Shenyang, a woman with a dog on the bus to allow the dog to take a seat


Shenyang, a woman with a dog on the bus to allow the dog to take a seat

Original title: Shenyang, a woman with a dog on the bus to allow the dog to take a seat

Shenyang, a woman with a dog on the bus to allow the dog to take a seat

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["my dog tired, must sit!" ] recently, a netizen in Shenyang: take the bus, a woman will be his dog on the side of the seat. The number of passengers to dissuade women but said: "my dog tired, must sit!" The whole driver did not intervene. Some netizens said that the dog right is wrong. It is also reported that the driver is not law enforcement right, but should be tough... How do you see?

Who broke the news text:

The afternoon of August 9th about 14:40, I take 117 bus, I was in the five car market, the car's direction of travel is the east door ~ glide direction of Shengjing Hospital.

The car after the car more people, I will go to the back, behind the second row of seats will not see a rope leash dog sitting in the car seat, and then I asked; who is this dog? The dog owner answered; me, why? I said; trouble you put the dog up. This seat is sitting, not a dog sitting. The dog owner said; my dog tired, must sit. Then I said again, please hold the dog, the dog tired you can hold! The dog owner said; dog tired to sit, it that I can't help myself to sit.

Said several times, the dog owner, is not moving. Give me the gas, I also dare not to touch the dog, I stand in the dog where the dog looked at me from my teeth, I was afraid of being bitten by it, they did not dare in front of.

Later in the West and up Wuai Market a lot of people, when the car was almost full, a sister came over and asked; the dog who ah? A dog owner; me, why? Sister said; trouble the dog up. The owner said; I just didn't give the man let me by what you want to. Sister said; she is her, I am me, I one day tired, sit. The dog owner did not move. Sister said; you put the dog up. A dog; dog to sit in that good, I hold it hot. The owner said that the dog dog is man; why not sit. And then after passengers began to say that a dog owner, let her put the dog up later, dog owners say; my dog is sick, you must sit down.

Then an aunt (1); the dog sick you don't hurry to get off a taxi to treat the dog. Another aunt (2); the car air conditioning car, if your dog is sick, how can I get on the train, who let you on the bus? The owner said the bus master let her up. Aunt (2); the bus master said is, the bus is for all of us, we all agreed? We didn't agree, beside aunt (3) also said that we can not agree with you up.

The back half carriage, ask the bus master to stop, let the dog owner to get off the bus master, he began to shout, the voice is very big, about more than 10 minutes to the bus master shouted, get angry dumb, don't talk, like not to hear.

Then a big brother (1); the bus master and the dog owner you know how, she got into the car, then you do not speak. (the eldest brother out of our mind) the bus master and do not speak. Another big brother (2) of dog owners say; now the dog would not let go public, go to the park will not have to rope, your dog ye. Then the dog owner, began to curse, who who. Who spoke her mashui.

This wonderful woman who did, that she, her face is not red and white, the heart will not accept. I was in the spot area of the car, the dog owner and her dog had been sitting on the seat did not get off. When the micro-blog I put the dog owner's face to the block, I give her blush, this is not the quality of our Shenyang person? You mean? I also want to ask the bus master, as a bus driver, you don't know what allowed on the bus, what is not allowed?