China tourists of mainland tourists into Africa African summer summer resort"


China tourists of mainland tourists into Africa African summer summer resort"

Taiwan media said, the weather hot to burst, many netizens dubbed simply go to Africa for the summer". This is not a joke, because the north and South Hemisphere seasons are opposite, at present in Africa is the most cool season of the year, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius have become the mainland tourists favorite "summer resort", the crowd is 3 times over the same period last year.

China tourists of mainland tourists into Africa African summer summer resort

According to Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported on August 9th, according to the tourism website, donkey mother 7 days this month, according to the information provided by this year, Africa has become a favorite of mainland tourists outbound tourism destination of "summer". In Africa, the most popular in Mauritius, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia, the tour price is about the same as last year, mostly concentrated in the 1 to 20 thousand yuan, travel more days in 8 days or more, early this month, will be the summer travel peak, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming Xi'an, Wuhan, Wuxi, Nanjing, is the ten most popular travel to non tourists.

According to the World Tourism Organization statistics, 2008 went to non mainland tourists, travel abroad accounted for only 3% of the total number of 2016 rose to 10%, up to 11 million 300 thousand people, and is still at an annual rate of 50% rapid growth.

According to the African media reports, due to visa conditions to relax and open direct flights and other reasons, in 2016 went to Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa the number of mainland tourists to travel to Africa to grow sharply, including travel to Africa to celebrate the graduation, marriage, birthday or holiday, do not feel the same and exotic culture. Especially the mainland tourists purchasing power higher than 40% of European tourists, tourism in Africa, mainland tourists is "heaven cake".

Go to Africa "summer" how the fire

More and more people, the pursuit of personalized quality tour, with many unique experience destinations favored by consumers. Ass mother travel data show that this year's summer tour booking trips to Africa rose nearly 2 times to non tourism enthusiasm rising, 8 months will usher in the peak summer travel.

Among them, the pursuit of a unique travel experience and have a certain economic strength of the aged 25-40 visitors to Africa Tourism's main customer base, this age group accounted for over 7; domestic city, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Xi'an, Nanjing, Wuhan, Wuxi has become the ten most popular tourist destination. Network data show that domestic tourists summer favorite African summer tourist destination in Mauritius, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia; the overall price was essentially flat compared to last year, concentrated in the 1-2 million, the number of trips in more than 8 days.

Donkey mother PR department director Li Qiuyan said, in recent years, in the continued development of non outbound travel market, become the emerging popular destination, partly because many African countries are open to tourists China, have China visa free policy implementation, such as Mauritius, Morocco and Tunisia have China visa, stimulate Chinese tourists travel enthusiasm; on the other hand, Africa has many unique tourism resources, such as the Kenya animal migration in Morocco with "Casablanca" travel, the pursuit of personalized, quality tour of Chinese tourists has great attraction.

Family bookings accounted for 5 "donkey Yue family" popular line

Different from the traditional view is that although the domestic tourism in Africa is far away, one-way flight time was more than 12 hours, but there is still a lot of parents to bring the child to Africa, experience personally on the scene of the animal world. Ass mother travel data show that this summer tourists to Africa, the family accounted for nearly 5, than last year increase of nearly 2.

In many of the travel routes to Africa, to the family, contains a wealth of parenting experience tailored courses, especially by parents welcome. For example, a Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, South Africa, the Sun City 5 nights 8 days depth travel line, can not only experience the creative design of artificial bathing beach, the feeling of collapse of the earthquake Mountains fall and the earth splits. bridge construction, lost city, but also in the seal Island, see only tens of thousands of water seal, penguins play; swim, let the children and South African penguin zero distance contacts book, bursting with popularity.

The reporter learned that, due to the recent domestic hot summer and network events spread, Africa travel accident became popular summer tourist destination, to Kenya, South Africa and other lines most has been sold out, only part of the line in August and the group stage.