Li Wenxing: the latest incident lawyers interpretation, Boss direct hire apology!


Li Wenxing: the latest incident lawyers interpretation, Boss direct hire apology!

Li Wenxing: the latest incident lawyers interpretation, Boss direct hire apology!

At the beginning of August, a half months after fermentation, the murder of Li Wenxing into a pyramid finally reached the peak, caused the attention of the whole society. The harm of marketing activities is well known, but now MLM means more and more concealed, also become the people how to prevent anxiety problems.

Case playback:

1) in July 14th, 23 year old Li Wenxing was lying on a small pool of hundreds of kilometers away in Tianjin District of Jinghai, never to wake up, and behind him, but in the Chinese Internet set off a great disturbance. Because the job encounters "Li Gui", "strayed into MLM organizations debell" Li Wenxing finally died. There are many victims of crime MLM behind, similar to "Li Xing". Today, Li Wenxing Tianjin police have arrested 5 people involved in the case and arrested 9 "debell" MLM organization leader, and launched a special action against illegal pyramid selling.

2) August 8th, Beijing network information office, Tianjin network information office yesterday to carry out joint law enforcement action, BOSS direct hire to release the illegal information, user management major omissions of law problems such as joint interviews directly employed BOSS Corporation, and an administrative law enforcement inspection records, ordered the immediate rectification station network.

3) August 10th, Boss direct hire Li Wenxing drowned the strayed into MLM letter of apology: the expression of the deepest apologies to the Li Wenxing family, users and the public, will assume legal responsibility and implement the rectification requirements.

Li Wenxing: the latest incident lawyers interpretation, Boss direct hire apology!

Dear users and the public:

Any language can not tell our inner sadness and regret. The position of audit management of our work is not ready, let the illegal pyramid develop issued false position, Li Wenxing was lured to join MLM organizations after the unfortunate drowning. We lost her son Li Wenxing's parents felt deep sorrow for his twin sister brother lost deep grief. All of this piercing. At this moment, we to the Li Wenxing family, expressed the deepest apology to the user and the public.

We strongly support the Beijing network information office and Tianjin City Network Information Office in accordance with the law to carry out our joint interviews, resolutely implement the rectification requirements. We thank the Tianjin police to combat illegal pyramid scheme, to quickly identify and seize the decoy join MLM organizations Li Wen Xing Chen suspects. Since we appreciate things happen, and departments at all levels of government leaders to give us strong guidance and support and urge us to find problems, solve the problem. We thank the media and public criticism and lashing put to us. In the majesty of the law and the public under the supervision of the directly employed in the BOSS platform by false recruitment hurt users, we assume the legal and moral responsibility. (the following is directly employed Boss advertising, ellipsis......)

Li Wenxing: the latest incident lawyers interpretation, Boss direct hire apology!

In fact, in recent years, the network is often in the media published XX into MLM Success relief forces, and "" marketing in several domestic -- Guangxi Province, Guizhou Province, Shaanxi city Xi'an, Anhui City, Hefei...... Active of thousands of marketing personnel. They live in the District, the daily reading of code of conduct and discipline, is prohibited in the Every order is executed without fail., local people in the development of offline. After the police arrested MLM gang at a time, but also because of various reasons, most of the members will be released...... The law crackdown Qing had seriously hindered the practical effect of the fight against pyramid schemes.

In the event Li Wenxing let us sad at the same time, also once again attracted the attention of the whole society, urged law to make corresponding improvement. China Youth Network "youth voice" interviewed the deputy director of Beijing lawyer Li Shujun partner, peining. When it comes to MLM why repeated, lawyer Li Shujun made the following observations:

The MLM is rampant, I think that to prevent and combat MLM criminal activities, in the aspect of law should first improve the relevant laws and regulations of the disposal of new type of network marketing, at the same time should be appropriate to reduce the standard of conviction, to improve the cost of illegal offenders. The other is the fight against pyramid schemes is not only the task of public security system, and should become a social system which needs to be with the public security departments of industry and commerce, banking, telecommunications and other departments to follow the situation, innovative regulatory methods.

Check the illegal pyramid selling organization, the country is not only the responsibility of the relevant departments, and is closely related to every citizen. Do you have any doubts about MLM or other aspects of the legal demands, welcome to balance free consultation.