The other girl's anger Cosplay Boyle: education pay more tax tax, not even the culture


The other girl's anger Cosplay Boyle: education pay more tax tax, not even the culture

The other girl's anger Cosplay Boyle: education pay more tax tax, not even the culture

Beijing Metro Line 10, "aunt" and a tinkling se. Because the girl playing cosplay, put his granddaughter home do the homework questions to Cosplay girl. Your anger and full energy, his past "aunt" has no difference. Fortunately, the new generation is indeed better, is your Cosplay girl did not return to your whole, be polite, finally get off.

On the cultivation of aunt groups is tax, the largest contribution to the group of people. For the funeral of them and has become a vulgar, vulgar the most representative of the time. Of course, those with unreasonable demands we refer to here "aunt" refers to the frenzied generation. There is a good aunt, aunt was drowned out the bad. So, this title is aunt to be stigmatized, and even become a common sense of life.

Yes, education pay more tax, tax culture is also difficult to save. This is just a thought through the imprint of the times, but if the cultural cognition can not keep up, also seems to be a kind of comprehensive. There is a lot of criticism for the voice of aunt, firepower concentrated in the education level". The cultural cognition of aunt, there is little attention to public opinion.

If education is only a superficial loss of reflection, about the cultural cognitive misjudgment is a deep-rooted consumer. Do not know Cosplay is not shameful, shameful is also not understand judgment. The causal relationship between random matching, further shows that there is a funeral called logical confusion.

Aunt is really a strange species, others can not see well, also can not see others bad. Good will be jealous of hate, poor will be cold shouldered. In short, want to find a balance in the context, aunt of the universe basically impossible. As "my former life in Zi Jun's mother Xue Zhenzhu. Has been looking for a millionaire, always looking for a lifetime The bachelor, said the most is "divorce", in the end did not get good result, I am very sad.

Over a long period of time, for Aunt criticism there is a hit, always think of their loss, is a special time for blessing. But slowly, thinking, suffering is not getting more detail? Why to aunt who has become entangled and become aggravated blame? Frankly, there is no culture and no common sense caused by. Don't avoid in aunt, go to church, and the temple is not equal to have faith; health programs are not necessarily seen long; want to have a good life, cultural tax is the mend.

No culture really terrible, can make a lot of tiaodashen, can not make a shameful blush, can draw a correct conclusion on the wrong things. In short, as long as no culture, behoove can rogue, regardless of right and proper, aunt is so optimistic, even if the world hate them.

In their world, never limit the concept of. Don't understand the field, they can also look like the very deep; starch do health care products, they can get a myth effect; pseudo science hearsay, they can engage in universal values. All of this, they think it is "uneducated" capital. To tell the truth, these are no culture conditions, but their own do not know, do not want to know.

Of course, or social progress. Cosplay did not return to the other girl, at least it is proved that the new generation did not collapse. She didn't know aunt and aunt culture, so there is no debate what. Simply tell Aunt Cosplay is not what great scourges, now is not, and will not.

The past is the projection of secular culture, should be washed. The real is not the vulgar bare sexy and inner torment and outlandish costume material, narrow cognition level is really bad. Low IQ and no culture since it is not what good things, why our opinion is over and over again to pity and sympathy, this is why?

Aware of their idiot than do not know they are good for some idiot. Advise those of the aunt who lost, please know oneself is idiot to start, then gradually clear, finally from the idiot abyss. Of course, this process is subject to tax exemption, even today, and tomorrow is waiting, will not escape.