[commentary] female students who killed the wrong dormitory


[commentary] female students who killed the wrong dormitory

[commentary] female students who killed the wrong dormitory

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According to the Anhui Daily reported that in March 15th, a Hefei university campus before the tragedy occurred, a college sophomore girl Wang in the school dormitory toilet birth to a baby boy, the child holding the scissors stabbed to death, and into the suitcase, bring it back to his hometown of Mount Huangshan. The case with Wang Mou surrendered after Wang Mou was exposed in the parents, the police have been involved in the investigation. Female student birth alone, abandoned or kill babies events in these years are not uncommon. In 2016, Shandong female college students' dormitory labor, was found lying dead on the balcony; the same as in 2016, Shaanxi college dormitory twenty days after childbirth, died in 2014; Shenyang female college students toilet birth, the baby in the toilet...... The bloody story behind the refraction is a thought-provoking issue.

Incident hero practices have to say is cruel and crazy, fine, is mainly the lack of oversight, education of school management and legal education. Sophomore in school pregnancy that no one knows, not those with her roommates and classmates stay together morning and night a man found her body change? Or that the students really have so much ability to deceive all people ten months and a point not to be found, the girl was able to give birth to the child in the school dormitory toilet and whether to have a roommate or conceal indulgence? One thing is so big, if no roommate to help her, how is it made? How could hide the ten months? For students love or hearts. If there is no students indulgence and timely reporting of school and how this thing will happen. Also, the school dormitory aunt management is improper, and a pregnant girls are not found? Do not ask what is going on? School teacher is blind or just really don't know how big a school will not persuade girls home children? Thus, the management of the school is how lax, a student a semester to go to class, no one knows it is estimated that many college students now find someone for the class, It is often seen. answer to the phenomenon, the teacher will find guidance for you do not know, monitor hide, so you have is an invisible man, are all "protection" and not to be found, you can jump to any. And protected you make cruelty to kill and why, no one is responsible?

Similar incidents happen again and again, we have to mention the problem of sex education in middle and primary school in our country at present. No one of the reasons for reasonable and appropriate knowledge is the student to make such irrational behavior. Our country is to avoid sexual knowledge, also can not get the support of parents, the child does not understand what is strange, but grew up in it, but a great curiosity is what want to know, want to know, then, know the boys and not give shoulders to bear another person life, which allows girls to choose to drop the kids and even kill children. Reasonably good education to teach a docile child is one of the functions of education, we get the education of knowledge, have higher ideological quality, can make their own things to assume responsibility is our growth. Different from our country, Holland and Amsterdam in children five years old when they were on the knowledge of sex education, but also from the museum, the children will know what is, so, too popular things lost all its appeal, does not have the tantalising gravity. In our country, on the contrary, so of course, the children's education is essential, and this is not more than 10 years or 20 years to complete, different conditions, different cultures, we can not act with undue haste it would become a country like Holland, we need to have a gradual process. Is our life could not go away, but also a means to our descendants, we do not need to think that is hidden invisible people, openly let children understand, reasonable knowledge input to them, let them know how to play the two words, let the girl know the meaning of self-esteem, can avoid a lot of similar events, which requires the power of national education and family education power.

At the same time, we can also found that, in the event, the parties legal consciousness, as the saying goes: "sharenchangming". In the contemporary legal system, murder is a felony! The parties may not understand China's criminal law, or luck, that will not bear legal responsibility. The parties did not understand the universality of the law and justice. Whether you are not a child's mother or father, deliberately to kill or abandonment must bear the corresponding legal responsibility. As an individual comes, the child's life, no one has the right to deprive. In addition to education and legal education, traditional thought has become the tragedy of the initiator of evil. What is the fear that a mother ignored the reverence for life! Unmarried, school children, in the eyes of our traditional morality this is disgusting. One is parents condemned, on the other hand from the public pressure from all sides. Perhaps the fear is the root of this kind of incident. Why are you afraid, because in the traditional ethics under the influence, in the cognition of this is terrible!

We have seen a tragedy, then how to avoid the tragedy? Good family education is a good start. Girls are told to abstinence, boys were told to restrain themselves. Or is the parents of adolescent children is to teach children some knowledge of physiology. In family education, which is a serious lack of, there are a lot of parents because of the concept, or choose to skip a line! This, parents need to be reviewed. Secondly, during the period of school, teachers should always care about is in adolescent students, help them acquire related knowledge. Especially in the labor exporting place, many students are unable to get the left-behind children, the corresponding knowledge from their parents. At the same time, the legal work not only in the community, students should pay attention to the huge population, so as to understand the law. Finally, we should liberate our thoughts, not moral kidnapping is not yet mature young people, with traditional ethics to judge them. In a society ruled by law, the combination of family education and school education, with the heart of tolerance, gentleness, perhaps the tragedy will gradually reduce.

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[commentary] female students who killed the wrong dormitory