Classmate friends rub rub eat drink nocturnal cited suspected a check was actually online.


Classmate friends rub rub eat drink nocturnal cited suspected a check was actually online.

Original title: old friend rub rub eat drink nocturnal cited suspected a check was actually online.

Changjiang Daily financial media August 9th news (reporter Wei Na correspondent Li Yusheng He Pei) and to find work in Wuhan under the banner of staying in school friends home, frequent nocturnal, consecutive days rub rub eat drink suspected of causing the homeowner alarm. The police to check the Internet, unexpectedly pull a suspicion of illegal detention fugitives online.

In August 8th 11, the new East Branch of public security checkpoints Chapeng received a strange alarm, alarm anonymous reflect: their homes two strange men, has refused to leave the police for help.

Fang Kai police immediately rushed to the scene, police department of housing owners, more than 60 year old Nie, he said, my son back to the two strange men in 1, lives in a small room, on weekdays, two people claimed nocturnal, go out looking for work, but for more than a week later, they have no job and rub rub eat and drink old dad angry about their whereabouts not suspicious, so the police for help.

The police opened the small room two people usually live in bed, I saw the house two men sleep a lie. Lying in bed playing with the man saw the police in a mobile phone, mobile phone immediately put zhuangshui, this "guilty" performance immediately attracted police Fangkai alert, let two people got up and began to ask.

Two per capita from Zhongxiang to Wuhan to find a job, the original sleeping man surnamed Wei, and son of university classmate homeowners. Wie initiative the ID card and handed it to the police check, while another zhuangshui man hesitated, surnamed Wang, did not carry identity cards. The police Fangkai increasingly feel that there is a problem, how could not find work with ID card, this is obviously to avoid what.

The police will pay attention to his baggage to carry on the search, in the bag and turned to an ID card, photo and in front of the man, but the identity of the name is "Zengmou", the police in the police pass input ID number query, the system immediately alarm, display "net fled officers".

The original name of the name of the false man, in June 6, 2017 on suspicion of illegal detention of a person suspected of the case, other personnel have been sent to Zengmou, the Public Security Bureau of Wuhan City Water Bureau Wang Hong Kong police station has been listed as online fugitives. The police pressed Fang Kai under Zengmou confessed to their crime.

At present, wie has been advised the police to go home, have a suspicion of illegal detention was handed over to the new East branch water branch.