Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?


Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

Last week a 985 college graduates Lee job into MLM organizations lead to tragic news continuous fermentation, until 6 days, police announced the case initially solved, 5 suspects have been arrested.

Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

Xiao Hui remains concerned about the incident, but did not, the reason is related to the small Hui daily with very high frequency of recruitment tools - Boss direct hire this, I used a very handy App brought to the public all was roaring in the teeth of the storm.

This morning, Boss direct hire official issued a letter of apology, will this week Boss direct hire all the efforts to report to the public, including the audit mechanism and security mechanism.

Now, the event has subsided slightly, we can look at this letter Boss directly employed together (click the blue words to see), then think about: This product is worth you to use?

Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

Corporate social responsibility

Take responsibility or a user?

Have to say, Boss direct hire PR worthy of praise, in the first time after the incident in Zhao Peng, founder of Boss direct hire, midnight timely sound:

Since the beginning of 2015, the implementation of the "platform only one job data compliance can be made; do not trigger a report, for this mechanism,There is a big problem. August 3rd morning, platform fully adjusted for prior approval of certification process for all recruiters execution, based on the current material audit, will takeID, face recognition is more accurate measures of audit certificationIn all the facts on the occasion,According to the law should bear all the responsibility, willing to bear completely.

A brief open letter, but also showed a Boss direct hire social responsibility. Frank to admit the existence of problems, and solutions are given, finally also expressed its willingness to take responsibility thoroughly.

This is not as say only, the events of the past just a week, in the morning Boss direct hire the official letter of apology, Boss direct hire also announced that has completed a set of iterative techniques and safety mechanism:

Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

An upgrade process and system, ensure the online recruiter 100% after "machine + artificial" certification

  • In August 2nd, the new upgrade audit process, adding 100% recruiters must pass a "machine + artificial audit.

  • In August 4th, "in recognition of dynamic face live + identity authentication system on the line, in the gradual implementation of.

  • In August 7th, a comprehensive investigation of all past without a "machine + artificial" certification of recruiters as long as recruitment, need to re verification.

  • In August 8th, emergency submitted a new version of APP, upgrading the real-time killing system.

  • In August 9th, APP modify the background user reporting process, strengthen the rapid report processing mechanism.

Two,The formation of job security center

  • In August 5th, the expansion of rent 600 square meters of office area for the construction of job security center; the expansion of artificial audit and data security team.

Three,The establishment of security alert mechanism

  • August 7th, to all users of the platform to push fangpian message; establish mechanisms within APP push security alert.

For the number of users over tens of millions of products, light the message to remind the cost is not low.

Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

The crisis of the best test of a company, is to come up with solutions or stall users, now compete with established. Boss direct hire this week, do one day is to let the public inspection report, the audit rectification determination mechanism, but also expressed respect for users and users of responsible attitude.

two sides of the same coin

The root of the problem in people or tools?

However, in fact, from the beginning of the recruitment website, recruitment fraud has been there. Recruitment fraud, ranging from money, heavy marketing, this kind of news is not uncommon. For example, a web site, since the small exchange registered, every day I recommend a monthly salary of 100 thousand jobs, but no way to induce this recommendation I cheated, because of insufficient interaction.

The Boss direct hire, interactive HR love timely, timely feedback the advantages, it has become a point which is the most important marketing organization. MLM organization can take good effect to job seekers, illegal purpose.

For Boss direct hire controversial "lax review", recruiting party certification and certification, in fact there is a distinction, authenticated users can publish multiple posts and certification mark.

In fact, the current site of the various types of certification, can be an easy job to do to break, such as free job sites pull hook nets, somebody has done a test, enterprise user identity authentication mode is to pull hook, automatic verification by e-mail. In the enterprise email address input to buy after the pull hook confirmation email to come soon.The actual cost is only 3 yuan.

Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

Tools are often has two sides of the. A knife, can be used to cut vegetables, can also be used. The key to use the tools.The death of Li Mouzhi, is dead in sin pyramid, or the tool Boss direct hire?

I believe the answer is self-evident.

A lot of people will be directly employed Boss compared to Baidu, that Lee was another Wei Zexi. Small Hui that is extremely wrong, although the same is a tool, but Baidu for promotion, the poor service to users in order to obtain benefits; and BOSS direct hire, no fees, no active recommendation to the user.

To solve the pain points of recruitment

Are you uninstall or continue to use?

In any case, a small department will continue to use Boss direct hire.

Remember the first time with Boss direct hire, Xiao Hui is not on the audit mechanism or resume quality, but the recruitment form of innovation, we solve the HR a lot of pain points.

For example, a strange telephone solicitation embarrassment. The HR does not meet the candidates resume requirements, will spend money to search and download resume, and download this initiative to resume in addition to the price of a phone call in the past, the majority of candidates will reject: either not to trust you, or there has been a steady job.

Boss direct direct hire chat mode, eliminating the HR strange telephone communication embarrassment.

Another example of long communication feedback mechanism. In the traditional network application during the interview, candidates for interview results no direct feedback, HR can not know the candidate's intention recruits. While directly employed in the Boss, this phenomenon can be completely changed, not what the feedback mechanism not chat can be solved.

The key is, Boss direct hire or free. The recruitment of tension, recruitment budget is limited, a recruitment channel, for HR is simply the last straw.

Boss direct hire apologized, but also continue to use it?

And directly employed Boss as an industry innovator, promotion of the industry is also obviously. After the Boss direct hire, 58 fair, headhunting recruitment channels and so on the application of the "chat" recruitment methods.

Each company's style, is the founder of the style. Boss direct hire founder Zhao Peng until the age of 18 to go to college before, in the countryside to stay, stay in the fields. Zhao Peng said I understand a simple thing: as long as you this morning, for this piece of land is poured enough 40 barrels of water, crops will take long,As long as you don't coax, this is never to you.

Such a growth experience of Zhao Peng, he will coax users?

Anyway, small Hui do not believe, I will have to use Boss direct hire.