otherwise it will go to war.

Voiceover: can invade another country, not on the mouth, to hurt it.

8. Xinhua news agency, Yemen government forces and rebels on the evening of 11 fighting in the northern border, killing at least 17 people were killed.

Voice: that killed the most meaningless.

Source: CCTV, Phoenix, the universal, Sina, Dongcai, reference.

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