Sichuan woman suspected of illegal detention order tracking alarm rescue abandoned takeaway brother


Sichuan woman suspected of illegal detention order tracking alarm rescue abandoned takeaway brother

Sichuan woman suspected of illegal detention order tracking alarm rescue abandoned takeaway brother

Xiao Tang took photos of "kidnapping"

Just because a word

"I had them, but to hear a man say:" you do not listen to kill you ", I felt that there was something wrong."

He slowed down, came to the three people behind the lateral position, slowly followed, and pulled out a mobile phone, took three photos

Xiao Tang has been with the three people behind me in the distance, eventually came to a kilometer outside an old district. A few people upstairs, he quickly called the police

The afternoon of July 23rd, the 27 year old Dujiangyan go by small down in the road caught a suspected kidnapping case, two men will be a young woman stands in the middle, in the process from time to time with words to stress. Small Tang Ma took out mobile phone to take photos as evidence, and the way to follow, in determining the resting place, the police to the police. Finally, the police in the small Tang report found a foothold from "kidnapping" Mike woman, while still in the field control of 7 related suspects.

Photo evidence

6 pm the same day, Tang was riding the electric car to go to the business to take meal, a loop bar passing through the city of Dujiangyan Bai Bridge Road, two men on the bridge sidewalk attracted his attention. "At that time, there are two men with an umbrella, two people stand between a young girl. "I had them, but to hear a man say:" you do not listen to kill you ", I felt that there was something wrong." Xiao Tang, then he slowed down, came behind the lateral position of three people, slowly followed in the rear, and pulled out a mobile phone, took three photos. "I think it is certainly a female doll was kidnapped, taking photos as evidence."

A path tracking

Originally at this time, Xiao Tang's mobile phone already has 6 orders need to be processed in accordance with the requirements, must according to the prescribed time to pick up the business, to the guests, but Xiao Tang have not consider the several orders. "It is kidnapped, the girl is dangerous." Xiao Tang decided to follow three people, determine the foothold alarm, to deal with the order.

So, Xiao Tang has been with the three men behind him in the distance, the way forward, finally came to an old district about one kilometer distance bridge, looking at a few people on the floor. Then the police immediately.

Rescue alarm

"There are two men kidnapped a woman, not sure is not dangerous, hurriedly come over......" The phone, Xiao Tang tone of breath. The alarm of South Bridge police station quickly dispatched a two experienced security alarming police to Xiao Tang in the end.

"Rushed to the scene, in fact also did not find the police who described two men and a woman." Deputy director of the police station south hook Rui, but since the police said the so sure and the mood is very excited, should not be false. Then, the sharp hook again arranged three police to the investigation, and made contact with Xiao tang. At this time, have to take meals Xiao Tang also again returned to the scene, the police.

South Bridge police station Wang Huatao introduced in Tang under the guidance of three people identified over the floor, but over the floor live more households, one had to knock on the door, to view the situation from the household survey. A check, finally in one room found two men Xiao Tang in the mouth and the description of the woman. "7 people in the room at the time, the woman with a total of 8 people, in order to stabilize the situation, the woman colleague aside to do a simple inquiry, while seeking police reinforcements, I will speak to them, try to control the situation."

"After the initial inquiry, the 7 men do exist in criminal acts, the woman was indeed in danger." Taiping police station deputy director Zhou Qin introduced, this woman named Li, has been with the 7 person to stay for 4 days, during always want to leave, but was illegally detained 7 people, and even beaten, that evening, Xiao Li is the process in the preparation of forced to escape in two men suffered stress.

Originally, Mike is 18 years old, Bazhong people, go to school in Chengdu, a month ago, the network met one named Zhou Qiang (a pseudonym) male friends. In the chat, Xiao Li said want to find a job, then Zhou Qiang resumed his work in a big company in Dujiangyan, the job can help. The afternoon of July 19th, Mike sat on the EMU from Chengdu to Dujiangyan. "In fact, Zhou Qiang did not work to what to Mike, this is a scam." Zhou Qin, after the police investigation, Zhou Qiang and the others were caught in a gang, a long time in Dujiangyan to help people find work, saying that he is the name of the company to contact with people on the web, "work arrangements guarantee to wait until after the other party must pay several thousand yuan to the". "At that time, Li is not willing to, want to leave, but was refused, the two sides had jiuche, Zhou Qiang and others will be withheld, Li also received a mobile phone, you can't leave without pay."

At present, the 7 suspects have been detained in accordance with the law.

Go by winning 2000 yuan reward act

Although the order did not answer, but little Tang move, get the police reward. "Because we have been set up illegal clues to reward, to encourage such as Xiao Tang similar courageous behavior." Zhou Qin said, "the masses to report crimes clues incentives", the small Tang reward 2000 yuan in cash. In this regard, Xiao Tang said, "actually not what not, just as the individual's ability, after the encounter or will do, though the list did not receive a call, but it can be done." Xiao Tang, after this, his family and the company did not tell, one is "not what not itself", then said "people fear what you so much what." currently, Xiao Tang is still busy in a single way to send.