The USS China enters the South China sea! In response to the Department of Defense


The USS China enters the South China sea! In response to the Department of Defense

The Department of defense:

In August 10th, the U.S. Navy Mccain missile destroyer entered Chinese Spratly Islands on the reefs adjacent to the sea, the Navy China Huaibei missile frigate, Fushun missile frigate act immediately, identification verification of U.S. warships, and give a warning to drive away.

China sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters have beyond all dispute. The United States warships to the South China Sea for what purpose, is already known to all exposed ambition ". In the United States this show of force, promote regional military, and easily lead to air and sea accidents act, Chinese army resolutely opposed.

For a long time, in the joint efforts of China and neighboring countries, the situation in the South China Sea showed a positive development trend. But the United States under the banner of "freedom of navigation" under the guise of affray, sent warships and military aircraft Chinese illegally entered the South China Sea islands adjacent waters, a serious threat to Chinese sovereignty and security interests, seriously endanger both front-line personnel safety, seriously undermine peace and stability in the region.

At present, the overall stability of Sino US military relations. But the above provocations seriously damage the strategic mutual trust, create difficulties and obstacles to the development of military relations. We strongly urge the US side to correct the error immediately stop using the so-called "freedom of navigation" the name of illegal provocation. Military provocations will only encourage China forces to further strengthen the defense capacity building, firmly safeguard national sovereignty and security.