When the car in the car before the sudden death of sudden death five signs should pay attention to


When the car in the car before the sudden death of sudden death five signs should pay attention to

The afternoon of August 6th, a female student in Hefei New Asia Jiajiao driving training, because of physical discomfort can not timely medical treatment, died. Yang Yunzhen learned that her daughter was killed in the accident driving after the news, rushed to the scene to cry.

When the car in the car before the sudden death of sudden death five signs should pay attention to

It is understood that Yang Yunzhen's daughter named Ma Lulu, 22 years old this year, is still on the third. The afternoon of August 6th, Ma Lulu came to school, carried out two training courses.

According to Ma Lulu's uncle Yang Yongjin, Ma lulu in the car shortly after the coach told his physical discomfort. But in the same car coach, did not make any treatment measures. Then another female classmate Ma Lulu request driving school helped her classmates and family.

Yang Yongjin: 4:20 here is alive and kicking in, then 4:50 when a bit in the car, will help her sister and her friends. If 120 or to the hospital, do not have this thing. She is sick, she was driving a female classmate, with her help her mobile phone call.

Monitoring the video driving the scene showed the day around 5:10 in the afternoon, Ma Lulu's classmate Guo Zongtao to take a taxi to school, and then opened the coach car door, Ma Lulu will hold out. Another female students wearing yellow clothes, on one side help. Surprisingly, in the coach car driver's seat on the coach, but it has not get off. Ma Lulu was the students from the coach car transfer to the taxi in the hands, has been in a coma.

Guo Zongtao: I see a man sitting in the back of a car has been very weak. I haven't seen driving a coach at the time, or the relevant departments of the people beside her to take care of her, but also did not take any emergency measures.

For the training of the students appear so obvious symptoms of syncope, why driving for up to 20 minutes of time, no?

Guo Zongtao: a little girl is very lively suddenly like this, I think it is too late to go to school. If the 120 words, or open a car, driving the car so much right, direct drive hospital can avoid this situation.

For the question of the Ma Lulu family and students, has been the New Asia Jiajiao did not give a formal reply, but has repeatedly stressed that the local police station investigation results come out again.

Driving charge: I do not accept the interview. The police station was not qualitative down and I don't accept the interview ok. The police station came out, how do we deal with how to deal with.

When the car in the car before the sudden death of sudden death five signs should pay attention to

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In fact, the sign of the onset of sudden death is not much, especially there are signs of specific and valuable. Because of this, prone to sudden death in young people. Most of the young people that their physical fitness is good, not too concerned about the health of a little uncomfortable feeling, usually not immediate medical attention, and once the malignant etiology, tend to be caught off guard.

1, signs of pain

In comparison, is the sign of the onset of sudden pain reaction, most likely to be the signal we seize and perception. When the chest is violent, tightening, crushing pain, and feel the ground, we must be vigilant.

2, the underlying cause of symptoms

In addition to the pain, but also may lead to potential causes of sudden death alert. For example, if there is a history of thrombosis. For example, a fracture patient, he was in a period of time is limited movement, so he is prone to venous thrombosis and venous thrombosis may occur once the fall, pulmonary infarction.

3, the obvious signs of shortness of breath, cyanosis, cyanotic lips, blood oxygen decreased

If the nature of the work is sedentary or long standing, blood circulation is not good, when the onset of the disease, in addition to pain, shortness of breath, if there are obvious cyanosis, cyanotic lips, blood loss and so on, will be highly suspected pulmonary embolism.

4, the signs of severe high blood pressure

For patients with aortic dissection is a sign of the onset of severe pain and elevated blood pressure in patients with severe pain at the same time.

5, chest pain symptoms

As we all know, angina and myocardial infarction are included in the inside of the highest death rate of coronary heart disease, coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease showed typical chest pain, generally occurs in the sternum rear, the boundary is not clear, it will be appropriate to a large area (with palm area, or almost) is not clear in the end what pain is mainly dull feeling. Angina after taking a few minutes to ten minutes will ease the symptoms. While the needle is in pain or tingling feeling often has little relationship with the heart.

When the car in the car before the sudden death of sudden death five signs should pay attention to

How to first aid of sudden death

1, patient position

The patient supine, the back cushion and a board, neck lift, neck slightly back, prompting the airway.

2, the performer of action

The performer with a fist, sternal lower segment patients, one or two short powerful percussion. If no response was repeated one or two times, by knocking back, often terminating ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, sinus rhythm. If it is not to do next step.

3, full compressions

Do all compressions immediately, the left palm in patients with sternal 1/3, right hand on the top, with 100 times per minute, moderate, repeated pressing, the degree of activity of thoracic 3-4 cm, intracardiac residual oxygenated blood quickly into the thoracic artery to make cerebral blood flow, in return help, and ventilation. The pressing force should be uniform, soft, too hard, easy to cause fracture of the sternum, ribs, pneumothorax, hemothorax, hemopericardium, bone marrow embolism, visceral rupture and other complications. If no response, and handle the next step.

4, artificial mouth to mouth breathing

A hand pinch the nostrils, open the jaw, mouth opening, after sniffing on patients with oral tightly closed, gas blowing in patients with oral, 16-18 times per minute, repeated (suction, blowing) of. As can be heard with the best breath sound.