The accident caused 25 people were killed and how to rescue train collided in Egypt


The accident caused 25 people were killed and how to rescue train collided in Egypt

Original title: how to rescue the accident caused 25 people were killed in train collision in Egypt

According to reports, local time on August 11th, Egypt's second largest city of Alexander City train collision. According to the news, the accident has caused 25 deaths and dozens injured.

According to reports, the collision of the two by train from Cairo, another from Port Said, two car collision. The picture shows the scene of the accident, a list of some of the carriages of a train accident, the specific cause of the accident is not yet clear, or the number of casualties will rise further.

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Quickly head number at the time of the accident when the accident comes into a ball, two cars collided, was too late to do buffer action. Inside people should quickly hold the head and shrink into a ball, which can reduce the head and chest impact.

Under normal circumstances, do not intercept the ordinary vehicle escort personnel critically ill go to the hospital immediately, or it may be due to the general lack of special vehicle rescue equipment, and wounded often in inappropriate position due to injuries were aggravated, increased the difficulty of rescue. The wounded are usually accompanied by cervical spine injury, in the process of carrying the wounded, should also pay attention to fixed wounded in the head and neck. Spinal fractures should be parallel handling.

In order to improve the success rate of rescue, when people were injured, according to the severity of the disease, initially divided into four (four), followed by a heavy to light red, immediately arranged: local rescue: Black - red to be treated immediately after the patient; yellow - after simple treatment to hospital treatment; green - suspend processing.