Chengdu will enable the Sichuan G license plate Chengdu car dealers have said!


Chengdu will enable the Sichuan G license plate Chengdu car dealers have said!

Recently, Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau has approved Sichuan, Chengdu agreed to enable Sichuan G licensing authority code, then, the motor vehicle license plate Chuan G licensing authority and the national unified code selection system also enabled.

Sichuan G plate and A plate Sichuan belong to Chengdu Province, its registration, traffic management, relevant taxes and Sichuan A license agreement, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and provincial executive.

In the past five years, the small car in Chengdu city with an average annual growth rate of more than 43 vehicles, the average annual growth rate remained at around 17%

By the end of July 2017, the small car ownership reached 4 million 320 thousand units, ranking second in the country, small-scale automobile enabled the rate of use has reached the opening of the new licensing authority code requirements. (the original title was "heavy! Chengdu will enable the Sichuan G license plate! ")

Chengdu will enable the Sichuan G license plate Chengdu car dealers have said!

Why is Chengdu with two plate

Chengdu has about 4000000 cars, the country's population of second, this is not enough for Sichuan A? To limit the rhythm?

The A is not enough, can be AA, AB, AC in this row down sai! The 26 English letters except I and O can not be used, the two digital and too much like! License plate number can be up to 2 English letters. The first is the pure digital license plate, from 00000 to 99999, a total of 100 thousand plates; 1 English letters + digital license plate, 24* C (5, 1) * 10*10*10*10=120 000 license plate; 2 English letters + digital license plate, 24*24* C (5, 2) * 10*10*10=576 000 license plate, the three arrangement can the 7 million 60 thousand license plate.

Chengdu will enable the Sichuan G license plate Chengdu car dealers have said!

The reason why you want to enable Sichuan G

May be a lot with 4 nobody wants?

Tianfu new area?

In case of new energy vehicles?

Is not like Shanghai? Shanghai C cannot enter the ring.

This is not to know! Anyway, a city with several national license or some.

The small series in the online search, really have some domestic city with two or more plates in the city. For example:

Qingdao: Yantai: Lu B Lu U Lu F Lu Y Lu G Lu V, Weifang: Nanchang: Jiangxi A, Jiangxi Anhui, Anhui M Hefei: A Q (including Anhui Q for license plate Chaohu, Lujiang County under Hefei's Harbin): Black A, black L, black R (black L license plate the original Songhua River area, black R reclamation system license plate, the province has) Foshan: Guangdong E (Chancheng District, Sanshui District, Gaoming District), Guangdong X (Shunde District), Guangdong Y (Nanhai)

It can be seen that a city more plate because of the combined city's sake, the original two plates are not the same, then after the merger, no license plate merger, continue to survive.

So, what Chengdu's move? We do not know, can only wait for the official publication of the results. But Sichuan car dealers had this to say!

Yang Zhixuan, general manager of BYD Chengdu blue ocean

If the new license plate into Sichuan G, it will boost sales. After all, Sichuan A so long, herd mentality still affect many consumers do not want to use the Sichuan G license, will hurry to buy a car first on a Sichuan A license plate.

Effect of new energy vehicles is not limited by the line, so we store from the recent situation, although the decline in car fuel, but the DM song, Tang 80 degree of concern are very high, into the store to see the car and asked many consumers.

Chengdu is one of the third batch of 5 new energy vehicle pilot city, Mianyang also in the implementation of green new energy plate pilot. With the popularization of new energy in the whole Sichuan and the promotion of new energy vehicles, the future is our sales main models.

Wu Yingbin, general manager of Lexus.

Although Chengdu city to enable the Sichuan G license is just the network transmission stage, but this and expand the limit line area, the Chengdu will not purchase, and car ownership problem, would not rely on the purchase of across the board to solve the ruling mode of government in transition, which is also the embodiment of procedural justice.

The license plate number to distinguish A and G with Sichuan Sichuan, this is for the expansion, after all Sichuan A for so many years, combinations available is not much. But the Internet to Sichuan G and Shanghai C were compared, Sichuan suspected G cannot enter the main urban areas like to say, it's a conspiracy theory.

The limit line, can be like after the government issued advice, equally extended to inside the beltway. If the licence to distinguish the limit line area, it is not the city atmosphere.

Chen Shiyong, general manager of Chengdu AON car

Some people see the official documents? Welcome to share a. The network map, the file is not red head, first I doubt its authenticity, it would not be a rumor?

Secondly, if it is true. So before the government has just published the limit line expanded to ring in the draft, followed is enabled plate Chuan G news, then this is not supporting the program? As the network transmission really, with Shanghai C, Sichuan G can only be used in the ring? Then the dealer, to a certain extent to stimulate and promote sales role. After all, Sichuan A license plate out of town or more convenient.

Zhao Chendi Chengdu Rui Chery chairman and general manager

Although the network transmission, but also enable Sichuan G may be true.

Chengdu City, along with the increasing of cars, all kinds of Sichuan A plate already from the pure digital to an alphanumeric, double letters now clamp the permutations and combinations of numbers. You need to enable G Sichuan, Sichuan that paragraph A, soon to be exhausted.

Enable Sichuan G, contains the following meanings. First of all, Chengdu as China private car second city worthy of the name. Because the Sichuan A number has reached a peak, you must enable the new section.

Second, Chengdu city vehicle capacity will be in accordance with the large number of amplification. Enable a new paragraph, according to Sichuan A arrangement, the Chengdu car ownership in the future can be doubled again. This for our dealers, and a new sales space.

Sichuan is third, G will become one of the special regional problem. For example, Chongqing C is Yongchuan, in the suburbs of Chongqing; Shanghai C is a suburb of Shanghai license, but this is the government planning problem.

In short, the opening of the new plate that Chengdu does not purchase, the dealer sales more space.