Men's online learning how to steal technology lurking 3 months about 500000 looted property


Men's online learning how to steal technology lurking 3 months about 500000 looted property

3 months is latent, tracker, and candid man instrument, topographic mapping and monitoring map, don't think what he is doing good, he is a "expert" thief. In a minute Dangyang villa, lock, looted about 500000 yuan of property, in accordance with the escape plan in advance carefully hiding the sea. Police from Xiangyang, Suizhou and Wuhan, travel thousands of miles, finally the thief arrested in disguise, in a hidden vault, not only seized more than 45 yuan, 8 of the 7 stolen goods, more investigation science books and notes. Even the Dodger skills, eventually escape the law.

Men's online learning how to steal technology lurking 3 months about 500000 looted property
Figure 1: the police is counting the stolen goodsMen's online learning how to steal technology lurking 3 months about 500000 looted property
Figure two: the suspect do reading notes correspondent Huang Heping photo

Villa theft losses 500 thousand

June 30th morning 8 am, Dangyang urban a villa, the Liu family's nanny open as usual cleaning, also did not insert key nanny to detect abnormal, the door is not locked, the house is a mess. Master the storage of a large number of goods in the home, the nanny not neglect, immediately notify the owner.

Mr. Liu drove 15 kilometers to go home, not only found the doors and windows are broken, bedroom safes were broken, a large amount of cash, gold and silver jewelry, luxury watches and other looted, loss of more than 500 thousand yuan, Mr. Liu quickly dialed 110.

Dangyang city public security bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police rushed to the scene, after investigation, the scene unusually clean, the suspect after committing the crime, and even took a few times the floor, the police did not find any valuable clues and traces.

Major case, bad social impact, Dangyang police attention, Dangyang city public security bureau deputy mayor, deputy director Wang Quansheng assigned the command set up a class to start detective.

The wilderness tent cloven hoof

Adjusting community monitoring, police found the suspect is a hooded man, because the occluded face, cue was interrupted. Special class police after a lot of investigations, to obtain a breakthrough clue, a man who lived next door in the villa villa stolen before the incident, the owners are thought to be the home to the distant relatives, did not care.

With this clue, body features, ratio of the masked man police judge, this "distant relatives" is suspect. After tracking the man finally found the video, before the incident, was in a suburban wasteland tent Dangyang settled, after careful investigation, the police finally extract valuable evidence, the identity of the suspect was found.

The suspect Wang Liancheng, 44 years old, Suizhou people. But the cunning he had hidden in the vast sea of humanity after the crime. In order to solve the case as soon as possible, civilian police to the scene as the center, visited nearly a thousand people, Mopai range as far as Xiangyang, Suizhou, Wuhan, Henan and other places, travel ten thousand miles, finally find out the rules of his activities, but because Wang Liancheng very strong sense of anti detection, several manhunt failed.

A thief in disguise investigation in Suizhou

Special police undaunted, repeatedly judged, timely adjustment of the hunt program. Hard work pays off, after up to 10 of Yu Tian's track, the police finally mastered Wang Liancheng returned clues.

In August 29th 4, investigators rushed to the Suizhou County town with grass gongs village, the use of local land is on the whole project opportunities, police posing as staff, from door to door measurement of arable land, 3 days later, finally obtained an important clue, Wang Liancheng really has to go home, but in order to avoid arrest, travel for long periods of time he is playing cards, relatives at the next town.

Investigators rushed to the scene, after a preliminary investigation, according to Wang Liancheng relatives of the surrounding environment and terrain topographic map, four Bingfen road to the house door, the back door and the left and right channel Dunshou surveillance. August 1st at 12 pm, with the order of the commander, the Suizhou police, the police rushed into the room door from the houses. But this time, Wang Liancheng was sitting at the table gambling, after seeing the police haven't been be taken by surprise, against the control, in the afternoon, Wang Liancheng was safely escorted back to dangyang.

Study of criminology drawing theft

In the face of overwhelming evidence, cunning Wang Liancheng finally bow. According to his account, police rushed to Suizhou, after his father home computer under the table a small box, find the hidden safe, illicit money confiscated stolen, totaling more than 45 yuan, also found a large number of high-tech tools, including watches, candid camera telescope, a full set of tools for unlocking, even "criminal investigation" and other anti reconnaissance books, there are detailed notes he did.

Wang Liancheng "hard" spirit, so that the presence of the police. According to his account, he only rich home theft, for every, he will take a long time to check out the location, the theft of the Liu family, Wang Liancheng ahead of the Capitol for more than 3 months time, with the camera under the surrounding environment, access to the vehicle, topographic maps at home monitoring distribution map. To find out the main activities of the people, and then carefully camouflaged battle, hence the monitoring of calm "male headgear".

In order to avoid being seized, he used the vehicle is stolen motorcycle, before committing the crime, has developed a perfect escape plan.

Talking about his crime means, Wang Liancheng confident, that does not have its own unopenable lock, any precision safe, he can fix in half an hour. In order to improve the skills, he even long-term online Baishixueyi, keep pace with the times, however even if he learns the Dodger skills, still could not escape the net of justice.

At present, Wang Liancheng has been Dangyang police criminal detention, the case is still digging.

The wages of sin is death. For Wang Mou will be severely punished by law.

The story is sad

The 44 year old Wang Liancheng, after graduating from junior high school to work in Zhejiang. Young, soon provoke a lawsuit, the other minor injuries caused by beatings, was sentenced to six months. Although released after marriage, but he still felt life not far away. In 2010, Wang Liancheng and cellmate together with theft, in Yiling District, a theft of more than 30, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for 6 months.

In 2015, Wang Liancheng from prison, had also thought of a normal life, but the restaurant a few million loss, he eventually again.

This time he made full preparations, has purchased the "criminal investigation theory", "crime psychology" and other books, study hard and do a few thick notebook, to enhance their anti reconnaissance capability; at the same time, devoted to the study of unlock technology, buy tracker, telescope, headgear, tents and other tools for the implementation of the crime to do the foot of the homework".

Then, he fled to Hubei, Zhejiang, Henan and other places of crime, little missed. Wang Liancheng never use mobile phone, ID card, not to stay in a hotel hotel, with food, tents and sleeping in the wilderness, burglary crime skill, careful planning, it is "come and go without a trace," the scene almost did not leave any clues, seems to have become the "expert" talent "". (except the police, the names are a pseudonym)

The "trick" anti thief burglary

Wang Liancheng's art theft is surprising, as a wake-up call to all people, police investigators for you to summarize 6 methods, the prevention of burglary.

1, residents in the rest, especially at night before going to bed to check the door and the window is closed, the door is in good condition; 2, the courtyard buildings and help each other to form a neighborhood, found a stranger ask the report in a timely manner; room appearance should not be exposed, recommended to install anti-theft door anti-theft window, and reinforcement. The best conditions permit installation of alarm.

3, for small valuables such as cameras, gold and silver jewelry to dispersed. Home do not store large amounts of cash. Don't be passbook, securities and identity cards, account of this, put a seal of equal; 4, automatic door delivery, water supply, maintenance personnel, to find out the exact identity, and educate their children not to easily open the door to strangers.

5 evening, a short time the whole family when they go out, the best light a lamp or turn on the radio, so that criminals is difficult to judge whether someone is in;

6, the establishment of the "green line". In order to prevent thieves take advantage of people sleeping on the occasion to climb the balcony burglary, can be placed in the pot flat balcony guardrail, the thief insurmountable.