Don't be fooled by the "Qiao fruit" through 12 kinds of poisonous fruit Rongshu


Don't be fooled by the "Qiao fruit" through 12 kinds of poisonous fruit Rongshu

The fruit is an indispensable part of the daily diet, how to eat healthy and at ease? A see through these fruits "rongshu".

Pear: growth hormone to urge [premature]

Use Pengdasu, in its early and long reminder, bleaching powder, colorants (tartrazine) for bleaching dyeing. Treatment of pear juice less light, sometimes accompanied by the smell and smell. This kind of poison pear storage time is short, perishable.

Don't be fooled by the Qiao fruit through 12 kinds of poisonous fruit Rongshu

This selection:

Pear to pick a female, delicate and juicy and sweet. Mother, is to choose the nest on the top of the dual, deep, round around umbilical umbilical, the Department of crude tegen.

[Apple: Lycopene] add reminders

Use Pengdasu reminders, reminders of red color, preservative. Excessive use of CPPU, rush red pigment, preservative can harm the liver. The retail fruit vendor will give hit the apple industrial paraffin wax, to maintain moisture, marketable fruit body is bright.

This selection:

The best selection of appearances for the red strip ("red"), there are a number of yellow and red. What kind of apple is very sweet, juicy, brittle.

[] purple grapes: in ethylene

The immature green grapes soaked into ethephon in dilute solution one or two, azure becomes purple grape grape. This grape uneven color, less sugar, less juice tasteless, long-term consumption harmful to the human body.

This selection:

To pick the whole series of full, a long thick kind, to smell fragrance, aroma concentration to buy. If the winter picked grapes, must buy fresh. Don't look at the fruit, to look at the stem, fresh grapes, stiff stems, bright green.

When the color became dark brown, soft pops off, is relatively long, so the grape fruit may seem more solid, but in fact are the results of cryopreservation, and not really fresh.

Buy rose grape in particular, this small fruit is not easy to save.

[color]: sulfuric acid soaking litchi

Using sulfuric acid solution, or by Ethrel spray, the color becomes red litchi attractive, but easy to decay. This kind of strong acid solution, the hand peeling, mouth foaming, the stomach will burn.

There are fruit vendor will smoked with sulfur, and sulfur dioxide will produce a strong irritant to eyes and throat, causing dizziness, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Sulfur dioxide will cause cancer.

Don't be fooled by the Qiao fruit through 12 kinds of poisonous fruit Rongshu

This selection:

To choose the skin is rough, kind of deep lines, that is usually the small litchi. The surface is smooth and flat type, general nuclear large.

Not only to the surface and knead to ruddy, plump and elastic. Can also gently press the tail out of litchi, if it feels soft, not by hard objects, generally speaking the nucleus is relatively small, if you can feel to hard, generally large nuclear.

Banana: [] ripening with ammonia

With ammonia or sulfur dioxide ripening, the banana skin yellow good-looking, but the flesh is not sweet taste taste stiff. Sulfur dioxide caused damage to the nervous system of the human body, but also affect the function of liver and kidney.

This selection:

When choosing, should find the fruit shape correct, large and uniform, the banana without defect and shedding, bright color; in addition, note that fresh bananas should be smooth fruit surface, no spots, no trauma, peel, pulp slightly hard, pinching up not weak, taste sweet, not astringent, no smell.

If the skin or soft black meat, fruit stalk pan black, dry shrinkage, is likely to have started to decay, can not buy.

Persimmon: [yeast ripening]

Unripe persimmon with yeast or ripener to ripening, but greatly reduced the sweetness of persimmon. And fruit in persimmon tibba at the point to "try the red spirit". These chemicals will produce residual poison, the persimmon.

This selection:

Soft and hard persimmon persimmon persimmon, the persimmon is baked soft persimmon, persimmon persimmon is a hard, two not only different hardness, appearance and taste are also different. The time of purchase, see appearance, to a big, bright color, no spots, no injury, no bad crack is preferred.

Peach: [industrial citric acid immersion]

Industrial citric acid soaked peach, peach red, not perishable. Can damage the nervous system of the chemical residues, cause allergic diseases, and even cancer. Half cooked crisp peach, adding alum, sweeteners, alcohol, the sweet and crisp.

The main component of alum is aluminum sulfate, long-term consumption will lead to osteoporosis, memory loss, dementia, decreased skin elasticity, wrinkles and other problems. White peach smoked with sulfur, sulfur dioxide residues will have.

This selection:

Choose peaches is smell more fragrant, more sweet, usually are not very nice appearance, not too soft, with a small sharp.

[great]: watermelon leavening agent reminder

Exceed the standard use ripener, swelling agent and toxic pesticides, the watermelon on the fringes of the uneven, cut after Guarang fresh, white melon seeds, smell.

This selection:

To pick the melon pattern like open, local small tail cuff flowering.

"Surface touch melon belly button" concave is not smooth, but uneven, melon color green color is deep, with a hand up, gently, listen to the sound, should feel a little empty, holding hands feel slightly shaking, the watermelon is good one, which is not close. If not, it is the voice of death.

Mango lime yellow cover: []

Green mango with lime yellow cover, make the skin looks yellow, but did not eat up mango flavor, there are also the problem of excessive use of preservatives.

This selection:

Mango must choose more full, rounded, not soft not hard, the color yellow and pure fragrance, the way will be able to smell, no spots (spots inside rot), smell the fragrance, choose about 8 cooked, cooked one or two days can eat.

Buy ripe eat mango, mango can look at the root, should be very clear, no water, and the skin will not wrinkle.

Don't be fooled by the Qiao fruit through 12 kinds of poisonous fruit Rongshu

Orange: [] industrial paraffin wax polishing

Citrus fruits stored in excessive use of preservatives, colorants "in the sale of beauty", using industrial paraffin wax polishing. Impurity industrial paraffin wax containing lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals, will penetrate into the pulp, after use will lead to memory loss, anemia and other symptoms.

This selection:

1, the concept of fresh orange. Under normal circumstances, belongs to the normal and picking from the tree near the fresh citrus fruit peel, the exocarp of shiny, gorgeous luster, and the appearance of the fall fruit dark, poor smoothness.

2, to determine the color of its maturity. Citrus peel coloring mature deep colored area proportion.

3, look at the size of the fruit, determining the type to be selected. The same tree or the same species of citrus, the largest fruit is often thick skin, flesh thick, fleshy petals cotton, less water, residue, to chew before swallow. Some medium to large or middle small fruit, because of its thin skin, flesh flap also thin, therefore, soluble solids content is relatively high, good taste, taste tastily, chewing no residue, the ideal diameter is 65 to 75mm.

Strawberry: [] ripening hormone

Strawberry with ripener or other hormone drugs, growing shorter, bright color, fruity but pale. Those who have a big strawberry hollow, intermediate irregular shape, is generally excessive use of hormones.

This selection:

1, buy a first look at the strawberry variety, large strawberry conical, if the shape has to be so strange.

2, uneven color, hormone strawberry gloss and clear at the bottom of Bingchu green and red fruit.

3, the normal strawberry surface of sesame seeds (seeds) is golden yellow. Even if the sesame seeds are red, you should be careful.

4, the normal pulp strawberry red, rarely cavity. Strawberry can easily break hormone, flesh color white, more cavity.

5, high sweetness and sweet strawberry normal distribution. Hormone strawberry tastes tasteless, not fragrant smell.

[longan: spraying sulfur become colourful]

Soak spraying sulfuric acid or acid solution, the bright colors. Sulfuric acid has a strong corrosive, will burn the digestive tract. Also easy to cause colds, diarrhea and strong cough.

This selection:

Look, the shell rough, bleak color is fresh, shiny, yellow shell is not fresh; peel shell look shell color, white color bright as fresh fruit, red brown red lines appear within the shell for fresh fruit.

Two smell, taste fresh fresh, bad egg taste is not fresh.

Three nails scraping, scraping to open the shell or branches exposed skin, pale green for endothelial fresh fruit.

Four pinch, finger Qingnie shell, shell of fresh fruit is hard, soft shell paper is not fresh.

Recommended to eat fruit according to the season, try to eat local fruit.

1, there should be some fruit to smell the fragrance, also there is no other smell smell.

2, to see if there is no black or rotten place.

3, pinch, needless to say.

Pick the fruit is a secret, no matter what fruit, in the position of the concave pedicle the harder the more sweet. Choose fruit is the principle of nice color and shiny, but also the root of the fruit is not enough to have a concave circle, there is a mother, the mother of the fruit is sweet.