Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou earthquake collapse waterfall summary of the latest casualties


Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou earthquake collapse waterfall summary of the latest casualties

Original title: Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou earthquake collapse waterfall summary of the latest casualties

(Figure) Jiuzhaigou waterfall collapse, summary of the latest casualties in Jiuzhaigou earthquake.

Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou earthquake collapse waterfall summary of the latest casualties

According to the Aba Prefecture of Sichuan province official micro-blog "Chinese ABA release news, Jiuzhaigou County Emergency Management Office and the State Planning Commission report, as of now, Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake has caused 20 deaths, 493 people were injured (45 seriously injured, with 56 people, injured 392 people).

3 pm yesterday, the famous Jiuzhaigou NuoRiLang waterfall collapse. Many users have a message, while saying he has not had time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery of Jiuzhaigou to restore the side blessing.

Is one of the most beautiful NuoRiLang waterfall "waterfall" six China National Geographic magazine's Chinese, located in Sichuan County of Jiuzhaigou province zhangzha town of Jiuzhaigou scenic area, 2365 meters above sea level, the waterfall is 270 meters wide, 24.5 meters high, is one of the large China is the most wide travertine waterfall, China waterfall. CHINO is the Tibetan rilang big meaning, NuoRiLang waterfall means "majestic waterfall". (Note: the water containing calcium travertine is close and exposed to the surface, because the amount of carbon dioxide emission and the formation of calcium carbonate chemical precipitate.)

When it comes to NuoRiLang falls, a professor at Chengdu University of Technology, geological experts Wang Lansheng told reporters that the formation of travertine waterfall is the wonders of nature, and like Jiuzhaigou open NuoRiLang waterfall travertine waterfall, than travertine cave, it is rare. "As far as I know, the general shape of travertine cave Chengdu needs tens of thousands of years, so, like this type of open NuoRiLang waterfall travertine waterfall, you need more time."

Jiuzhaigou falls big fame, there is a reason: many film and television drama has been shot here, the most famous is the CCTV 1986 version of the TV series "journey to the West".

When the song "where" the music sounded, the four holding white horse across the falls from the top of the cliff, this scene firmly engraved in every heart of the audience. Therefore, the Jiuzhaigou NuoRiLang waterfall collapse, immediately triggered many netizens exclaimed.

However, it is necessary to point out that "journey to the west" end screen of the lens is not the NuoRiLang falls, but Jiuzhaigou falls in a waterfall - Pearl Beach waterfall. Yesterday, the reporter also came to see the Pearl Beach waterfall, "journey to the west" in the "Tang four Wade" falls are not affected by the earthquake.


Premier Li Keqiang given instructions to verify the situation, to organize the rescue, to minimize casualties, properly relocated the affected people. Strengthen earthquake monitoring, prevention of secondary disasters.

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui attaches great importance to the first time indicating the local bureau of the CIRC and insurance companies involved in earthquake relief quickly, and actively carry out the survey and claims services. Sichuan Insurance Regulatory Bureau immediately organized emergency command center was established in Sichuan insurance industry emergencies, requires the insurance agencies quickly launched the emergency plan, the implementation of 24 hours on duty system, quickly troubleshoot damage insurance claims; open up Easy Access, simplify the claims process and procedures, in accordance with the "heavy contract, keep promise" "should pay compensation to do the principle of the rapid development of insurance claims service; at the same time, actively cooperate with the government in a timely manner of emergency rescue work, to prevent secondary disasters.

The earthquake occurred within 2 hours, local insurance companies have launched a major emergency plans, contact investigation underwriting customers, open 24 hours of earthquake claim line, multi-channel acceptance report. At present, the insurance agency insurance claims is positive verification.

Reminder: criminals have been found by conscience, defrauding people of money trying to take advantage of the earthquake disaster. Do not believe the information from unknown sources, especially relates to financial information, must be carefully screened, to prevent fraud.