Your aunt cos angry girl, here is not the Middle East, China open


Your aunt cos angry girl, here is not the Middle East, China open

Yesterday, a video on micro-blog hot topic. "Your aunt angry girl: Cosplay waves to see who! My granddaughter is you away "

Recently, the Beijing Metro Line 10, one aunt saw a girl dressed as cosplay, in the up and down after the opening, aunt "education" to each other: "wearing exposure, worthless." The girl calmly asked: "how old is your granddaughter?" Aunt to rebuke the girl: "how much you forget, is not to learn! The homework is not written! The waves to see who ah!"

Your aunt cos angry girl, here is not the Middle East, China open

I want to speak one sentence: it's too hot to wear less, there is nothing wrong with. After all, in the outdoor, indoor if......

Now, the reform and opening up over the past few decades, people's thought continues to break the feudal prison, westernization thought already is an indisputable fact. However, we must not There are both advantages and disadvantages. westernized westernization, but not in line with international standards.

Boyle said above, it is not acceptable to many young people. Why do young people do not like aunt thought?

Young people have received a Western First impressions are strongest, culture and Chinese traditional culture, but there is no conflict between the two, wear less wear, originally in the traditional culture is not cured, not accepted "rules", it is less, will give people the "sense of shame" in Chinese traditional culture however, no guilt "". In some parts of the Middle East, women wearing exposed or raped, will be killed, the customary law in a certain sense, "has already formed". But in the traditional Chinese culture and there is no such thing, but everyone is a consensus in China should be open and inclusive, learning technology to the barbarians, and continuous learning.

Therefore, a key problem came out, in the end is not exposed to the aesthetic advantages, is not for the people to accept, is not worth learning, exposure to what extent as well.

Obviously, in the evolution of decades of reform and opening up, people have been given the answer, have formed the habit of moral.

Then we may talk about the modern society for aesthetics Chinese exposed what is moral habits.

A, acceptable, eye-catching but not hate, love is not contempt.

Your aunt cos angry girl, here is not the Middle East, China open

Pure and lovely is not wrong, the key in the summer, relatively cool, but also to meet the inner sense of concern.

Two, do not expose privacy (and) organ, sexy, walking, can't get on the table but widely meet specific needs.

Some people talk about "sex is just", I think this is completely wrong, why not pornography on the table, even though speak out, is vulgar "Huang Duanzi", not recognized by the masses, and widely considered the immoral, is real in the Westernization dross.

Of course, this is the social impact of external things on the macro level, if only the record for appreciation, so no influence on the external social and no value, no meaning.

So, objectively speaking, we found that 122 kinds of laws and regulations has not been restricted, the main distinction lies in the occlusion of shoulder and abdomen.

We might as well will be problem specific, end shoulder and abdomen can be exposed, and these two problems are clearly at all levels of society have not yet, still need time to let the social orientation continuously show, in order to set the tone.

But in this social problem does not affect the social order, the government should be open and free attitude to public opinion at the same time a fermentation, Yang let the current generally accepted by the public opinion, to prevent social division, conflict. So what is the generally accepted?

The author thinks that the current law is.

We talk about the rule of law, will China into true country under the rule of law, will be in various time. Usage. In this case, the girl not only decent, and did not violate the law, so she gained wide point should be Zanli. I believe people will continue to voice, continue to reach a consensus, solve the conflict of thought.

To our great socialist China to continue to vigorously carry out reform and opening up, with the tolerant attitude, to take fine except the excellent ability of harm, standing on the top of the world!

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