The high occurrence of major accidents in critical moment can help you do this!


The high occurrence of major accidents in critical moment can help you do this!

23:34 on August 10th Xu, the Shaanxi section of high-speed traffic accident has caused 36 deaths and 13 injured.

According to a preliminary understanding of the accident vehicle Henan operation of a passenger car, from Chengdu to Luoyang, in the Western Han Dynasty via high-speed Qinling Mountains tunnel, due to hit the wall of the tunnel accident, the accident caused 36 deaths, 13 people were injured, the injured have been rushed to the hospital.

The high occurrence of major accidents in critical moment can help you do this!

How to deal with when we encounter a traffic accident?

First, from the aspects of do the following six points:

First, stop immediately

Must immediately stop the vehicle traffic accidents. After parking required to tighten the hand brake, cut off the power, turn on the hazard lights, such as the night of the accident also show wide lights, tail lights. When the accident happened on the highway should be in the car in accordance with the provisions set warning signs.

Two, timely report

The parties after the accident will be timely when and where the accident happened, the vehicle and the casualties. Call or entrust passing vehicles and pedestrians to the nearby police or traffic police on duty in the report, cannot leave the scene of the accident when the police arrived, not allowed to failing to report. At the same time the alarm is also available to the nearby medical unit, the emergency center for help, help. If a fire scene, should also report to the fire department. "Traffic accident alarm", "emergency center", "fire alarm" unified call numbers are "122", "120", "119". Should the parties get a clear answer compound can hang up, and immediately returned to the scene, waiting for rescue and informed contact investigation and treatment etc..

Three, protect the scene

The original state to protect the site, including vehicles, personnel, livestock and left traces of debris, not free to move. The parties can use ropes and set protection warning line before the traffic police arrived, to prevent unauthorized personnel and vehicles to enter the site, to avoid suffering from man-made or natural damage conditions. To rescue the injured, the vehicle must move the scene, the injured, should mark in its original location, not vandalism, forgery scene.

The high occurrence of major accidents in critical moment can help you do this!

Four, to rescue the injured.

The parties confirm the victim's injury, to take urgent measures to rescue, should do its utmost to rescue, including hemostasis, bandaging, fixing, handling and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. And try to send the nearest hospital emergency treatment, in addition to not injured or have minor injuries I refused to go to the hospital diagnosis, can generally be stopped passing vehicles or take notice of the emergency department, the hospital sent an ambulance to the rescue. For goods and money the victim littered the scene should be kept properly, pay attention to security visit grab. In may fire and explosion danger, should take timely measures to eliminate.

Five, do the prevention of fire and explosion

The accident party should do the prevention of fire and explosion, should first turn off the engine of the vehicle, the other may cause fire hazard elimination. The scene of the accident to prevent smoking, ignite leaking fuel. Carrying dangerous goods vehicle accidents, hazardous liquid, gas leak, chemical properties in a timely manner to dangerous goods, such as whether the toxic, flammable, corrosive and loading, leakage and so notify the police and fire personnel, in order to take preventive measures.

Six, to assist the scene investigation and evidence collection

In the traffic police investigation and investigation, the parties must truthfully to the occurrence of public security traffic management departments stated the traffic accident, traffic accident shall not conceal the real situation, should actively assist the traffic police to deal with the situation, and the traffic police department for processing.

The high occurrence of major accidents in critical moment can help you do this!

When we as passengers, how to grasp certain fire self-help knowledge?

The high occurrence of major accidents in critical moment can help you do this!

The appearance of the car is convenient for people to travel great, modern life already cannot do without a car. At the same time, the accident is killed in an instant. How to avoid the traffic accident casualties, more and more attention by the people. Wenzhou has introduced some fire accident self knowledge.

After the accident, can use Zhuixin sharp objects, fire extinguishers and other equipment, smashed glass from the window to escape. Not too much damage situation, can use the feet to pedal pedal window glass broken, after the escape from the window.

As was stuck in the car can not come out, must be timely alarm with mobile phone, explain the general situation and the location of the accident, the vehicle injuries. At this time, if the car has some rescue equipment, will play a big role.

At the same time, it is best to prepare a life-saving flashlight in the car accident, then put on the roof can have a warning, and lighting effect. At the same time in the process of the accident, can break the glass to glass percussion escape cone heart hammer body, and at the same time can be quickly cut off the safety belt. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, the car can be equipped with a fire extinguisher, for initial fire fighting. At the same time carry mobile phone, do not put in too far, put in the bag or coat a bag inside, at any time to prepare for the alarm.

So, people can take timely and effective self-help measures after the accident, will greatly reduce casualties.