Get through the traffic microcirculation in Chengdu will use 5 years to upgrade 100 small blocks


Get through the traffic microcirculation in Chengdu will use 5 years to upgrade 100 small blocks

Original title: open up the traffic microcirculation in Chengdu will use 5 years to upgrade 100 small blocks

City Hall is expected to start construction in October this year; completed 100 small block upgrade in 5 years. This is the Municipal Construction Committee yesterday in Chengdu radio program "face to face" revealed.

City Hall why the location of a loop

Expected in October this year, city hall will start construction in August 2018, the people of Chengdu can be heard; first concert here.

Why should the location of a loop? The responsible person said, in the early demonstration, there is a view that should be selected in the District, with large buildings should be developed to promote the new district. "We are now in a side of the road, the main reason is that several aspects of the first, a music hall in the old city is an important measure to improve the city function, improve the quality of the city. Another reason for choosing in this position, because we have to rely on the development of School of music to the music hall. Depending on the music hall and the school of music, we are around the planning and construction of a music workshop, this music is a ring music college music industry gathering area, currently being developed to implement programs of music blocks. The future, in the music industry gathering area, can music property transactions, music production and derived related projects, the formation of the industrial chain."

The city sports center will gain more than 10000 seats

In addition to cultural facilities, sports facilities in our city will also have big - City Sports Center is located in the sub door after the planned renovation, is expected to be completed in August 2018; after the transformation here will increase more than 10000 spectator, a comprehensive function of sports facilities, not only meet the competition requirements, also meet the requirements of large-scale entertainment. At the same time in the new area, will build a can meet the international events of the Olympic Sports Center, is currently the site planning work.

With 5 years to upgrade 100 small blocks

The day before it was put forward to open the cell walls, let residential roads become public roads, municipal construction committee official said, it must be in accordance with relevant laws formulated by the state to perform, government or any department is not mandatory on residential property.

"In the past, keen to engage in the road, wide roads and small circle road area has been ignored. Now to solve this problem, is the need of a reality. Now for public projects, such as shopping malls, offices, colleges and universities, we introduced policies to encourage, encourage them to open the road, open up traffic microcirculation." The responsible person said.

According to the regulation of landing small blocks of work, the responsible person said that the plan has, according to the relevant regulations of the index of small blocks, delimit 100 blocks in the center of the city, through 5 years of time, to complete its improve; through this initiative, the implementation of urban organic renewal. From the beginning of this year, gradually start. The 100 small blocks mainly from three aspects: one is to improve the implementation of improving the carrying rate of the traffic in the city, mainly to increase the road resource rich city road capillaries, namely we often say "open city blocks within the microcirculation, alleviate traffic pressure on the city. The second aspect is to improve the comprehensive functions of the city, with small blocks as the carrier, the nearest set of public facilities of the city, so that to improve the city's comprehensive service functions. The third is to improve the quality of the livable city, mainly to increase the number of open space, and improve infrastructure standards, for example we want to follow the sponge city standards for pavement construction." The responsible person said.

Newspaper reporter Yuan Hong