Anti drug police investigators is sick: I captured drug traffickers fun restless


Anti drug police investigators is sick: I captured drug traffickers fun restless

Original title: anti narcotics police capture drug traffickers: handling the sick fun I'm restless

Anti drug police investigators is sick: I captured drug traffickers fun restless

Dong Jiqing and colleagues at the scene of the months of waiting. Xu Xuyong photo

Dong Jiqing, male, born in January 17, 1966 and enlisted in the army in 1985, is now the captain of Drug Control Squadron of narcotics control unit of Hong'an County Public Security Bureau of Huanggang City, Hubei province. Since 1990 to participate in public security work, he has won the individual three two times, two times by the Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau named "outstanding investigators, three times by the Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau as" detection experts"

"More than 4 in the morning to go out, busy for the morning, unfortunately still failed to catch the current."." When he first saw Dong Jiqing, he went to the "Legal Daily" reporter".

Dong Jiqing is the captain of Hong'an County of Hubei Province, Huanggang City Public Security Bureau narcotics narcotics Brigade squadron, from the police for 27 years, and his work is the norm.

Dong Jiqing's own words, he is a man in a hurry, empty down feel bored. 51 year old, he has fought in the forefront of drug control, because the "case" enjoyable".

2009 to participate in drug control work so far, Dong Jiqing directly involved in drug-related criminal cases more than 80, and arrested 91 drug trafficking suspects, cracked drug-related administrative cases more than 700, and seized all kinds of drugs totaling 8000 kilograms.

"Rushing" in the frontline of narcotics control

From the two meter high wall jump, Dong Jiqing found himself into a more than 3 meters deep pit.

In April 2013, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of supervision, "2013-0423" drug trafficking case chief culprit Li fled to Hong'an. The evidence shows that the gang has a manufacturing site in the Chinese town of Hong'an county.

From the Ministry of public security after the announcement, Hong'an police conducted a preliminary investigation found that a drug manufacturing dens hidden in a single family farmhouse, surrounded by empty and a two meter high walls, the day did not close.

LiMou social relations are very complicated, in order to avoid Dong Jiqing's day dress up and act rashly and alert the enemy, riding a motorcycle to take information in the vicinity of the search, the months of waiting for the arrest time at night.

After careful deployment, the police decided to carry out joint arrests at 24 in April 22nd.

According to the action plan, someone needs to go through the drug manufacturing dens and open the iron gate.

"Who's in?"" On the eve of the operation, the combat commander asked.

"Me."!" Dong Jiqing immediately volunteered.

Police understand that, Dong Jiqing's upcoming drug manufacturing dens inside the situation is unknown, drug traffickers are likely to hold weapons, once found, the consequences will be unimaginable.

"Nothing, I have been a soldier, and I am familiar with the previous situation, no one is more suitable than me."." When the commander hesitates, Dong Jiqing applies again.

After receiving the order, Dong Jiqing over the wall into the room, then did not sound.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes...... Time in the past, drug manufacturing dens door has been slowly opened, the police were unaware of the smooth implementation of the arrest of the suspect Li Mou and Chen, the scene seized drugs Maguo "more than 20 kg, 10 kg of semi-finished products, manufacturing machine 1.

"Drug traffickers dug a three meter hole in the wall, the wall when accidentally fell down, spent some time quietly climb out." Dong Jiqing recalled that after the wall is ignorant, took me a while to come to, afraid of being hurt but also found that drug traffickers, dares to speak.

Dong Jiqing said with a smile, this is a case of Hong'an police seized the largest drug, has arrested 11 suspects, "very interesting".

Anti drug police investigators is sick: I captured drug traffickers fun restless

Dong Jiqing on suspicion of possession of the vehicle search. Xu Xuyong photo

Sick capture drug traffickers

Too late to receive treatment, Dong Jiqing right middle finger so far can not bend.

December 10, 2016, the Hong'an County Public Security Bureau drug control brigade police were informed of the investigation, toxic vendors ready to trade drugs in an apartment.

Informed of the situation, Dong Jiqing with the police Chen Hao driving two vehicles, the implementation of drug traffickers tracking, ready to catch the current".

After nearly 4 hours of traffic in the city, the suspect vehicle stopped in a local area and rolled down the window. Later, a drug addict approached the vehicle and completed a drug deal.

Because at that time is in the rush hour, the larger flow of people, Dong and Chen decided to halt the troops and wait.

Subsequently, the drug dealer will see the car out of the residential security barrier, Dong Jiqing aimed at the opportunity to quickly overtake, drug traffickers will stop, Chen Hao quickly followed, blocked the way back. Two people were opened the cab suspect vehicle and the passenger side door and ask for inspection, who knows one of the suspects from the car pulled out a 70 cm long machete straight cut, wrapped around the playing process, Dong finger fracture, Chen hand was chopped.

Finally, the police scene and arrested 3 drug traffickers, seized 9 bags of "ice", "Ma fruit 4, machetes 5, a pair of fake military license, fake a civilian license.

Looking at Chen Haoman hand blood, Dong Jiqing very guilty.

"It's me. I'm in charge. I'm hurt. It doesn't matter, but the young man who followed me out of the way was injured, and I felt like I didn't take good care of him."." Dong Jiqing says.

That night, the case dealt with a fierce battle long time tracking investigation with the suspect, Dong Jiqing lost his coma, fortunately the rescue in a timely manner.

It turned out that Dong Jiqing finished heart bypass surgery in July of that year. Has been eating anticoagulant drug because he, restless, quietly returned to the post against medical advice.

"Second days and busy with the case, third days found that the bigger the more swollen fingers to go to the hospital, said to be broken." "Break and break, no more nimble middle fingers," Dong Jiqing told reporters.

Anti drug police investigators is sick: I captured drug traffickers fun restless

Dong Jiqing looks up the file in the office. Xu Xuyong photo

"Piercing eye" knowledge of drugs

Years of work experience, let Dong Jiqing acquired a pair of "piercing eye".

December 11, 2016, Dong Jiqing finger fracture the next day, the Hong'an police were informed of a county KTV people gathered to take drugs. Hearing of the new case, he called for another engagement.

The same day, deputy magistrate of Hong'an County Public Security Bureau Yang Jun led the implementation of the arrest. Under unified command, 23 field personnel were all under control.

"Do you think there is no drug addicts inside?"" Yang Jun made fun of Dong Jiqing.

After glancing at the scene, Dong Jiqing replied, "there are 23 people here. Only one person has not smoked."."

Indeed, the urine test results confirmed that Dong Jiqing's statement.

"Drug addicts are generally thin, there is always such as things like small movements, the face may grow blain, free eyes after taking drugs, low concentration, incoherent......" Engaged in drug control work for more than 8 years, Dong Jiqing said the drug poison experience already closely reasoned and well argued.

Luo Hongxin, deputy director of the Hong'an County Public Security Bureau in charge of criminal investigation, called Dong Jiqing "the volunteer army of the Criminal Investigation Brigade"".

"Before, criminal investigation and drug control are not completely separated, police shortage, as long as we heard that there are major cases, he will take the initiative to come to help, I will think of him for the first time."." Luo Hongxin evaluation said, Dong Jiqing this person, work reliable, business ability hard enough.

Let go of a clue

In the view of Luo Hongxin, and he met 20 years of Dong Jiqing or as in the past, really love this job, "catch drug addicts want to dig deep down".

In April 2016, Dong Jiqing's physical examination revealed a coronary heart disease, requiring the installation of a cardiac stent. Thinking that there were several drug trafficking cases under investigation, Dong insisted that he finish his work first.

3 months later, Dong Jiqing investigated the case during the outbreak of coronary heart disease, and was sent to hospital for emergency treatment. The next day, with the quick Kyushin Pills, he returned to the unit and was led by the leader "lesson" and decided to receive treatment.

During the hospital treatment, Dong Jiqing accidentally learned that Hong'an more than 60 year old man Chu may be suspected of drug trafficking. Where does Chu live? Is the drug trafficking situation true? How many people are involved?...... Dong Jiqing's heart was full of doubts.

In the end of July, Dong Jiqing once again returned to work after discharge. Always assured of a drug trafficking in Chu, he will take two young police posing investigation, and finally locked out Chu Chu location.

The months of two days, Dong Jiqing secretly arrested more than the purchase of drugs and drug addicts, drug addicts from the mouth was informed of the detailed process to buy drugs from Chu somewhere.

Third days, the police to buy drugs in the name to find poison nest, Chu caught.

Follow the line to dig deep, Chu Mou "drug list" on the suspects all surfaced.

It turned out that Chu's son had contracted drug addiction early, and that in order to "keep the child from suffering", Chu was forced to take the road of selling and raising himself, and he never became infected with drugs himself.

"Do the case for so many years, have seen people for drug family, people have broken up, good life did so, how can we not?" Dong Jiqing says.

Dong Jiqing bluntly, the work is very hard, but looking at a family, a drug destroyed by drugs go astray the young people will feel regret, hope that drugs criminals should be punished.

Text / picture / newspaper reporter Liu Zhiyue newspaper correspondent Xia Hui and the "legal" news trainee reporter He Zhengxin