Chengdu will use satellite remote sensing UAV, thorough investigation of illegal occupation of green behavior


Chengdu will use satellite remote sensing UAV, thorough investigation of illegal occupation of green behavior

Chengdu full search news network (reporter Guo Ying) March 1st reportChengdu full search news network reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Planning Bureau, from now until May, Chengdu will carry out the city center city main road and garden in illegal construction management, comprehensive clean-up and remediation of illegal construction behavior of the green occupation. Special action of thorough investigation, comprehensive management, assessment and acceptance of three stages.

Multi sectoral Joint Coordination Center renovation of urban green space construction

City Park and greenbelt system construction is a concrete manifestation of ecological civilization construction in the management of city planning, is an important part of the city's ecological environment, plays an important role in shaping the landscape of the city, improve the city quality, adjust the city ecological environment etc.. A city in the green like a green mosaic in the city of Pearl ", it undertakes to improve the city's ecological environment, adjusting the city microclimate mission. Can purify the air, water, and can absorb the city noise, humidity control, air control, ventilation and wind, or the ideal space of city residents daily leisure and recreation, social interaction, community culture and education is beneficial for the air defense base garden.

It is understood that the special action relates to the Xingyi high tech Zone West New Sheng Community Cultural Plaza, zhujiagou along green street, Jinjiang District Xincheng garden, Singapore River culture and Sports Square, Qingyang District Shuangqing Xiang corridor water thoroughly, Luyuan street along the river river protection green, Jinniu District chadianzi wulidun street small garden, Olin spring Plaza, North Wuhou District Bridge Street in a small garden, two clusters of Small Garden Lane Avenue turn, Chenghua District Tower Road Shahe Park, granite and other 305 smoke attack Broadbus community of small garden and Green Street, road and river greenbelt, sports park, cultural square and other places.

In order to make the special operations smoothly, Chengdu City Planning Bureau will strengthen with the Municipal Construction Committee, municipal forestry bureau of parks, the city management committee, municipal transportation, City Land Bureau, Municipal Bureau of linkage and coordination between other municipal departments, and further strengthen the high-tech zone, Wucheng District government local government enhance cohesion the illegal construction of governance, improve the city, District, street three linkage mechanism, the central city urban green space as the key area of new illegal construction supervision, to promote the city green regulatory normalization.

Assist in high-tech satellite remote sensing UAV technology will be applied to the investigation

For the special treatment of power to carry out the work, the City Planning Bureau will introduce advanced satellite remote sensing technology, the use of satellite remote sensing images superimposed on the extraction method, construction condition changes the spot, aided by green found illegal construction; track illegal construction governance progress by UAV multi batch capture panoramic images and other ways, and checks the regulation effect of green space, to ensure landscape greening, recreation, interaction, cultural and educational function of the normal operation of the city green city, to ensure the integrity of city green space system, implement the return accounted for also green goals, do still green to the people, but also the king in china.

Through the "Chengdu city planning and management of digital platform can clearly see, no matter how small the indistinct structures or buildings are in full view of the latest high-resolution satellite images, combined with the" superposition regulatory data ", the green building can not escape the spot more facts of illegal misappropriation of public interest. Even over the years through changes in satellite image spots, basically can determine the violations occurred at a time. The UAV aerial is on satellite remote sensing image is more accurate, it is equipped with high-definition digital cameras, wireless video surveillance system, the infrared instrument stable aerial auxiliary equipment, can achieve high altitude hover, 360 degree rotation, pitching 180 degree high difficulty of shooting, panoramic image acquisition clearly reflect the full details of city green space or the illegal construction projects, the city green space to realize the monitoring and protection of the dead.

In addition, the Chengdu Municipal Planning Bureau has the masses hotline and complaints window is set up in the "Chengdu planning public platform". I hope the general public to take action and to guard the ecological environment in our city!

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