Tsinghua Professor suspended daughter: Mathematical Olympiad classes this topic I can't even do!


Tsinghua Professor suspended daughter: Mathematical Olympiad classes this topic I can't even do!

"My daughter several times when I ordered a halt to the Olympiad, she asked me questions I can't do it." Wang Dianjun, President of Tsinghua University high school, talks about mathematical olympiad. Before he became president, Wang Dianjun was a professor of mathematics at the Tsinghua University. What subject could he not do? Wang Dianjun said, not because the problem is difficult, but the Mathematical Olympiad class solution is "abnormal".

All sorts of strange things in science education methods

Recently, at the second scientific education forum held by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the experts talked about their understanding of science education. In the view of Tsinghua University high school principal Wang Dianjun, science education is not good to teach students the methods of solving problems that will make all sorts of strange things, the students "thinking to go awry, no interest in learning". He said that science education should really do a good job, must be rich in contents and levels, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of students, all Kocheco; on the basis of the scientific evaluation, change the entrance way, let all the time students have become meaningful learning time.

Mathematical Olympiad heat, is the entrance examination baton problems

Net friend @ continuous rain: Mathematical Olympiad heat is the entrance baton, a problem, small rise early, good school must watch Mathematical Olympiad results. President Wang, your daughter does not learn Mathematical Olympiad, it is estimated that you can also read Tsinghua high school, the children of ordinary families do not learn Olympic math can do?

Users @ windmill: since the Olympic math class solution is "abnormal", the president does not let his daughter learn Mathematical Olympiad, why small rise at the beginning, the school must watch the Mathematical Olympiad results? Net friend @ cat and mouse: why should the education authorities indulge school candidates with Mathematical Olympiad? Is there any management responsibility? Netizen @ July: finally, do not doubt their intelligence quotient, Tsinghua University mathematics department professors can not solve the Olympic math problem, I can not solve the normal ah!

The school does not teach, the examination will test, forcing students on the training course

Net friend: the school does not teach the Olympic mathematics, but the examination has to test the Mathematical Olympiad question, why is this? Forced children to go to cram school in disguise! Friends: to prohibit teachers to participate in remedial training, otherwise difficult to get "class education, extracurricular money to teach". Netizen @ comes in a hurry: Mathematical Olympiad itself is not wrong, talented interested children can learn, play to their strengths, but now forced all the children to learn, do not love learning enthusiasm are Mathematical Olympiad doll exhausted.

Event antecedent

[heavy] "blocked" incident and the first response: promise not to host / host China Cup, Olympic Games and other competitions

Recently, training institutions of learning and thinking is checked, then, Chengdu City Bureau of education and other five departments issued "the non order, can organize students to participate in the Olympics, Huasai training institutions, also are not allowed to engage in training...... Many parents said do not understand: it is a requirement of the school enrollment results Aosai doll, why the "victim" training institutions? Department of education to ban Aoshu years ago linked studies, but is now a mere scrap of paper, strict training institutions, is a "headache to feet?

According to public information, as early as 2009, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of education has issued a document, prohibit the Olympic math linked to higher education. Today, the ban has been repeated many times, effective? Parents reflect, there are schools in Chengdu, small rise early, still recognize mathematical olympiad. What will this lead to?

Tsinghua Professor suspended daughter: Mathematical Olympiad classes this topic I can't even do!

Status: good knowledge of textbooks, can not read elite schools, according to regulations, this year, Chengdu small rise early, public schools dicing random enrollment, private schools are the most "interview" enrollment, banned examinations. But in fact, this policy is not well implemented, some parents say: Chengdu small rise early to get into elite, as hard as ever "":

The parents said: like a good school, must learn Mathematical Olympiad readers Ms. Xu said, daughter small rise early this year, school grades are good, especially good at writing, but to the schools is difficult, because many school enrollment, to see the Olympic math scores. Prepare Xichuan middle school student Xiao Yan (a pseudonym) said: the school, home to her for the five training class, mainly to learn Mathematical Olympiad, the students are in school.

Results: the students have to read the training institutions of parents: not law, schools do not teach math in the interview, several students parents (children enrolled) said: in recent years, the Olympics, Huasai has become famous school astepping-stone to success, whether private or public school, to recognize the mathematics competition prize, but the school does not teach, not only to go to the training class. Teacher: to read the famous mathematical olympiad test a teacher said: I think in the most famous is the Mathematical Olympiad, applicants often line up all day, the students, because of winning into the elite help; not only that, in the small rise in early stage, the students want to go to private or public good schools, have contact examination.

There are still schools in Chengdu small rise, and the first Mathematical Olympiad linked!

Is that so? Reporters made unannounced visits.

Unannounced visits: these schools, admissions have to watch Mathematical Olympiad

Tsinghua Professor suspended daughter: Mathematical Olympiad classes this topic I can't even do!

Location: Chengdu Xichuan unannounced visits to the doorman: middle school parents pay contest certificate, can be admitted to the Chengdu middle school in May 15th, Xichuan registration began the beginning of a small rise, long queues of parents. Some parents said: as early as April of this year, Xichuan middle school did early dr.". What is "early recruitment"? Parents: as long as the child is the first prize to the doorman or Huasai Aosai, submit the information, can be directly admitted. This statement has been confirmed by the school gate office. But the reporter called the school dean's office, the other denied, saying "do not know school enrollment, no Orsay admissions."".

Tsinghua Professor suspended daughter: Mathematical Olympiad classes this topic I can't even do!

Unannounced visits to the venue: Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School Students: last year that "interview", the actual test Olympiad this year, Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School (herb Road) enrollment is also "interview."". Several students in the school said: "last year, the school also said enrollment is" interview ", but actually written test, but also tested a lot of difficult mathematical olympiad. A school boy said: "last year, for the smooth pass, I also reported the Olympic mathematics class, special assault" interview". Reporter learned from the admissions office to get a recent years "interview", obviously, the mathematics has "Chaogang (including: Geometric permutation and combination, etc.), there are many math problems.

School: Orsay first prize, can be pre admission reporter went to the school, a vice president's office, in consultation with parents, "Olympic Mathematics award certificate", can be admitted?" Vice President: there are Orsay first prize can be pre admitted (do not participate in the aforementioned "interview"). An indoor man claiming to be the school staff said: "first to pay 20 thousand yuan deposit, the child is really returned after enrollment.". The statement was approved by the vice president.

Tsinghua Professor suspended daughter: Mathematical Olympiad classes this topic I can't even do!

How are things this year?

Don't take the Olympiad, but out of "quiz"

In May 28th, the private schools in Chengdu were interviewed almost on the same day. Some students said it was not difficult this year, and there were more basic questions. Some students said that the subject was difficult and biased, and had never seen it before. But few students were admitted, according to the students. What's the matter? The teacher tells the whole story: some private school early in April three, is engaged in a "quiz" (held in advance of the entrance examination), "quiz" and "time competition certificate", has been admitted to the part of "eugenics".

What is the relationship between the school and the training institution?

The teacher training for school Tuiyou learning and thinking one of the parents (children enrolled) said: teacher training institutions will give the school Tuiyou, a private and public school, children mathematics contest, the school will call the parents through training institutions, please parents "card" (the in school, children basic certificate) will be accepted. Who can get admission questions "excellent future education" a teacher said: Test and real and can get some questions, he more confident. To the school "back" pot "Ruili" Education Consulting Director: in May 19th, a university in the quiz". The reporter asked "who hosted a quiz?" The other side replied: "the education bureau is asking us (training institutions) to do, did not ask, that is, schools do.".

What's the explanation for the school?

Chengdu Xichuan middle school did not respond. The reporter cannot enter the school, the school announced the three contact, since May 28th, long time no answer. Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School: no positive response. The school administration office and the school management are all replied: "not clear, less than, in a meeting, do not accept interviews."". Interview so far, the reporter has been crying without tears. In the education sector injunctions prohibited under the background of Mathematical Olympiad linked studies, many schools still ignore the ban, but the actual surface burden, let students and parents more pain...

What does the education bureau say? No positive response

Chengdu many secondary suspected illegal admissions, and this, Chengdu City Board of education know? This newspaper has repeatedly reflected the situation, but did not receive a positive response, the staff said, "leaders are not, in meetings, or have been recorded", the reporter said there is evidence of irregularities in secondary schools, but it did not allow reporters to produce. Finally, called "can call the Education Bureau report", but reporters repeatedly call, no one answered. The strange thing is, the next day (June 2nd), Chengdu City Bureau of education and other five departments issued "notice", the content directed at the training institutions: prohibit the organization of training institutions, induce students to participate in the Olympics, Chinese and other non government departments organized or recognized by the competition, to provide training etc.. Look but not to reporters reflect the situation described.

Net friend questioned:

The school is wrong, why the board hit the training institutions?

@ ant Rider: training institutions are not the bane of the scourge. The problem lies with the school and the local education bureau. @ backsword: students learn Mathematical Olympiad yes, have the order reversed, the contest is right, wrong in recognition of its middle school enrollment, roots here! @ rice: This is a headache foot, obviously school illegal enrollment, but it is not investigated. @: training institutions are in constant departure and reunion of friends that help students, enrollment in the Bureau of education baton hands, training just conform to the product, the students really cornered.